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  • Your classes that I have been I have impacted my life a whole ton.  I always had a low self-esteem.  In second grade I was so anxious to come to school because I thought I was fat.  And now I have a bunch of friends, but still a little part of myself is missing.  You helped me find that part.

  • It helped me realize I had value and deserved to do great things in life and to be loved.  Now I am a kinder, stronger person and I wish that we had this class every week forever.  I love myself and others more than ever.  I loved this class, and it had a huge impact on me.  Thank you for this!

  • This class has helped me view things in a whole new way.  You can’t do everything by yourself.  You need people to rely on.  I had a fun time and A LOT MORE.

  • Now I change some of my personal thoughts when I am angry or mad.

  • To help me be kind and to find good, loyal, kind, and loving friends that care about me and include me.  Thank you.

  • I feel like this class is really kind and respectful.  We use teamwork to do a lot of things.  This class helps everybody.

  • This class has affected me a lot.  It’s helped me be a better friends & have self confidence.

  • This class has taught me not to do anything bad, because it doesn’t just affect me.  It affects many other people.

  • This impacted me to know to be kind to others and show people the value of them and not bring them down with words.

  • When you came and talked it really made me think about how sometimes people (and me) treat people badly and that made me want to change that.  Thank you!

  • Yes, this class has given me the opportunity to realize my choices impact others and that everyone is special and valuable no matter what they’re seen as.

  • The impact that this class has on me is that it makes me smile, laugh, and feel cared for when I step into the classroom.  I believe that the impact of this class is positive and gives good vibes.

  • It has made me think and realize who I can trust and who would lead me to making right and wrong choices.

  • This class has helped me be a  better person.  It has given me the thhings I need to be a team player and helped me be honest and kind.

  • Instead of playing video games, I spent time with my family.

  • A “friend” told me that I suck and I reminded myself that I have to value myself, even though some people may not.

  • This class affected me by teaching me that labels can be unfair, and that everybody has value and does not deserve to be labeled.

  • The way you taught us with game-based learning and how you allowed the game to reflect on a real life kindness topic we would need was a great life lesson you gave us!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

  • I learned to be happy.

  • It affects me because it teaches me how to resolve real life conflicts.

  • I learned that we are all the same and despite what we look like and act like, we are people with feelings.  It’s up to us to make the world understand that.  Thank you for coming to teach us that.  Thanks to you, I know that we are all special!

  • When my dad comes home now I give him my full attention.

  • A lot.  It helped me see that the person I wanted to be friends with sees me as a low value.

  • It helps me keep up my self confidence since I’m new to this school and it helps me know that I can do anything!

  • My friend risks pretty bad things that he might hurt himself doing so I started to try to do better things.

  • It had a huge impact.  It saved me from punishments by stepping away from a fight.

  • The last 4 weeks have helped me realize that I mean more than I think I do.  I have lots of value.  And it’s not just me.  Others mean a lot too.  And we need to make them feel like thy mean a lot.

  • You helped me become a way better person and helped me find a nice group of people to surround myself with.

  • I think this class has taught me it is possible to be proud of yourself without feeling guilty!

  • I have thought more deep about things since our first visit and I have been saved from a lot of arguments that could have been bad.

  • It has taught me how to communicate better.

  • The last four weeks has affected me because all the lessons helped me for all the weeks and when I think of any lesson I get more happy.


  • These classes have made me change the way of looking at myself.  Letting me know that I don’t have to change to be popular and I don’t have to join in on popular, mean attitudes.

  • This class made me think about being the person I want to be.  This class also made me think about not hurting myself to please others.  This class told me to be myself.

  • This class has made me more creative, and made me want to come to school more than I used to.  Also I have made a lot more friends.

  • I took away the fact that some things you just CAN’T rush through.

  • The impact my class has had on me is making me more social.  I am normally way more shy, but this class shows way more respect so I’m less shy.

  • This helped me improve my grades in my other classes.

  • It changed the way I thought about myself. It taught me new ways of life to think in new ways.

  • To be proud of what my picture for my life is.

  • This class made me more self confident.  Thank you so much.

  • It has impacted me to try harder!  Thank you.

  • It has made me a better person.

  • This class has changed me because I used to judge people by the how they dressed.

  • I learned how to smile again.

  • This class made my life change because I became more honest and I learned a lot about how to prepare my future.

  • It helped me with my integrity.  It also taught me to deal with my disabilities. Thank you.

  • This class made me more kind and it made me think about the more positive things more than the negative things I feel.

  • It’s showed me I’m going to be ok even with a lot of bad things going on in my life.  I just try to keep my cool.  Now I know it’s going to be ok.

  • I have learned that being honest is always better. It’s not always about what others think about you.  Thank you. J

  • This class has told me to be confident in myself!

  • It made me think to be nice to people and to think about my picture more.

  • This class has given me the power to look at my future and think about what it should be like.

  • It taught me to not give up.

  • It has made me more stable.

  • It made me more patient.  I learned to control my anger.

  • The past 4 weeks I have felt a lot better when I was going home.

  • I am normally a shy girl no one really notices. When you picked me for a game, I learned a lot from this whole experience.  I have learned how to interact with people.

  • It made me happier inside.  J

  • Build my courage by sharing.  Thank you.  

  • The impact this class has had on me is that no matter what I should not give up on my future goal or picture and try to stay away from the things that can change my picture like drugs and alcohol.

  • It made me see that all of us have hardships and injuries and diseases.  (not just me)

  • This class made me a better person.  I’m so happy your in this class.

  • This helped me check myself and start taking my future more seriously.  Thank you. J

  • I learned about life and how to trust some people.  I also learned to be nice and to not judge people on how they look.

  • Mostly being honest and making me feel like I have a safe place with these classes.

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