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Central Junior High


  • It makes me more aware of not only the physical risks, but the EMOTIONAL risks during sex.  It also helped me understand more about my brain & body.  Thank you so much.  I wish all my peers could have heard this. 

  • This class has impacted me by wanting to respect my body and how important my body is!  Not just respect, but take care of my body.  THANK YOU FOR THAT!

  • I’m not going to watch porn anymore.

  • I learned that I can take my time with sex and I don’t need to rush it.  Also learned about my body and learned about STD’s which I’ve never learned before.

  • I am now able to help and focus myself and other people in situations where they need it.

  • It has impacted my life because now I am more certain than I’ve ever been that I will save myself for marriage.

  • This class has impacted me by making me think about all of the small things that I’ve never thought about.  I have never thought about sex in the perspective that it was taught in.  I will think back to all of the things that I’ve learned in this class.  It made me have a broader perspective of everything and I want to say thank you.

  • It has changed my whole mind about sex to a better one.  I know more now and I know how to protect myself.

  • It’s made me realize that every decision I make affects my future and possibly the lives of others as well.  It’s made me focus on choosing safer choices.

  • This class impacted me by not being so concerned about sex.  It has taught me to take care of my body properly.  Also, before I get serious about a boy, I should get to know him better and let hormones take over.   I will treat my body with respect and make sure others treat me with respect.

  • I need to be careful what I say on social media.  And I will stop smoking.

  • Some of the choices I see myself making in the future or was going to make soon will be changed for the better.

  • Makes me realize that I should think more about certain things that impact me and those around me.

  • Reality Check has allowed me to look at my life and honestly appreciate how I’ve been raised and how I’m doing now.

  • I have learned that you need healthy relationships and that I can ask for help in life.

  • It’s shown me that short term actions that make me feel good might not be what’s best for me in my life.  Thanks!

  • The impact this class has had on me is to be more responding than reactive.  It has taught me to let go of the past to find a new way in the future, even if that means learning to let people go even when it hurts.

  • It has encouraged me to take care of me mentally and physically.  And to protect myself.

  • I learned a lot this week about our minds, our bodies, and our hearts.  This class motivated me to continue to do the right thing.

  • Makes me think about what I’m going to do with my life, to change the music I listen to, to feel more, and to enjoy life.  Thank you!

  • This class makes me feel happy and emotional because I’ve never heard about how sex is connected to our mental health.  I am really proud to be in this class because it helped me learn more.

  • It has taught me more about how to save myself and not let people use me.

  • It’s impacted me into thinking on how I should handle things and take care of them.  For example, my father’s issues.  I’ve just been coping with it and maybe I need to deal with those feelings.

  • Made my outlook on doing things sexually change.  Also made me realize how desensitized our culture is.  Makes me think twice about doing things just to please the other person.

  • A big impact that this has had on me this week is RELIEF.  My mom is a counselor and I knew about most everything, but it was good to hear it from someone else.  I was just always wondering how to help other people with problems that they don’t know how to solve.  The information you shared also makes me want to stop my porn addiction.  Thank you so much.

  • This class this week has affected me by making me realize that I am worth much more than I think.

  • This class has opened my eyes to think about certain topics in a certain way.  I learned a lot in this time and I have a new way of thinking about things that I never thought about.  Overall, I learned that I have a choice.

  • This class has honestly probably changed my life.  I have learned so much from how my reproductive system works and all the risks.  I truly appreciate all you have covered within this class and taking time to talk about anything that I may need to know in the future.  Also knowing how to make goals for my life and not just expecting whatever to happen.  Thank you!!!

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