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Student and Classroom Teacher Comments

The most telling report regarding the value of any program is what the people who experience the program have to say about it.  Upon completion of the program, Reality Check Inc. asks students one question, “What impact did this class have on you?”  They are free to write anything they want anonymously.  Click on the links below to find comments from students and teachers in various schools where Reality Check Inc. have provided programming.


"It made me understand the importance of mental and physical awareness, confidence, self-acceptance, heart / core values, and personal boundaries.  It also impacted me by showing me to be determined and respectful to others, respectful to myself, and also have courage."


"The best part of the whole lesson is when you told us to take time. It's what I didn't do with relationships before. On the first day we talked about how we as individuals are valuable. That opened my view on many things. I like the lesson as a whole. It teaches us but it also pushes us to value ourselves and who we let in our circle. The lesson itself is spectacular."


"It opened my eyes to the many aspects of my life and body. Those aspects determine what could happen in the future and the consequences of doing things. At the heart of it all, the brain and the feelings you feel are the most important things. So many things have become so much more clear after this program."


"Wonderful program. The students in my class were engaged the whole time and were wanting the program to continue after it ended. I believe the program has a positive impact on their lives."

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