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Fulbright Junior High


  • This class impacted me by helping me choose the right decisions.  It helped me see that friends can turn you into a whole different person.  It showed me what drugs and alcohol can do to you and helped me stop.  This class has really impacted me.  Thank you!

  • The things you have said has made me think in a different perspective and I thank you for doing so.  Some people need to be able to find happiness in OTHER ways and you have opened a path in my mind.

  • I have come to realize that not only does society put labels on people by how they look, etc., but I myself do too.  I’m definitely ready to make some changes.  We have to get to know people before we judge others.

  • This class helps me understand the other person better.  This helps me control my temper more and how to understand people more.  So thank you!

  • You made me realize that I am much more than what others label me as.  Plus you also helped me break free from a toxic friendship.

  • This has made me realize to stay strong and think of myself as worthy.

  • The time you have been here has been really helpful and has changed the way I think for the better.

  • This helped me by being more straightforward with my sister and helping my mom with things she needs help with.

  • I believe that these Fridays have impacted us by showing us the true value of life, our lives.

  • Helped me to start to understand my self worth.

  • You impacted my life by showing me the wrong in my life.  Someone in my life vapes and you showed me I shouldn’t be like that and to have good boundaries.

  • It has taught me to keep my boundaries with people and the effects doing stuff can affect my life both mentally and physically.

  • It has showed me how to make my life better and how to improve my relationships.

  • I feel inspired.  Inspired to teach what I’ve learned.  Inspired to be like you.

  • Being in this class these past few weeks has helped me open my mind to new ideas and has helped me be a better and more positive person.  Thank you.

  • It’s definitely helped me see the light when there’s dark times.

  • This has impacted me to not assume and put labels on people when you don’t really know them and to not always follow what your friends do.

  • This class has helped me get through a hard time with a girl.  This class has helped me have boundaries and to be kind.

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