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Butterfield Trail Middle School


  • The impact that this class has had on me is I think I have chosen better friends and that has me a lot happier.

  • It impacted on me by changing the way I think and my lifestyle.  I am very thankful for you coming and helping us.

  • It has made me think about life, before I thought that there wasn’t that much that would be in my way and I learned that I can’t have people control who I am.  Also, to not trust everyone and that I need to have a picture for life and live with integrity.

  • I was able to realize my picture of what I want to be and to see how things could change my life.

  • It has made me better and to do things because I want to not because others want me to and I learned to look ahead not back to the past.

  • It teached me that just because someone else is doing the wrong thing it does not mean you should do it too and even if someone is not watching you should still do the right thing.

  • It made me learn more about integrity and it helped me to get to know everyone better.  It was learning but it was also fun!  I’m really going to miss Mr. Pratt because he helped me understand integrity.

  • Yes it made me change and have better integrity.

  • Don’t do something just because somebody else does.  Be yourself and follow your dream.  Fight off the obstacles that come with life.

  • This class had an impact on my life because the words we talked about like integrity told me that this is how I wanted to live my life.  Thank you very much for teaching us that.  A lot of us could use it.

  • Being here or a few weeks made me want to change a little bit about myself.

  • How this class affected my life is you taught me to always do what’s right.  For example, these games that we played really got me to think.  So now, I’m noticing that maybe I haven’t been so honest all the time and used lots of integrity.  So thank you.  :) Cause now, I feel like a different person.  :)


  • The effect these classes did to me was to be a better person, see how I surround myself, and see the picture I have in my life.  Thank you.

  • Not to change who I really am.  Not to put people down.  Never to give up on what you want to be.  Believe in who you really want to be, not what people want you to be.  Don’t change who you are.

  • This showed me that I never need to give up on myself.  You taught that working hard is a part of life and never give up.

  • It made me think that I should be kind to people.  And to think more about life instead of other things!

  • The impact on me made me realize about me more and I realized now that nothing can stand between me and my picture.  I will try to reach my goal.

  • While you were here I thought of things.  It changed me and helped me realize things in life.

  • It helped me know I shouldn’t let other people effect my success and happiness.

  • The impact to me was to be confident.  And to be smart every day.  And not to give up.

  • The impact on me made me think about who to trust and to be careful of who I am around.  Thank you sir.  You made me wake up and think about my future.

  • This class has made me realise how serious I should take my future.  Maybe I am running with the wrong crowd.  I am going to use integrity to reach my goals in life.

  • This class has taught me many things.  It has taught me how important life is, and that there is a purpose to it.  It has taught me how life is and what to do.  Picture, obstacles, integrity.

  • An impact these 5 weeks had on me is to push myself harder to become more successful in life.

  • I learned that I should go towards the future that I want, not the ones that others want for me.  I also learned that I should have more integrity.

  • The impact from this class is I started thinking more about my future and what I’m going to do to make my future good.

  • It has taught me not to be afraid to be myself or step out from the crowd.

  • This class has helped me realize I shouldn’t base my action on what other people want and should be comfortable being myself.

  • It’s showed me you don’t have to do things the wrong way; you have a choice to do good or bad.

  • Change my life around.  Taught me good from bad.  Learned to accept challenges in life.

  • An impact that this class has had for me is that I need to have confidence in everything I do, even if it means leaving something, someone behind.

  • The impact that this class has put on me is to never give up and to look forward and keep a picture in my mind of what I want to be and overcome my obstacles that I have and show integrity to others or to yourself.

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