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  • This class has impacted by getting to keep going and to know that there is a better tomorrow.  I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to get what I got.

  • This class has brought more thought on the emotions of my peers and has made me try and view life more optimistically, knowing there will be bumps.

  • This class has impacted me to make better decisions.  Now I ask myself questions before doing something.

  • Talking about all these things has changed my perspective on them which changed my life.

  • The impact that I’ve had in the past 5 weeks was good because you have taught how to be more positive and how to value myself and to take every good opportunity that I get in life.  And to be a healthy person.

  • This class has helped me see who my real friends are and who should and should NOT be in my circle.

  • The most important of all, this class helped me in understanding the mindset of people who suffer depression.  I have many people around me who feel depressed daily; now I am able to convince them to be positive and more optimistic.

  • It has impacted me by seeing who should be around my circle.  Surrounding myself with positive people.  Being healthy.

  • I have had a positive impact from our time together.  I have learned very important things that I never knew I needed to hear.  The information I received is very important.

  • It changed the way I look at sexual activity.  What certain drugs can do to your brain.  That I can’t judge someone without knowing what’s happening.

  • In the time that you have been here I have realized that a lot of things I have done could have caused major health issues.  Thank you.

  • This last day made me think about my actions lately and how I want to do better for myself and my girlfriend because I am reminded about my past that makes me feel guilty.

  • Big impact.  I actually learned more about life than school has ever taught me.

  • Everything comes in its own time – happiness, sex, good mental and emotional health…but no matter what happens, I still have a whole life ahead of me and I’m the only one who can choose to move on and decide what’s best for me.  I don’t have to live with the pain and focus only on one spot.  I have a life, a value, and a role in this world to be me and only me.  Thank you.  J

  • The class has really made me think wiser of my decisions and created smarter mentally.  Thank you for coming and sharing the amazing, relevant information.  Your words truly inspire to work harder, think about my emotions, and strive to reach my goals.

  • It has made my self esteem better.  I’ve learned so much from it.  Also made me see how much I’m worth.

  • This class has helped to motivate me.  It also makes talking about sexual activity a more comfortable topic.  It has helped me to feel like an adult and less of a child who relies on others for my decisions.

  • This week I learned so many things.  I used to let people come into my circle easily and I wanted to get close to people, but I ended up getting hurt.  Now that I learned, I understand why.  Thank you!

  • Your teaching is awesome.  I learn so many things!  Your words make me realize how important it is to take care of ourselves.  I think in the future I will use some of what you teach me to protect myself.  Thank you.  Keep doing what you are doing!  You are truly amazing!

  • It was a big help.  It made me think more about the things that I do and the person that I am and will be.  I’ve always struggled with my trust issues, but I hope one day I can find a person that I can truly trust.  Thank you for coming here!

  • This week has impacted me by showing me that no matter how my life was years before, I can change that.  I can make it better and make a turn around and put all my badness behind me.

  • You have showed me that my body has a lot more value than what I give it.  You taught me that maybe trusting others isn’t bad, but you have circles that they have to go through.  Thank you for spending time with us and teaching us.

  • To share my love with someone that I really care about and will be with for a long time.  It’s not something to give out to whoever.

  • The future is much more important to me.  I should not try to fit in by changing myself.  I also need to focus on something more important.  Not be jealous about small things.  Be more independent.

  • This class made me realize how many decisions we have to make in our life and how they affect our future life.  Tonight I’m going to take some time to think about why did I start smoking the first time and why I tried weed and alcohol.  I’m sure that I’m not gonna do that again after this class.


  • This class helped me get out of a toxic relationship by learning how to stand up for myself and my future.

  • This class has opened my eyes to think about my future and has made me feel like I’m not alone.  Mr. Pratt really knows what he is talking about and he has given me motivation I need to take the path of my dreams and work for the goals along the way.

  • It’s made me think about the past and how bad it was but made me turn it into something good.

  • It has given me information on how to cope with the things that bother me and given me new views on how to react to things.

  • This class has taught me that I need to look out for people more.  Someone needs help somewhere and I can make the change in someone’s life.

  • This class has made a great impact.  It has made me see life with other eyes of how some people live theirs.  It has made it to where I understand the many aspects of life.

  • It has opened my eyes.  I have made a lot of choices since then to make my life/circle better.

  • It showed me what people have struggled with how they live with their addiction.  To always say no to drugs and alcohol.

  • I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before and a lot of my questions were also answered.

  • It has made me think about my life in a lot more serious way and about how not to let the wrong people get too close.

  • Your kind words about how we deserve to live, to be protected have give me a sense of hope.

  • I paid attention, and liked the way you taught us this info.  Thank you so much for coming to visit us, and talk about how our bodies work and drugs, and all those other things.

  • This has given me much to think about, and has motivated me to be better, do better, and work towards a goal.

  • I learned that all the negative I feel towards myself is unnecessary.  Sex is a bigger deal than I thought.  I always took it seriously, but never realized how serious the outcomes could be.

  • Showed me how to not follow in my brother’s footsteps. To follow my own path that leads to a healthier and happier lilfestyle.


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