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Bentonville After School

  • This had a large impact. I have learned over the week that I have value and so does my sex. Now that I am informed, My choices will be better later in my life.

  • The impact that Reality Check, Inc. taught me because it taught me to set boundaries and really think about my value and character.

  • This class was very informational for me. I did learn a lot and it really opened my mind, not only about sex, but everything along with it.

  • This class truly opened my mind, as to why abstinence is important. I honestly did not see how I could possibly wait until after marriage, but my mind has now seen why it is important.

  • This class had a HUGE impact on me! It was the most interesting and helpful class I have ever taken!

  • This class has given me a new outlook on sex, and I don’t see it as something just to do whenever, as many of my classmates do.

  • The impact this class had on me was… It made me understand what choices I actually have in life and how I can mess it up or do it the right way.

  • To have more respect for yourself and others.

  • In this class I learned the importance of saving my sex for my marriage!

  • Gave me good information and it helps me realize m ore things and importance.

  • It made me feel more good about how my life is going to turn out.

  • This class had a huge impact on me because before this week, I didn’t really think about all of the risks that come with sex.

  • Now I am going to be more careful with who I date.

  • It opened up my eyes to what really happens if you give away your virginity before marriage. I need to know its special.

  • A lot of impact. This makes me think of my sex differently.

  • This has made me want to be abstinent till marriage.

  • This class made me realize how serious the world is out there. It opened up my mind, and I thank you.

  • This class taught me about how important my sex was. I also learned a lot about the dangers. Thanks!

  • I learned a lot about STD’s, and the dangers of sex. I learned to be abstinent.

  • Helped me set a boundary for my sex and helped me understand what sex truly is and what it means to me.

  • This class had a huge impact.

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