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Clarksville Middle School


  • It has made me realize that there is more to life than I thought.  I have grown as a person.  I make better choices now.

  • It has inspired me to say no and don’t hesitate to do so.  Also, it has taught me to say yes in the right places.  Thanks Mr. Pratt.

  • It has let me know not to do bad things with my body.  To follow my dreams, not let any negativity get to me.  To never give up.

  • It’s made me make myself more protected and to watch who I am hanging out with.  And make good choices.

  • These past few weeks have taught me many things, including having strong relationships, how to avoid any bad things that are tempting me.

  • I don’t want to do drugs or have a relationship at an early age.

  • I want to stay safe and make the right choices.

  • It has impacted me by teaching what a good friend is and helped me find some.

  • I know what not to do ever like use drugs or do sex at an early age or with someone I don’t trust.

  • This class has made me decide that I am going to for sure stay away from drugs and alcohol.  I will also choose good choices.

  • This class impacted me by learning how to say NO!  Also by learning how to respect myself.  Lastly by how to value myself and how worthy I am.

  • This class made me learn about lots of stuff that I kinda didn’t know till this day.  Now I know to say no for drinking, drugs, and to avoid sexual abuse.  I’m grateful for you to come and speak to us.  Thank you.

  • It had actually helped me have confidence to say something about what happened in the past.

  • It made a very effective impact and helped me to better think about my choices.

  • It’s had a big impact on me and will help me have a better future in so many ways.  In ways like when to have sex or what good relationships are.

  • This week made me think about how I don’t have to follow my older sister’s footsteps and make the same choices she did.

  • It has made me feel good because I do not want to do drugs at all at any time.

  • To not put myself in a situation that might be harmful to me and to wait to have sex until I’m married.

  • This class had a big effect on me.  I loved it when I learned so much.  When Mr. Pratt said something about it takes a real man to be a man, it helped.  Thanks!

  • This class has impacted me in the way that it has made me think about my life and I am evaluating it.  I now know that some choices I have made (friend wise) I need to choose the better path.

  • It made me think more about my actions and things and not just what’s cool.  I wish one day I can be a speaker.

  • This class has made me realize that I don’t need friends that pressure me to do something that’s bad for me and others.

  • The impact that I got in this class was a lot because I was going to make a stupid decision, but now I know the possibility of what could happen.

  • This class has impacted on my life because you taught me to be more careful about the choices I make now that will affect my future in more ways than one and to be careful on how I choose relationships.

  • I have learned quite a bit.  I didn’t use to really know or care if I’m being honest.  Now, I will think when I make my decisions.

  • It’s helped me with the dangers and what to watch out for in life.  I know how to handle situations and how to say no.  This is a positive impact.  I know to focus on my goals and the future.

  • This class has really made me ask if I’m hanging out with the right people.  If I need to find some new friends.

  • This class had such a big impact on me.  Sex is more than I thought.  It can be dangerous if not between the right people.  It can be good be good between the right couple.

  • This class has helped me learn boundaries and consequences and rules to follow.  It helps a lot about making smart choices.

  • I learned a lot.  It told me how to say “no”.  It was a very interesting 5 days.  It made me think about what I learned a lot more.

  • It made me feel great and confident.

  • This class helped me a lot with my friends and my choices.  It has helped tell things that I would never tell like how my friends have hurt me, got me sad, and what to do to help me.

  • It made me change my choices.

  • This class made me to think before I act.  This class helped me make friends.  Learning new things that I didn’t know before and now I know.  I loved this class.  Thank you.

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