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  • This class has opened my heart and made me realize that I am so much more than I thought.  On the first day we had together, I had just got back from a mental hospital.  I was super depressed and I had given up.  Throughout this time, I have realized that everything gets better and to never give up.

  • Honestly I can be a senior but it did a lot.  I really learned more about the body and mind.  It really helped see what I need to do to set my future straight and get right and better because the future is still ahead.  I have a lot to offer.  And I will try my best to thrive.  Thank you.

  • This has made me look at the good in people/events.  Before this my girl and I were having a rough patch but this made me care for her in a more respectful way.  THANK YOU!!!

  • I’ve started to view relationships more cautiously and thinking of ways I can make the ones I have better.

  • It made me understand stuff that I didn’t understand before like when you talked about relationships.  I’ve been more careful, and nice, and more respectful with my girlfriend.

  • This class has really helped me view the consequences of sex at a young age.  It has helped me realize the bonding or connections it brings between 2 people.  I’ve honestly been pressured but this class has helped me stay safe. Thank you.

  • This helped me overcome past relationships.  I’ve been happier since you gave me a reality check.

  • I changed the way I thought about relationships and I learned that you are allowed to set boundaries.

  • Your class has brought light to my decision making skills.  It has showed me that I need to learn how to think socially smarter.  Currently, I have  a “thing” with two other people and maybe three.  I realized that I’m using sex and drugs to heal a pain that needs therapy and love.  Thank you.

  • It’s actually changed my point of view on many things.  It showed me that some things shouldn’t be taken as a joke.  Also I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know which made me think differently.

  • I’ve begun to question the people I have in my inner circle and whether  or not they deserve to be there.

  • Reality Check has taught me a lot.  From day 1 to now my understanding about sex, drugs, relationships, friends, family, etc. has really bloomed.  Now I am more aware of things I need to change for myself and others.  I really appreciate all that you did.  Thank you!

  • Your impact on me was honestly tremendous.  I’m struggling through a relationship currently and your talk about relationships was very accurate.  It opened my eyes to how unhealthy it is and how I’m holding on to a past feeling.

  • This impact has helped me and opened my eyes because last year I got into stuff that wasn’t healthy for me but I’m changing & having you here made me realize that me changing is a good thing.

  • I’ve considered the sexual choices I’ve made and realized that I need to be smarter.  I’ve decided to try and focus on what I need to do to be healthy physically and emotionally.


  • Reality check positively affected me because it was a powerful reminder of what I should focus on in life. It also made me aware/cautious of bad decisions I should avoid.

  • These lessons this past week have really struck me. No other adult has understood the way Mrs. Benbrook has. She made me feel absolutely respected and cared for. Knowing that there is someone out there who understands us as young adults and that maturity isn't just about age. Her examples were above and beyond what I expected. Everything she talked to us about was perfectly explained. I will miss her very much.

  • I learned how important it is to hold my beliefs. I should be focused on me, not what other people want from me.

  • This helped me learn new things that in college I need to try and avoid. And the kind of people I need to stay away from. The kind of person I am is for me to decide and no one else. Thank you for telling me that we are important.

  • The biggest impact was love and infatuation and being able to determine what's right and wrong in the moment. And realizing not to get caught up in the things and to remove negative people from my life.

  • You have impacted me by helping me understand how to continue to set boundaries. I also liked the part, where we talked about STD's and how they can affect the body. It is important not to have sex until we are married with the right person.

  • One thing that impacted me was setting up my goals, in order to have a successful career.

  • I have benefited from this because now I can have a safe amazing life.

  • I was impacted by the fact on how it was so easy to catch an STD. I didn't realize that there are that many people in the world that have an STD.

  • One thing I learned from the lessons is to set boundaries for myself and to not listen to other people.

  • It really helped me notice that high school is a time in our lives where if we do something it can affect our lives after school.

  • It has helped me see life in a different way. It made me feel better about my life.

  • The lessons taught me to be responsible and respect my body by waiting to have sex until marriage.

  • Learning the difference between love and infatuation really helped me think about my choices.

  • These lessons made me realize that I should value myself more and not let others affect me.

  • This made me realize how much more I have in life. How much I didn't know about life and how much drugs and alcohol affect people's lives.

  • It opened up my eyes and showed me how easy it was to get STD's. It also showed how easy it is to get a bad influence in your life.

