Central Junior High


  • The program opened my eyes up to realize that I am not alone and that there are people here for me. It is a great program, keep it up!

  • Honestly, it really did make me have a reality check. I never realized how dangerous things can be in the real world, and I never really learned about some of the things in the program.

  • It made me learn what a healthy relationship was and what wasn't one so know I know what to expect in a relationship.

  • I recognized that I need to be less emotional.

  • It helped me a lot by impacting me on how to stay safe.

  • Showed me what I need to work on.

  • It made me see how all the choices I make affect my life in some way.

  • It made me think more about my future and how the little things i do now can change my life.

  • It really helped to outline good ways of making goals, and it outlined some of the best ways to keep things like drugs and alcohol from interfering with the goals that I set.

  • It taught me some important things about how to be better at making life decisions and how some things I do right now can impact me in the future.

  • It taught me about all of the things that we need to be aware of becoming upcoming adults and how all of our decisions at this point of time affect our future greatly.

  • I really never thought that the decisions we made had a big impact on our life especially the sexual thought and actions.  After this now I have a better understanding and a more clear mind about the world and others around me.

  • It showed more things that I didn’t really know and showed me to be safe around those things.

  • Well it informed me on how I need to be more eye-open on my health. And that there is a big difference between love and infatuation.

  • It made me think about the consequences of seemingly harmless things.

  • It made me think more about decision making and being more responsible with my choices.

  • I learned a lot of things and reflected on challenges that I am facing. My goal for the future got a little more solid and overall it has been a huge reminder and one I needed.

  • The reality check program helped me understand that there is a lot more to life, we still have a lot of time. It helped me understand that social media isn't always a safe place. It helped me understand the risks of teen pregnancy and being sexually active at a young age. It helped me understand the brain and how it isn't fully developed yet.

  • What it impact me is we are not born a mistake, we were meant to be here.

  • It definitely made me realized that your connections (emotional, sexual, and mental) are extremely important but should be known how to navigate in a healthy way especially as a student. It taught me how to better deal with taking the words and opinions that were negative from people around me too.

  • I understood more about how much my body is worth and to not give in to peer pressure on things like send nudes or to lose my virginity just to lose it. I understand now that denying someone’s request to see my body is not a bad thing. It is not my fault and I am not being mean nor being a "*****."  I really liked what we did this week; I learned a lot of things. Thank you.

  • Well he taught me how to protect myself how little things can affect other people so I'm not the same person I was a week ago.

  • I thank you because this made me realize that I need to stop letting the past affect me and to focus on the future.

  • It gave me the thought of that right now as hard as it is, I’m gaining authorship of  my life.

  • It makes me feel better about myself.