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Central Junior High


  • This class affected me more than any other class.  People usually don’t share stuff that apply to me in these types of classes, but you did.  I am at a point of knowing what I need to do now, so I will find help.

  • I have taken this class well and I believe that this is one of the most important things to teach young people about life.

  • This class made me open my eyes to the idea that even in my healthy relationship, if I am letting that one sector of my life consume my brain so much it can act as a blindfold and cause me to miss out on the bigger picture.

  • This class has impacted me as I know what the right thing to do is when I am under pressure with bad things.

  • It has made me less likely to have sex before marriage because the benefits of waiting outweigh the risk of having sex now.

  • To be honest, I’m lucky because I heard all this stuff right now.  Now it won’t happen and I know how to prevent it.

  • This class has impacted me by teaching me life goals and important things that I should know about that nobody else teaches and it teaches me to be careful with the life I have.

  • It impacted me by showing me how to talk to my girlfriend easier because I can more easily talk about my feelings.

  • This class taught me lots of things.  It taught me how to be safe with my body and how to fight through hard times.

  • It allowed me to understand what feelings are all about.  Also showed me the importance of certain things and why people my age and others hold back on certain things.  I want to make the right choice for myself and a good relationship.

  • This has helped me think about decisions I’m going to make.  I’m going to stop watching porn.

  • This class really opened my mind to such simpler ways of changing my thoughts/brain.  I struggle to think better of myself and waking up every day is a challenge.  I feel as if I’m going to stay this way forever no matter the professional help I receive.  But I see that changing is a slow, long process of learning what I lost so long ago.  I matter, even if I don’t always believe that myself.

  • It affected me because it helped me understand myself more.  The lesson about the brain helped me understand how to fix myself and recover from bad things in the past.

  • Instead of deflecting feelings that seem hard or complicated, I need to think through how I handle it and how it could affect me. 

  • This class has impacted me because it showed me that I need to think before I act.  I need to recognize why I am feeling the way I am and react calmly.  I am grateful that I got to hear all of this information to help my future self deal with my emotions.

  • It has taught me many things and helped me reflect on many decisions I might not be so proud of.  This helped me understand why things can happen and gave me a better understanding of life.

  • This class helped me think about how I can make smarter choices and to have the knowledge needed to protect myself in the future.  I also learned a lot about the human body and how it functions and how I can keep my body healthy.

  • I learned about how important sex is and how I need to really be ready to do that.  Love is a commitment, not just attraction.

  • This class has impacted me by allowing me to understand what’s going on in my head when I’m angry is normal, but not my actions.  Now I will learn how to cope with my anger.

  • This class helped me realize my worth and treat myself in a way that conveys that worth.  It also helped me realize that I should be treating others in a way that shows them how amazing they are.

  • This class showed me that I need to make trustworthy and honest relationships and that I should be a kinder person.

  • This week has made a good impact on me.  Even during the week, I started to think about the things we discussed and started to think before doing something.  This class has made me understand how I feel and how others also might feel.  Thank you!  😊

  • This class has taught me a lot in a week.  This has helped me actually see the decisions I might have made again if not for this.  It was such a pleasure to have him here with us this week because even though he doesn’t know anything specific about my life, he still helped me for the future.

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