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Bentonville High School


  • The impact it had on me was it really made me reflect, it actually gave me a reality check. I reviewed some choices I have made and made me think of how should I make my life better now, than waiting till it would get worse. It impacted me to think past myself because most of the topics the speaker presented, I have had to deal with in my own life. I really like the stories and the attitude the speaker had in every video, it was very assertive and direct but in a good manner.

  • It kinda made me understand that there’s lots of things that can go wrong in life, by just messing up a few times, and doing things that you probably shouldn't do at the end of the day. With this information given to me by the Reality Check Program I'll probably avoid lots of unhealthy habits.

  • It gave me insight on signs of someone or myself being in a toxic relationship. If someone ever was to be in the relationship maybe I could help them, same for myself; seeing the signs before the relationship moves any further.

  • It had a huge impact on me because now I know how to be safe and know way more about it so I can take caution.

  • I realized a lot more about life styles and things that i thought I knew everything about when in genuine reality i was so confused and couldn't have been more confused and wrong them i was. And I learned a lot of life tools to use in my future.

  • The reality check program made me start to think about somethings about my future relationships with people and also made me think about things like alcohol and drug abuse

  • I learned more about how to manage my relationships and emotions with others, and some of the ways to make better choices in life.

  • It showed me the effects and harm that things can have on my body. It showed me that I need to make the right choices and wait to do things that will affect me later on in life. It taught me to enjoy my life and take time for things I like to do. It taught me to think about consequences or negative effects and positive effects of my decisions.

  • The impact that Reality Check program projected on me was truly inspiring, I love their mission to influence teenagers in the realization how their choices affect them throughout their life into the future. The choices they are making right now whether they are positive choices or negative choices. Asking themselves what do I want my life to look like?

  • I helped me to know what the different is between emotional feelings and physical feelings, and it helps me to know more about what your body does, and what it needs, and doesn't need. And it has showed me more about relationships with other people that will help me to make smarter decisions when it comes to the certain topics we learned about. And the best way to fight pressure is to set boundaries.

  • It helped me understand that even though I've made mistakes in the past, I don't have to dwell on them. I can move on in life without them keeping me down and hopefully one day become the person I want to be. It also helped me realize the impact that drugs and alcohol can have on someone, and I'd never want to become a burden on someone because of my bad choices on something I might became addicted to if I never realized that.

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