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Teachers/Partner Schools

I have found Reality Check, Inc.’s High School program fits the needs for a whole unit of our Health course. The program asks students to see themselves in the future and encourages them to learn all they can to accomplish that vision. Among the topics covered are self-worth, choices, risk behavior, reproductive system, and STDs. This information remains accurate, current, relevant, and follows the guidelines for teaching these concepts in Arkansas.

I love this program, and my principal does too.  Her son went through it 2 years ago.  I have had some really good response from parents, and the kids really like it, as well.  I will continue having this program in my class.  It is very beneficial, and my kids learn a lot from it.

Reality Check was outstanding and presented the material in a way that the students could relate. They were well organized, understandable, and presented the material in a tasteful manner.

The program content taught to my students could not be more appropriate. Each and every student benefited from what they heard. My students were involved, asked and answered questions. It was very applicable to their everyday life.

The program has been point on.  Everything follows the Arkansas state standards while allowing students the flexibility to ask questions and concerns.  We have used Reality Check twice a year for the past 8 years.

We are all in agreement that the curriculum was delivered in the best possible manner this past semester.  Just like for all our other units of study, face-to-face instruction reigns supreme.  But the method you guys delivered your material seemed to be effective and user friendly.  We look forward to partnering with you again this semester.

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