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Helen Tyson Middle School



6th Grade:

  • This class has made me realize life’s value and my value.

  • This class helped me to get rid of toxic friends that were not good for my well-being.

  • This class impacted me by making me want to be more careful about drugs and alcohol.

  • I learned how to say no to things I don’t want to do.

  • This class impacted me because it made me think about life and how I could stop things I don’t want to do.

  • It helped me because my mom is addicted to drugs and I would blame myself.  But this class has made me realize its not my fault.  This class has helped a lot.

  • It impacted me because it has taught me to make greater decisions in my life moving forward.

  • It affected me by changing how I act in school.

  • It impacted me to stop doing things I shouldn’t do!

  • This class impacted me by helping me say no.

  • This helped me understand things more clear.  I wasn’t gonna do drugs anyway, but now I will never do it.

  • It impacted me to know it’s not always my fault.

  • This class made me change my choice by saying NO to drugs and also knowing what friends are and how they’re supposed to act.

  • This class impacted me by changing the way I think about sex.

  • I learned that I should speak up for myself.

  • This class impacted me by thinking of the choices I will do in the future.

  • I learned that marriage is the safest place to have sex.

  • This class made me think differently than I did before.

  • Not to go to the wrong path.

  • To make better choices.

  • This class taught me that I have a choice and I don’t need to be pressured into doing things.

  • It’s ok to say no.

  • It helped me find my courage!  Thank you Mrs. Delucchi.

  • This class impacted me to not take drugs and not have kids as a young person.

  • It taught me I can say no if I want to.

  • I learned to not make bad choices and to stay on number 7 (choose the best, safest choice).

  • This class makes me not want to do drugs or alcohol and not to do bad stuff in the future.

  • This class has helped me make better life choices.

  • It taught me I am valuable.

  • This class impacted me by helping us with choices and how we make smart decisions.

  • This class impacted me by showing the safer side of things and showing how things affect your life.

  • This class showed me I should wait to have sex.

  • I already quit smoking 2 months ago and now I see even more why that was a good decision.

  • Something that I learned in this class was that just because someone tells you that you should do something that you know is wrong you can walk away and say no.

  • This class has made me learn to not have any sexual activity at a young age.

  • This class made me see my life decisions a little bit differently.

  • This class helped me make a change to not have sexual activity or alcohol or vape because I have never done this stuff but after this class, I know that I will never do that in my life.

  • This class has helped me because now I know what to do when faced with pressure and because I can now make better decisions.

  • This class impacted me when we were learning about our friends because I changed after that.

  • The way this class impacted me is that it taught me how to be healthy, and the consequences of smoking, sex, and viruses that could happen, and it taught me how to be safe.

  • It impacted me so now I can make better choices, and how to think before I do anything I feel uncomfortable doing.

  • It impacted me by helping me know how life works. It did help me make a decision.

  • This class impacted me of how I chose to live my life. It did help me make a decision and I was proud of it.

  • It impacted me by knowing what a healthy friendship is. It helped me by seeing if it was really worth it to be in the friendship that I was in.

  • This class affected me because I know I shouldn’t drink.

  • This class impacted me because I now know dangers of certain things and good choices and things not to do and now I am more converted in what I do.

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