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Who We Are

Reality Check Inc. is community-based, non-profit organization that reaches nearly 10,000 students per year. Reality Check, Inc. teaches skills necessary to guide individuals in making positive life choices.


Reality Check, Inc. teaches character skills necessary to guide individuals in making beneficial life choices, boundary and goal setting, self-control and self-discipline, risk avoidance, and how to live a life of integrity and honor.  Reality Check, Inc. has a firm belief that youth armed with knowledge and skills can and do make positive choices for their future. The choices teens are making today will have a great positive or negative impact on the future of our families, community, and our nation.   


We are seeing a positive shift as students are using the skills and knowledge learned. The Institute for Research and Evaluation says Reality Check Inc. has moved 66% of students into what is referred to as the safety zone and holding them there year to year. 97% of Reality Check Inc. students are either in the safety zone or moving towards the safety zone. They are armed with needed support for future challenges, acquire greater protective factors, and are more likely inocoulated against pressures to engage in high risk behaviors.


Click Here to hear from the students themselves about the impact that Reality Check has had for them.

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