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Eureka Springs High School


  • I have never confronted that situation nor have I talked to anyone about it. I now feel encouraged to receive help.

  • This week impacted me by showing me my self worth and values.

  • This week has opened my eyes to a lot of new risks that I did not know were out there. Now I know how I can be safe.

  • The most important thing to me was the difference between love and infatuation. That helped me out with some issues.

  • This week has showed I can be who I am and it doesn't really matter what others think.

  • I know that we are in control of our lives and we are worth making the best decisions for ourselves. I matter.

  • Your presentation made me think about choosing friends/boyfriends carefully.

  • I have reaffirmed my beliefs in no drugs, alcohol, and avoiding toxic people.

  • This week has helped me see how important choices are and what impacts they have in the long run. I am more aware of my choices and will do better to make more logical choices.

  • Reminded me to set boundaries and to realize my self worth when letting people in my circle.

  • I want to focus on goals and control my emotions more.

  • This week had a big impact on me because everything I was taught is super important to me.

  • I learned a lot of information this week that I know will keep me safe in the future. I'll make sure I keep these things in mind, since they really changed the way I look at certain things.

  • I learned that just because I think someone is good for me that doesn't mean they really are.

  • It helped me think about my life choices and don't let stupid things affect me.

  • To know your value and your self worth.

  • My toxic relationship came to an end because of this!

  • It is okay if you have made choices that are not good, you can fix everything.

  • That myself matters more than the people around me think.

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