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Bentonville High School


  • This class has showed me that it’s ok to not be ok and this ok to have problems.  But it’s about solving them in a healthy way which is something that I have struggled with so it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  • I had a bad sexual experience two years ago and I really wasn’t looking forward to this week.  But it has made me feel better.  Now I feel like I’m more than just another girl on his list.  Thank you.

  • This class helped me a lot.  I have always been behind in school and often get made fun of.  This class really helped me feel good.  I really didn’t know what to do before but now I feel like my life has a purpose.

  • This class has made me see that I don’t need to down myself for my mistakes and that I matter.  The last few weeks has been hard and this class made it better.  I struggle a lot with handling stuff and this helped a lot.  I’m really thankful for this week.

  • This impacted me by showing me that so many actions can have consequences that can affect people in ways that can be good or bad and that everything has effects, whether they are intended or not.  From now on I will try harder to make good choices and value myself.

  • This class helped me understand why I had mental problems.  I had already had anxiety issues and bad thoughts a year ago, so when my friend told me about weed, I used it.  My problems got worse and I needed therapy.  I eventually quit last year and started feeling better but this class kind of helped piece together why I had these problems.

  • This class gave me a new perspective of the consequences my actions have.  I make fun of my brother and I now realize that I need to fix the way I act towards him.

  • This past week I’ve realized that some of the stuff I’ve done might be worse than I thought.  I probably would’ve done it again if not for this class.

  • While you were teaching I realized that I had let someone not fit for me into my circle and the only thing holding our relationship together was sex.  Now that we are over she hates me for letting go and breaking things off and I see how sex ruined our friendship.

  • This class has made me be more cautious about things and made me want to spend more time with my loved ones.

  • Helped me stay away from weed.

  • Impacted me by being able to face my past head-on and not be negatively influenced.

  • It has helped me to create stronger and better relationships.  I learned a lot about my body I didn’t know before.  I also learned how to take better care of my physical and mental health.

  • This class made me really think about certain situations I’ve been in and to do better.  I made a mistake that I didn’t think was so bad but it “rippled” and made an effect.  Have you come and speak was really great.

  • This class has impacted me by opening my eyes more and being more careful of what I do and who I am with.  Thank you.  This was something I really needed.

  • This class has really helped me think about the things I’m doing and the choices I make on a day to day basis, and long-term.  It may be difficult to change a habit or decision we make repeatedly, but it can be done, and I’m going to try in my life.  Thank you!

  • I have had a pretty rough couple of years with being a teenager.  I’ve realized that my family and people in my life aren’t as great as I thought they were.  But from this past week I have learned that one person or thing that has happened doesn’t define you or your future.

  • This week has shown me that things that have happened in my life aren’t all my fault and there are ways I can grow and become a better person from those experiences.  I have also learned that “living” in high school is not all about drinking, doing drugs, or having sex.  It is more about the relationships I make.  Thank you Mr. Pratt for changing my perspective.

  • This class has impacted me by educating me on things that I wouldn’t have avoided if I hadn’t had the information.

  • It was a wake up call for a lot of things.  The sexual stuff and the maturity stuff.  I’ve been told it a lot, but haven’t listened in the past.  But this time I did and will listen/act on it to change.  So thank you for all of this.

  • This class has answered a lot of questions I didn’t even know I had.  It was really eye-opening and helpful.  Some of this info applies to some of my friends and I will relay it to them.  It has also opened my eyes about porn and I’ve been trying to stop for a while.  I hope that this can finally put an end to my addiction.

  • Last year I let a guy friend pressure me into doing sexual things with him.  He told everyone.  Now I get called names weekly because of what he told people.  You taught me to resist that pressure.  I’ll begin to stick up for myself. 

  • This class has affected me by opening my eyes more.  This class is very important.  It should be heard by all people.  It definitely will make me consider more about my choices.

  • This past week has taught me so much about physical health, mental health, personal issues, and so much more.  But overall, the biggest thing that I’ve taken out of this for myself is having my own voice and being able to make my own decisions.  I feel like I can have more confidence in my actions because of the information I have now.  Thank you so much.

  • I’ve learned a lot of specific information about drug use, sex, and relationships that I did not know before.  I thought marijuana wasn’t bad and I was stuck on thinking about a few of my bad relationships and decisions.  But you helped me come to terms and feel better.  When compared to some people, I’m going real good.  You helped me feel more satisfied and happy about my situation.  I’ll definitely make better choices because of this talk.  Thanks.  😊

  • It has made me realize that the experiences I have been through doesn’t define me or my future.  Thank you Mr. Pratt.  You really did help me. 

  • This class has impacted me because it has made me realize that the decisions I was making in the past could’ve had major repercussions.  I need to start making better decisions on my phone, sexually, and just on who my friends are.  Thank you for taking the time to come here.

  • I have a better understanding of the brain and reproductive health and everything.  Even though I had already taken a health class before it didn’t go into these things and I really learned a lot.  I think this is a great lesson and this is what needs to be taught everywhere.  Thank you so much!

  • I’m a senior taking health my last semester of school.  Coming into this class I thought I would know basically a lot of the material, but I’ve learned so much more than I thought I would and now I agree that health should be required to every freshman.

  • The class impacted me in a really good way.  It makes me think that I shouldn’t focus on the past but how I have a long life ahead of me.  I shouldn’t be so negative, especially where I am in my life now.  So thank you, Mr. Pratt, for being here.

  • This week has made me feel safer and more confident about my future.  It has taught me a lot of things I’ll carry with me the rest of my life.

  • This brought a lot of things I didn’t know about to my attention.  There were a few things we covered that I wouldn’t learn in any other class.  I think that what you do is very important and that more people should listen to what you have to say.

  • I learned that it’s okay to feel the way I do and I’m not alone.

  • The majority of the content I was already familiar with via education/personal experiences, but it was laid out for me in a way that showed I need to change.

  • Very nice insights on the different aspects of life.  I am truly intrigued and am so grateful you came.  I was in the utmost agony but I am no cleansed, enlightened, and filled.

  • This past week has really been an eye-opener for me because I have been under a lot of stress from school, athletics, and at home.  I’ve cried almost every single day for the past month or so.  But these lessons have taught me that those feelings are normal and I CAN overcome them!

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