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  • I feel that this impacted me the most concerning the people that I have around me to maybe space myself from people who aren’t really helping me in my picture.

  • When they told me someone’s always looking up to me it made me change how I act for my siblings and the rocks in the backpack about putting what’s holding you down behind you.

  • This week showed me how to proceed in my dream.

  • This has impacted me by seeing another side of my future.

  • We had some good lessons made me think about how important life is and how we don’t got to change for no one.

  • To not change what people think of me and to treat others the way I want to be treated with respect.

  • This week has been rough.  I am not letting the bad get to me, I’m going to smile through it all.

  • Made me realize a lot.  The talking 1st day inspired me to better myself and not continue to bring myself down.

  • It impacted how I view my life, how I treat myself and others with confidence and respect.

  • Stepped myself up in what’s more important in life.

  • I learned about what it means to be me and what goals I have set for life.

  • To teach us to take pride in what I want in our future that our life isn’t planned by nobody but ourself.

  • It opened my eyes to some things but I can’t say because I’m not sure what they are yet.

  • The impact for me for the week was I learned more about myself.  I got to see the reality of things.  That I am able to put things behind me and to not change my picture.

  • It showed me how life really is.  You have to do things in life you don’t want too but life is easy if you make it easy.

  • I really enjoyed the games and informational energy RCI brought to us.  I learned a lot of helpful ideas, motives, and confidence in myself and my plans.

  • I learned that with enough time and effort I can accomplish my goals.

  • I learned this week how badly I need to graduate.

  • What impacted me the most was when we covered integrity and our goals are possible.

  • I’m going to succeed rather it’s on my own or with someone helping

  • To keep my eye on what I want for myself in the future.

  • This has impacted me this week b/c I really didn’t see it like that.  I didn’t think about my future nor how it can impact me later on.

  • It helped me to know not to change my life to make it easier.

  • This week has made me really think about and revise my plans after high school and I reinforced them.

  • This week has impacted me in a positive way by teaching me and helping me better understand how to grasp our lives in a meaningful way.

  • “You can’t lie to the person in the mirror.”

  • I feel that all these little activities and lessons helped or just refreshed everyone’s mind on what society is like.  How you should carry yourself and things like that.  Helped everyone.

  • This class got me thinking of relationships and how I can move forward in life and make choices that benefit me and the people I care about.

  • These lessons I’ve gotten relate to me a lot because I overthink a lot of things and talk bad about myself.

  • It made me think about my past and see the things I used to do in a new way.

  • I want to stop my pot and alcohol use.

  • I enjoyed hearing and learning this information.  I thought it would be boring and I didn’t want to hear it again, but I learned some new information.  I appreciate it.

  • This helped me have a better understanding of risks during sex.

  • This helped me know what to look for in healthy and unhealthy relationships.  I can now tell the difference between love and infatuation.

  • You have helped me with controlling myself.

  • This lesson really gave me insight on  a lot of things and made me think differently.

  • These lessons kind of opened my eyes even though I’ve had this lesson before.  It still is good info to not forget.

  • This showed me a lot of important facts that will help us in the long run and currently.

  • Taught me that I have to be more careful with the things I do or put myself into.

  • I think the talks about the frontal love has helped me the most since I feel like I can relate to the “fight or flight” idea and will try to be more conscious about my choices.

  • To be more safe….we all make mistakes but we can usually learn from them.

  • I made me think a lot about myself.  It makes me think about my own relationship.

  • My life choices with the things I do that I shouldn’t be doing.  On drug choices and safety for sex if it ever happens.

  • Reality Check presentation had me thinking of my life and how it not too late to change my life now.



  • It made me think about my future and how I want my life to be. It impacted me to learn all these kinds of things about health. Having to take care of your body and allowing people in your life is something really important.

  • This class has made me realize how important it is to respect yourself and your body. And how it’s good to make people earn your trust rather than pulling them into your circle.

  • This class was great. I really enjoy listening to things about life and information about STD’s because it makes me want to be more careful.

  • To keep my guard up and be strong as a person and always do positive things in life.

  • This class impacted me by telling me everybody ain’t who they say they are & it’s very important to respect yourself. It’s also good to hear (people’s) story before you judge.

  • It has impacted me a lot! I learned about how to make a relationship stronger & also how to make it last, just by some of the information you shared with us.

  • It was a good impact on me because it’ll make me take more time and I’ll think more about the choices I make. I appreciate your time.

  • I didn’t get to listen to you talk the past 2 days of testing. But you have impacted me to help more people. I want to be able to help kids make better choices.

  • Learned so many things that I’ve probably wouldn’t have ever known thanks to you and your time. This class made me realize many things in my life, kept me thinking about my teenage life and the way I’m living. But now everything is okay. I’ve learned so much. Thank you.


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