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  • The impact of this week was a great impact that makes me want to do the right thing through my life and respect my boundaries and other people's boundaries.

  • The last five days have made me think of my future. I have always thought of myself as a mom and the whole STD lesson got me thinking that I need to be more careful. Especially in high school. STDs are something I hear a lot about and have been informing close ones.

  • It was good and I got to think about my future and how I want to live it. Thank you!

  • This helped me understand that I need to be careful with the choices I make. Even if my girl wants something different.

  • Learning about how our choices really do matter to others and how we treat ourselves takes a good role on our future.

  • This lesson most definitely won't be forgotten. I have always been a planner and I plan out my life because I want to do good and be better. This week opened my eyes from a recent breakup. It made me realize that it wasn't what  thought and I can do better and I will be okay.

  • This lesson impacted me because most of these things I never knew about and my old friends don't respect their body. They just have sex with anyone. I never want to have sex until I get older.

  • This taught me how much self worth is important. Especially for a girl who wants to meet everyone's expectations.

  • For the past few weeks I've been really struggling with school and my mental health. Reality Check has made me realize that it's worth t to keep going. Thank you.

  • The way you explained everything it really opened my mind. Thank you for taking your time and showing that you care. Talks like these really go a long way for a teen that does and sees many things.

  • This has made a big impact in my life because I learned how to protect myself and to make the right choices during my teenager life.

  • This made me reflect on my life and evaluate all my choices. This gave me motivation to succeed in life and to do my best. The past few weeks haven't been the best, quite the opposite, Reality Check made me want to do better for my family.

  • The reality check program taught me how to respect myself. I know when to make decisions and to know how these decisions will impact my future.

  • Throughout this whole week, I realized the importance and affect of sex. Sex is not love. You have to be cautious with the way you think about sex . Sex can lead to pregnancy, and diseases or illnesses and some can affect your life permanently.

  • You made me think about infatuation and reconsider a choice I was planning on making soon with someone.

  • It made me realize how important our choices are and made me more aware about risks and future problems your decisions can make.


  • During this class I have wanted to change my life. I have done things I shouldn’t have done but it’s so hard to stop.  The things you have taught us made me wanna change my life.

  • This lesson made an impact on me because I was going to do something inappropriate with a girl but it made me rethink my decision.

  • This has impacted me because it made me realize the consequences of my act’s and that mistakes I’ve lived life too fast and I need to slow down or I won’t go too far.

  • This class has impacted me by being more careful and knowing I can fix my mistake and move forward.  This class helped me by knowing I can change.

  • This class has taught me to be more confident. It has taught me to be careful in the future.  Also to pay attention to little things.

  • This class impacted me by teaching me to be respectful to your body and save your sex for marriage.

  • It had a good impact on me.  I feel hurt or sad/down and I keep all to myself, isolate myself, I tell people I’m fine, but it’s okay to feel these things.  I can get better, it’s not forever.

  • It has helped me learn many things.  Now I’m rethinking of how I should live my life. Like when should I have sex, if I should ever even drink or not, and to be careful with my feelings.

  • It gave me insight on things I can watch out for. I think more people should know the risks and benefits of what you taught us in class.

  • I feel good because I learn something that not good for your body.  All these things make me don’t do something that we are not suppose to do.

  • During the week I’ve been in this class it has impacted me to quit wanting to smoke.


  • This class has made a big impact on the way I think and feel about things.  It has taught me to be more considerate when it comes to my own body.  This class helped me to understand more about obstacles in life.  During this time, I feel like I can relate to the stories and lessons.

  • The impact this class has had for me is having hope for a better future.  I also learned many things about having a committed relationship or marriage.

  • This class has had a great impact.  It has taught me why I should not have sex until marriage.  It also taught me to only get married if you truly love someone, don’t just marry for looks, body, and feelings.  It’s way more than that.

  • It did because smoking is bad and I ain’t gonna do that.

  • This class has made a big impact on my life because it has shown me we have more to offer.  It also taught me the right paths to take.  I learned more.  I also know now some of the right actions to make.  This class will help me look at thing different, but in a good way.  I want to thank you!  J

  • It made me think a lot about people I know.  I want to help them more.

  • Something that has impact me this week was that I have speak up for myself because if we don’t speak up we might do things that we shouldn’t do.  Even though sometime we feel really low doesn’t mean that we have to do things that we might regret later on.  Thank you.

  • I learned that I hold one of the most valuable things. And it is worth-the-wait to get married and give it up. Not just being a teen and be pressured to give it up. I pledge.

  • Made me think about decisions I make and inspires me to do abstinence starting now.

  • After learning about the precautions of having sex, I will make sure to stay safe and set boundaries for myself. This has also taught me to be cautious about the things around me and decisions to make.

  • What has impacted me during this week is knowing what love really is and how I know who I really love…

  • I will wait until marriage like I have planned to let people know about how many risks are out there not just for them but for me too. Now that I’m almost to high school everything can change.

  • Well this information helps me and impacts me because I haven’t learned to much about sex and how much risk we are doing by having sex with out protection… This information is good… I will take care of my life and my body.

  • I learned that even if you have safe sex there are many dangers and risks. Learning this has helped me to decide to be abstinent.

  • I learned that you need to know what’s valuable to you; before you give it away.

  • This class has impacted my life in a positive manner. I now know the importance my sex is. I will now know how to face different kind of pressures life throws at me. Thank you!

  • This class has impacted me by encouraging me to save my sex for marriage and to be careful on things I do because it can make a big impact on my life. It also impacted me cause it made me think about the choices I make, and taught me why its better to wait till I’m mature enough.

  • I learned to not have sex yet and my future matters.

  • I learned how to avoid sex and how to set my boundaries. I learned my value and that abstinence is the best thing to choose in keeping your value and staying safe.


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