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Eureka Springs Middle School


7th Grade Students: 

  • Reality Check has taught me a lot about valuing myself, and the effects my choices can have on my future.

  • This gave me good information to know about my value, body, and choices I can choose to make.

  • I learned to be more careful about the choices we make. And we should understand our values.

  • The impact of this lesson was that it showed me how to be safe with my own body. Also to know how to have your values that matter.

  •  The way this week impacted me was that it is amazing that some people in this world are kind enough to let people know how important they are and to share their knowledge.

  •  I already knew everything we were taught (my parents taught me) but it made me relieved to see my classmates being educated on these topics because they typically joke about these serious topics.

  •  Respect people more.

  •  That we all matter more than we think we do.

  •  I’ve learned things I wouldn’t have without this class, things I need to know.



7th Grade Students: 

  • This class gave me confidence in myself and helped me find self-value. This class also made me realize there are more consequences and risks to sexual intercourse than I thought. I'm glad I received this type of information before I made a choice I'd regret.

  • This whole week and reality check has helped me realize what life was and what decisions I should and shouldn't make. It gave me time to think about reality and notice that it's not something to joke around about. It let me take a minute and know that sexual activity isn't a joke, and that it's important to know how to deal with certain situations. This was great to learn because it helped me with certain things.

  • I really enjoyed this class. It taught me of boundaries and of values. That everyone is different and that everyone takes different risks. It also reminded me that you have to take good risks too.

  • Now I know that my choices will impact my life. I will try to make good decisions, sexually and just real life decisions. This helped me a lot because now I know what I want for myself and my life. 

  • It impacted me to be more careful when making decisions and think about how it will affect my future.

  • The stuff I learned will help me do better in life, and when I get older I know what to be ready for.

  • This class showed me about all of the stds and also the pressures that I may have in my life. Now I know that setting boundaries is a good thing and not so much of a negative thing to do. So thank you for doing this class.

  • Since you came in I now realize that I need to be safe. And I need to be more self confident and make good choices.

  • I think these lessons were very informative for me. I believe I will be able to use the information I gathered to make better choices in the future.

  • It gave me a lot more information then I ever would have had without it. It also taught me that my choices matter and they affect what happens to me in my future. What happens to me is the affect of my choices.

  • This class showed that many things could happen through our bodies. It helped me to realize to always be safe and never do anything I don't want to do.

  • This let me know the risks I could or could not take in to my future.

  • I have learned a lot from you guys and I had a good time with you. You guys taught us not to do bad things and I really appreciate that. You treated us good and you also treated us like your children and that is what I like. You were really nice to us. Thank you for taking the time to teach us.

  • I learned how to be responsible and mature.

  • I felt like a lot of what you said was very helpful and I enjoyed when you came and explained this stuff to us.

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