Clarksville Junior High


  • The Reality Check showed me the aspect of what are good for the human body to show that they are the resource we need for us to live our life to the fullest. In some perspectives the reality check also shows some resources of what bad or good decision leading you up to whom you want to be and what type of things you want to accomplish. In addition, I've also learned about the body system we have and how other people have different body than we do doesn't mean they are different from one another. Everything, I learned from the reality check made me realize for us to go, and achieve our goal we must make sure that our body is up to the limit of a healthy state in mind that we try to pursue and love most about. So in order for that to happen make sure your body is at a healthy state don't do drugs, alcohol or something that might harms your body. We need the system we have in our body to work the way we want it to work so to have a better way of life.

  • It made me think about my life choices and what to do with my life.

  • It taught me stuff about the brain that I didn't know.

  • I learned what not to do.

  • The Reality Check program made me realize how important your self-esteem is to your body.

  • Made me realize there are things in my life I really need to change because there are some things that you can stay away from in life instead of falling into that trap.

  • When you said that what we do now affects our lives later, it hit me and opened a window that I need to take charge of myself and not worry about others so much.

  • I learned some things that I never knew about.  This also helped me deal with some things that have happened to me.  Thank you.

  • It helped me realize what all is good and bad in a relationship.  Showed me how to respect myself and others around me.

  • This class has helped me realize how to make better decisions and gave me a better look at my life.

  • Showed me what I need to keep an eye on to know if I’m healthy.  Showed me mistakes I’ve made in the past and how I can change in the future.

  • It impacted me to be cautious in relationships and to respect each other.  I also learned a lot of the risks of having sex.

  • It made me want to think about my decisions more.

  • It has taught me some good lessons in life that can really change my decisions.

  • It has made me think about what I have done in the past, and what I want to fix in the future.  The mistakes I have made still affect me and I have to be strong and get past them.