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J.O. Kelly Middle School


6th & 7th Grade: 

  • I learned about how peer pressure can affect people and this impacted me to be able to trust myself. I also learned that infatuation, love, and crush are different things. This helps me identify what others are feeling and possibly what I'm feeling about other people. Last but not least, STD's are dangerous consequences and being cautious is not a bad thing.

  • To be a better than I was before and to be a better friend.

  • To be kind to others. Also to be respectful and respect their thoughts.

  • It made me a better person.

  • I'm gonna take a break off girls.

  • I learned that I need to improve my friendship with others.

  • I learned some new things in reality check this year that will help me later in life.

  • It made me feel good.

  • It had an impact on me by teaching me how to be safe and how to trust myself on many things.

  • I was able to learn valuable information about how to take care of myself with us growing up and deciding when to be sexually active. I also learned how my reproductive system works, the difference between being in love and not really. 

  • By making me realize more about me.

  • I learned that I should be a better friend and hear my friends out properly. But mostly it changed the way I think about my mental health more.

  • It helped me figure out who I really was and it let me change my personality to who I am now.

  • It made more confident about myself, and I really learned a lot more than I expected but most importantly it thought me to be the person I am today.

  • I chose not to do drugs.

  • It made me realize that I have many goals to accomplish.

  • I am more mature about the human body.

  • I learned how to express my feelings.

  • It made me feel good about myself.

  • It changed me to inspire people to make more people kind and make them spread joy.

  • I got to actually reflect and think about my actions.