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Arkansas Arts Academy


  • It made me realize that I can shape my own future.  Nothing is set in stone and it isn’t too late.  All my actions dictate my future so I need to make good decisions.

  • One of the main points that stood out to me was when we discussed the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.  I’ve never done any drugs or anything and this just solidified my resolve to never do that stuff.

  • This program made me re-think about a lot of people I thought I loved and trusted.  I had a boyfriend that I thought I loved.  All I ever did was want to be with him.  I realized that he wasn’t for me and I brought him so close so fast and that was my wrong.

  • This class impacted the way that I view relationships.  It also really got me thinking about the way I’ve been living my life.  I’ve had some really unhealthy relationships throughout life because I always choose to see only the good in people.

  • Made me feel better about who is and isn’t in my inner circle.  Gave me more confidence in my choice to not consume recreational drugs.

  • An understanding of how valuable I am and that although it’s tough now, I have the rest of my life to live out.

  • This class has consoled feelings of peer pressure/media pressure I’ve experienced.  It’s helped me come to a place of comfort.  Knowing the benefits of not participating in activities that I don’t want to participate in but others want me to.  I understand the essence of time and the importance of making my own decisions.

  • It has had a positive impact.  I really enjoy listening to everything and giving my input on the topic.

  • This class has impacted me by learning on how to find a relationship instead of rushing.  Also, it has impacted me by making smart decisions.


  • Although I’ve been here only for a class, I feel empowered. I think lately I’ve forgotten my capabilities, and this helped recharge me when it was much needed. Thank you so much.

  • Ever since these lessons started, I began thinking of my little brothers and how these diseases could affect their life. Now I can be the one to assist them.

  • Well this impacted me in a positive way for sure. Made me think a whole lot more about my attitude on life and what I want from life. Respect is a big thing for me and this has helped keep my mind straight on the path I want to go.

  • It helped me realize which friends I need and don’t need in my life. It made me realize that there is one friend in my life who disrespects me and makes me feel bad and makes fun of me and I am not going to put up with it. I’m gonna distance myself from her.

  • I am going to respect people more.

  • I actually used the “boundary circle” and made serious decisions on who I let into my circle.

  • I learned that I need to be careful with my choices and make the best out of my life from Reality Check.

  • The past three days have helped me realize I may need to reevaluate some of my friendships and that I have some really great ones as well.

  • I was impacted by the talk about boundaries and how it made me understand some things and also realize who I need to be surrounding with and how relationships should be versus how they seem.

  • I learned to look before I leap into a relationship and to be mindful of those in my circle.

  • I will take away… that my goals and achievements can happen. I have to make it happen, no one else can.

  • I will believe in myself more.

  • This class has shown me the difference between love and infatuation in a way I didn’t think about.  My parents divorced at a young age so I never truly learned what makes a working relationship and now I know what to look and work for in the future.  Thank you for teaching me this, I will carry around this class experience for years to come and hope to see you again in the future.  If I ever feel I have no clue what to do next I’ll think back to this class.

  • You have given me hope that adults aren’t entirely blind to struggles teens go through every day.  You’ve really made me view others much differently (with more optimism that they may understand.  Thank you.

  • This class made me face a lot of things that I didn’t want to, but probably needed to.  On the first day, we were asked our goals.  Since then, I’ve been taking steps to reach my goal and am going back tomorrow.  J  Thank you!

  • This class has really gotten me thinking about my future and how the decisions I make now can affect it.  It has also brought to my attention the significance of who I keep in my life and how I am able to impact the lives of others.

  • It’s help me learn about the people I need in my life and the people I need to keep out of it.  I’ve learned to not have sex until I’m ready. 

  • Your life as a teenager is only a fraction of your life and you need to try your best to zoom out on life.  It’s only going to be bad for a little bit.  As well as, knowing yourself and what your boundaries are.  Trusting the right people.  Trusting yourself.  Thanks Mr. Pratt.  J

  • I found some lessons were applicable to my story.  This program was another reminder of how far I have come and how I absolutely can take a bad situation and rationalize it.

  • Helped me feel ready to go into the world knowing I get to choose for myself and that I’m writing my story.  Gave me a chance to look at my dreams and my goals.


  • This class has made me think a lot about who my true friends are.  It has also made me think a lot about the relationship I’m in.  Maybe I rushed into it because I was desperate to know what having a boyfriend felt like.  Maybe I am meant to be his friend, not his girlfriend.

  • This class has had a big impact on me.  It has made me realize that I still have a long journey ahead.  I’ve made stupid choices in the past and thought that nothing will ever go right, or my way.  But this class has made me realize that although I can’t change the past, I can get better and take the necessary steps to make my present and future a lot better.

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