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Don Tyson

School of Innovation


  • This impacted me to not have sex at a young age and to love myself.

  • This week made me think about my life's decisions in the future. Like having sex and being careful.

  • It made me think about the consequences of my actions.

  • It helped me to be more careful about my future decisions.

  • This impacted me positively and now I will be more aware of my choices.

  • The impact was huge. I knew that sex had some things to worry about. But the information helped me see the full picture.

  • The impact of this lesson was to make smart decisions that will not affect my future.

  • It made me open my eyes and learn the risk of sexual activity.

  • I feel like I can stay safer.


  • Talking about the influences a person has on another through social media has made me realize that not everything is true.

  • Honestly, the info that impacted me the most was about sexual intercourse. Basically, how easy it is to get contaminated and how condoms can still affect you. 

  • You are very inspirational. I learned that you can get STD's from oral which I didn't know about before. I am glad you talked about how our choices are ours and about what we value.

  • Learning about the risk of pregnancy and the after effects of it and the feelings that comes with it. 

  • The information that you shared that helped me the most was learning about sexual diseases and all the facts. It makes me want to wait until marriage. 

  • I'm glad that I learned about bonding hormones and emotional consequences because I never knew that these hormones existed and Learned how a person might feel when engaging in sexual activities.

  • Information I learned and helped me is that you should wait for the right person and time to actually have sex. 

  • All that information on the bacterial and viral STD's has made me think a lot of when I want to engage in sexual activity I think I will want to wait to engage in that type of activity when I am married. 

  • One part of this information that is going to help me for my future choices is the part of the lesson about STD's and condoms and the consequences of STD's.

  • I am glad that we learned about STD's and love/infatuation. This is going to help me make better decisions throughout my life. 

  • I'm glad that I learned about infatuation because I want to not regret anything when I get older.

  • The Information that helped me, was everything. Like crushes happen very quickly, but they end also end fast. 

  • I learned that you do need to set boundaries and now I know to stay away from my brothers friends and sometimes him because it might effect me. 

  • I think that you did a great job and when you said " we can say no" that helped me. 

  • I enjoyed your lesson this week. I think the boundaries lesson impacted me the most. 

  • This information made me feel valued.

  • This whole lesson impacted a lot in my life because everything you talked about I would have to face it sometime in my life. This lesson you gave us will help me a lot in the future to make the right choice.

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