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  • I enjoyed listening to you teaching us about everything.  You made a huge impact on me and it made me really start thinking about my life and who I want to become.  Thank you.

  • Reality Check made me lean back and think about the choices I’ve already made and can’t change.  I’ve been making better choices I was unsure about (ending an unhealthy relationship) but hearing and understanding I did it for the best interest of my future has made me feel better.  It was a talk I needed to reassure myself about my better decision making I have now.

  • Although I already had this class in ninth grade, I had kind of forgotten about it.  After learning about STD’s it opened my eyes and made me realize my value and how I can set boundaries for myself.  There are lots of outcomes that can come, from what I learned, out of having unprotected sex.

  • There were a lot of things that impacted me from this class.  Recently I was being pressured into doing something sexual and I agreed to it not knowing these multiple possibilities and before anything could happen I called it off.  I started thinking that isn’t a risk I want to take at the moment.

  • I listened to you more than I do to other teachers.  You explain everything throroughly.  You make us realize the truth, not what we want to hear.  It’d be good if we had you more often.

  • I really enjoyed reality check.  I have learned so much and I had thought about my life.  I know I should make good decisions and I know I should protect myself as much as possible.  Reality Check made me think deeply about all the choices I might make.  Thank you.

  • IT OPENED MY EYES!  I’ve done Reality Check before but never actually realized how 1 little act can impact me and others.  I thank you!  Even though it scared me a little, it’s ok because it’s not a game.  There’s so much I learned and so much still left to learn.

  • I really appreciate how real, honest, and respectful you are in presenting this information. You’ve taken our questions and comments seriously and I want you to know that does not go unnoticed.

  • This program helped me determine where I need to set my boundaries. 

  • You did a great job!  You know exactly what you are talking about.  The program was very informational and I like how you kept out questions in your mind and tried to answer them the best you could.

  • You’ve helped me understand all these diseases. I am also glad to learn how important it is to take care of ourselves.  You also helped me understand that being mature & having the right mindset is important.

  • You’ve helped me understand my personal value and I’m very grateful for you.  Some of the discussions you’ve started personally touched me and made me want to be better.  Thank you. J


  • Reality Check has given me great insight of drugs, alcohol, sex, characteristics, and on the human body.  But it helped me realize that I’ve been messing up and I have time to fix things.

  • Throughout these past eight days I have realized a lot about my character.  Specifically the parts of my character that need work and I am planning on working on that.  Thank you for coming!

  • You taught me about forgiveness.  I really appreciate you coming to the school to share your knowledge.

  • This 8 day impacted me and told me to set boundaries on media and do what you love.  Don’t do sexual activity but in depth with relationship.  Make it healthy.

  • You made my life better.  Thank you.

  • The last 8 days have helped me make decisions I don’t want to make.  It’s hard dealing with the drug addicts, poor father figures, and divorce.  But you have helped.  Thank you.

  • Thank you for coming.  It was very helpful and I’m glad you came.  I really like having these kinds of talks and I feel like you have helped me a lot.  Thank you.

  • You were able to earn my respect and to help me be able to better get a hold on my life.

  • Thank you for coming and talking to us.  What I am taking away from this is the boundaries and self-respect that you have taught us. 

  • I don’t know how to explain it but I feel more free.

  • This did help me because it made me know that I can wait until marriage when I am ready to take all the responsibility.  Also that right now I should keep my boundaries high if I want that to happen.

  • These eight days have opened up my eyes and ears.  I have a better understanding of life.  I have also learned that I kind of need to put myself out of my comfort zone (when it’s good). 

  • This class really opened my eyes.  Not many people talk about all this stuff & it’s something that should be talked about more.  Thank you.

  • Thank you!  I’ve listened to you once before and both times I learned more than before.  I wanted to say thank you for talking about different touchy subjects because no one does.

  • Before this course I was starting to fall fast into bad habits.  Immature mindset.  But after this I realized all the values that life has to offer.  Thank you.  J

  • These eight days have been helpful to me very much.  Some or most teachers aren’t comfortable about sex talk so I’m glad you came to tell us all the possibilities.  I know my parents aren’t comfortable talking about it, so thank you.

  • I love having reality check because when I start to doubt myself on something I look back on this information & it helps me make my decisions.  Thank you!

  • What these 8 days have taught me is that you are the author of your path in life and although it might have started as a dirt road, there are things that you as an individual can do to pave that road and build upon yourself so that when you’re 35 and driving down that road you know that you have some peace of mind as to where you’re going.

  • Your visit to RNTHS has truly impacted me in a good way.  I thought I knew what I was doing with my life and I thought I knew how to control the boundaries that I set.  The truth is that I was actually letting the wrong, toxic people into my life and it has brought me down a lot.  I just couldn’t see it and everyone around me knew.  I can see now and I am going to be wiser with who I let into my life and to make me boundaries stronger.

  • I feel like this seccion and knowledge you shared with us was very valuable.  It helped me remind my boundaries or at least what I want them to be.  It helped recognize what I deserve as a person.  I know that whatever I do will impact me forever.  I just hope that my story is a very long one and filled with love and adventure.  I know it will be a great one.

  • It has made me look at life in a whole wider perspective.  I say a new outlook on my relationship, the relationship of others, and my own self respect.  After learning from what you have said, I feel as if life just go so much clearer and got me looking for new outlooks on life here on out.

  • The information I have received these past week has made a helpful impact on what I should be wary of in life.  Although this is my second time hearing this unit, I didn’t mind to much, since the lessons and examples were very good.  I appreciate you coming here again for our health class.

