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J.O. Kelly Middle School


6th Grade

  • It impacted me because it made me think positive and to think that I’m valuable to others.

  • This class impacted me because it helped me learn the decisions I’m going to make in the future.  After I’m married I can choose to have sex.  I really liked this class because it taught me so much about my life I will have.

  • This class has helped me realize that I need to set boundaries for myself to keep me safe from harm.

  • What impacted me was that I can control the emotions that I feel.  😊

  • This class is gonna change my future by doing safe things and standing up fro myself and saying no to things that I don’t want to do.

  • This class made me decide to stop vaping.

  • The way this class impacted me is to do better.

  • I’m not gonna have sex until marriage.

  • This class made me learn a lot of stuff about making my own decisions.

  • This class impacted me by learning not to take pics of my body.

  • This class helped me that you can always say no to bad pressures.  This class showed me to make good decisions on the internet. 

  • This class made me think about not smoking and not doing drugs.  Even though I already knew not to do it, it felt nice to have a conversation about it. 

  • It showed me how to say no if I’m in an uncomfortable place.

  • To make sure that I have people in my life who don’t do things that are harmful like drugs.

  • I know that I shouldn’t do bad things on social media.

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