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Bentonville West HS


  • I learned a lot of valuable information and I feel like I can know make mature and educated decisions.

  • It made me think about how my actions might affect my future.

  • Just knowing that other people go through the same thinking as me and I don’t feel so alone.

  • The impact the Reality Check program had on me was that it helped open my mind to more things and be aware of other things too. I have loved how much I have learned about the reproductive system, and about like things on your body that are transmitted and non-transmitted. This program has led me to knowing more about my surroundings and more about things that I didn´t know existed.

  • It made me think on certain things around us especially who I let into my circle.

  • It made me open my eyes on things that can happen to you and the world if you do things you’re not supposed to.

  • To really think before I decided to say text that may be hurtful, or send something that I may regret.

  • This made me realize that there is actually a lot more things and consequences in certain things and even though you might not realize that they can affect your life dramatically.

  • It changed my point of view on things.

  • It helped me think about how I might be affecting people and how to look for signs and how to act if something were to be brought to your attention.

  • The reality check changed how I see some actions and the consequences of the actions in the present.

  • To make sure that I make good decisions during high school so that it will affect me positively in the future, and help prepare me.

  • It made me relate to a lot of stuff.

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