  • I learned to love myself.

  • The impact that you talked about was very helpful and it helps me get my life straight.  You told me and encouraged me that my life actually means something.  I can’t thank you enough for coming and telling us this.  Thank you Reality Check.




  • This class/session helped me to understand self-respect, but mostly with setting boundaries.  I mostly took in the self-respect just because I have been working towards that for about 2-3 years now.  I constantly ask how to set boundaries and nobody would teach me how until now, so thank you.  This will help me for the better.

  • This class has helped remind me and help teach me why my actions are important.  Going through having an abusive friendship and getting away from that.  It also taught me that certain things were not my fault like getting sexually assaulted.  I used to blame myself, and now I know that I shouldn’t.  Thank you for teaching and reminding me of what is most important.

  • Something that I learned from this class is self respect and boundaries.  I didn’t know how or what it meant.  I understand now and I’ve been doing much better.  A few days ago, I got into really big trouble because of some messages w/ a “boy” (it was really a girl) it was all a joke but I realize now that things like that can be taken out of context.

  • I found the STD’s portion and being sexually active portion of this class has helped me.  I haven’t always made the best decisions with sex and now I am on birth control…This class helped me make smarter decisions with sex now.  Thank you!

  • Reality Check, Inc. gave me a true reality check as it taught me self-respect and how to go about life in a healthy manner.  I learn’t how to not cross the line and how to enjoy life in a better way.  I loved Reality Check, Inc. and I thank you for what you have done.

  • This class has helped me to develop a better understanding of who I am as a person.  I’ve had a problem with the whole love/infatuation topic, and I didn’t have boundaries for some thing like that.  The class reminded me of that and has helped me to better set boundaries for myself to avoid bad situations.

  • I have been impacted the way I think about maturity and immaturity.  Maturity isn’t exactly what I thought it was.  It’s more than a mental state but shown in not only action, but attitude.  To be mature is more than being smart or old.  It’s doing the best for yourself and others.

  • I have learned many things the past few days.  I have a great relationship with my mother.  I tell her everything this not only helped me but it taught my mother things that she didn’t know could happen to me and her. Thank you for everything.

  • This program has reminded me about being mature, and making the right choices, putting myself in the right situations, picking the right friends, and always trying to better myself.  I wish I would have taken this program a year ago because then I could have changed my life style and choices before I was arrested and disappointed my family and friends.

  • While I may just be the TA and I worked on other things, I payed attention.  I think what you are doing in our school and others makes an impact.  These kids will look back and remember this class I think I am a healthy person, but my friendships are unhealthy.  This class has opened my eyes to show me that I’ll watch my friendships closer.

  • Make me change my ways made me know and show self -confidence.  Drugs/Alcohol isn’t the answer.

  • This class taught me how to have a healthy relationship and set up boundaries.  Beforehand, I really didn’t know what to do.  Thank you for coming and teaching the class.  It made me realize how bad one of my past relationships was.

  • This class reminded me to stay mature and respect myself.  I haven’t respected myself very much and the past haunts me, but I now remember what it is to truly respect myself as a person.  So thank you for that.

  • I realize that I am worth something.  Despite having a past of abuse, sexual violation, trauma, and making unhealthy choices for myself, I realize I am worth more than others have told me I am worth.  Even when my PTSD and generating anxiety and depression disorder I know I can get better and improve.

  • In Reality Check, Inc., In all my honesty, I thought it was pretty dumb and I thought I knew it all, but as time passed, the discussions we had kinda hit me because after all, it is reality and it’s all what we make it.  I’ll really take the advice because it meant something for someone to care that everyone needed this.  Thank you.

  • During this week I learned to value myself and think before I act and don’t listen to what others say about me.  I was in a relationship w/ this guy and after we broke up he called me real bad names.  Unfortunately, it hit me hard and I fell into depression.   Before you came, I still looked at myself like what he said to me.  THANK YOU FOR OPENING MY EYES UP!

  • I learned a lot about self-respect and how to mature on my journey to my goals.  I learned how to set boundaries and keep my self in line.  Thank you for giving us this talk and helping others keep doing what you do.  I believe this is a great help.

  • This class put the last year that I have gone through into perspective for me.  The past year for me was rather hard.   I was in an emotionally destructive relationship for two years and I lost everything.  This class made me realize that I have been on a long and hard journey in finding myself.  Thank you for taking the time to explain this to us.

  • From this class I learned what a true relationship is and means.  I’ve learned that time is everything and you really need to plan and think of the consequences that can happen if you make a mistake.  Thank you for teaching us about the many important things in life.

  • Reality Check, Inc. has taught me a lot more about STD’s and other dangers than I had previously known.  It has given me a clear picture of the reality of the world I live in and how to handle it.

  • In this class I have learned about boundaries with people  I have friends that I’ve never met. They live in different states, different countries even.  I believe that they are my friends b/c we talk and are semi-close.  But this class has taught me that they aren’t really my friends… They are just people I talk to that I probably shouldn’t b/c I don’t know them.. I think that I should break it off… It isn’t, probably healthy.

  • This taught me so much.  My sister is 13 and she sent pictures to someone she didn’t know.  I think this would help her.

  • The impact this class has had on me is something major.  I’ve learned how bad sending 1 inappropriate picture could be.   I also learned personal value and what I need to do to succeed at the moment.  I have a lot going on and could be getting in a lot of trouble soon.  At this point there is nothing I can do.  But this class has helped me to understand.

  • I see more clearly about myself and of those around me.  I learned I’m addicted to social media.


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