  • This allowed me to feel better about myself, and helped me become aware of all the possible risks in life.

  • I got the confidence to finally cut off the two most toxic relationships I've ever had. It was hard but I'm not stressing about them anymore.

  • These classes are really informative and helpful because it teaches us teens how to take care of ourselves and how to be safe.

  • What impacted me was how drugs and alcohol can affect someone and their life.

  • The smallest mistake can ruin my life. I may have strayed a little off my path. I will do what I need to become what I want and I won't let others decide for me. I will stop watching porn. 

  • I have learned that it's better to wait for marriage to have sex. I also learned to take some time and really think hard about my choices in life.

  • this class is making me think about how I shouldn't push myself down because right now is a hard period of my life. I should learn to love myself more and respect myself.

  • It has shown me what I can change about my life. This program will help me with my relationships. I am thankful for ya'll coming out and taking the time to talk to us.

  • The alcohol and drug section really helped me set my boundaries. The STD section also will probably help me achieve abstinence considering how common they are. Overall it helped me set my boundaries.

  • The boundaries and assertiveness lesson had the biggest impact on me. I have always had a problem showing assertiveness and these tips have really helped me to know how to do that. I think they will also help with my confidence.



  • It really has been good to receive all the information we did and remind us that we’re valuable and how little high school is as a time period in our lives.  And encourage us to make wise decisions and impact of our choices.  Thank you very much for your compassion and heart for my generation.   Please don’t stop this program because to some it can mean everything and have a huge impact.

  • This really made me think about how many opportunities I really have in my life.  I now realize that I have so many opportunities to look forward to and I can achieve them if I put in the effort and self-confidence.  Thank you for this lesson Mr. Pratt!  J

  • In the span of a couple of days I have been enlightened with the information that I have been given.  I am grateful for this class.

  • This class has really affected the way I look at my life/relationships.  You have opened my eyes to the opportunities in life and made me feel like it’s possible for anyone to accomplish anything.  However, most importantly, you’ve helped me to realize that what other people think doesn’t matter.  I am in charge of MY life. 

  • I honestly found this class very educational and you used fun methods to show us this in a way where everyone would listen.

  • This class has impacted me in that I realize it’s not too late to change things & that sex can be way more serious than I thought.  Media usually tells us that sex is no big deal, but it never mentions the consequences.  Thank you.  J

  • You changed the way I view certain things in life for the better.  What you do is really important for us.

  • It made me think more for my actions in the past and present.  How those actions will affect me in the future.  How I will be a better person in my life if I just follow my own steps instead of another.  That my sexual life is in my own comfort zone and who I allow in that comfort zone is up to me, and only me. 

  • The impact this course made on me was that it made me realize the bad things that could come out of these things, but also steps to help better myself and the ones around me.  I’ve done some of the things we talked about and plan to change some of them to help better myself as a son, brother, uncle, and as a boyfriend.

  • This class’s impact on me helped me with relationships.   I’ve always had problems with relationships.  With friends or girls that I like and sometimes I’m too hard on myself with these things.  I always think it’s my fault.  But this class showed me it takes two people for a relationship.  Thanks Mr. Pratt.

  • This class had a big impact on me.  I am going to stop making some bad choices as well as to stop being sexually active.  I don’t want my future wife to have to worry.  All the lessons were very helpful.

  • It has helped me with choices I have made and still make that are not good at all and you/this class opened a door for me.  So I want to say thank you.

  • The class has had a very big impact on me.  I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and I did it due to not being happy and many boundary issues and pressures I was getting.  I felt guilty, but after all the talks on relationships and boundaries we’ve had, I definitely know I made the right choice.

  • This class taught me about things I was in danger to be.  Now I am aware & plan to stay away from anything and everything that could harm me.

  • I’ve learned a lot, things that I never knew.  It made me realize that we don’t need some things in life.  Our teenage years is short and we don’t need to focus on anything that isn’t important.  My life is important.

  • It taught me that love doesn’t mean just sex.  It means the respect and care that you have for one person.  That I don’t have to keep repeating my mistakes.

  • Made me realize my mistakes and to grow from them.  I will be very careful about who I bring into my circle.  I wish I could have taken this class sooner and my life right now would be different.  It’s not too late to change and I will make those changes.


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