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Hellstern Middle School


6th Grade Students:

  • An impact that the Reality Check Program had on me was that it made me realize I am important, I am special, I should do what I believe and what my heart says to be true. Each slide taught me something different, like to be careful with feelings and that I have to do what my heart tells me to do. Not what other people say to do.

  • Made me feel a little better about myself.

  • I felt smarter and more self-confident.

  • It helped me by conducting me on how to walk away from things.

  • It made me feel like there is only one of me and I should try and make that more of an impact and try new things.

  • A pretty good impact. It helped me notice a few things I need to change, but most of it good.

  • It reminded me that if I'm sad or mad or stressed that I can do a lot of things to help me like talking to my parents or teacher and doing something you like to do might help me get my mind off things and calm me down.

  • Made me think about things

  • It should me that you have to be careful about how you are around.

  • It made me understand the Importance of Mental and Physical Awareness, confidence, self-acceptance, Heart / core values Mind locational situational and personal boundaries, and other things like mouth body language and feet.  It also impacted me by showing me to be Determined and Respectful to others Respectful to myself and also have Courage.

  • This has made an impact on me because I learned that I need to set boundaries for myself.

  • It help me learn what emotions we have and how to control them.

  • That love, friendship, confidence are always temporary and I need to set boundaries.

  • Taught me that setting a good goal and having determination can help you work even harder towards that goal. It teaches me how to know the differences in thoughts and feelings. It taught me how to know if I'm in a toxic relationship or not, and how to tell the difference. It teaches me how to know my self worth.

  • It had a pretty good impact because you realize that you only have a limited time with your loved ones and your friends.

  • Taught me my boundaries and to stay in my boundaries.

  • It impacted me on friendships.

  • The Reality Check helped me realize that I need to say "No" more often because I am always scared that people won't like me for me, so I say "Yes" to the things they want to do so that they might like me more.

  • It impacted me by showing me what kind of friends and people I should spend time with. It also showed me why sometimes I get frustrated or nervous when someone is pressuring me to do something I don't want to do.

  • It made me realize that in different situations I will always have a choice to choose from. The one that is gonna lead me to the right thing and the one that is gonna turn me in to the worst of me. But I can always choose between both of them and now I could be a little smart about my decision.

  • It impacted me to know my boundaries and beliefs and to walk away from things that break those boundaries and beliefs.

  • The Reality Check helped me realize that I need to say " No" more often because I am always scared that people won't like me for me, so I say " Yes" to the things they want to do so that they might like me more.

  • The impact it had on me was I learned how to tell if a friendship is bad and how to love myself.

  • The reality check program impacted me by making sure to always love your family. It also impacted me to live life to the fullest.

  • The thing that impacted me the most was what our emotional needs were. It really made me realize what we need to be mentally healthy.

  • It helped me to believe in myself and be myself.

  • It made me realize that I am important and that everyone is unique.

  • It made me realize that I should set boundaries and I should respect others boundaries as well.

  • It had a good impact because it teaches you good things to know in life. Also, it has a very positive lesson and words to think good and encouraging.

  • It helped me realize my boundaries and other peoples boundaries

  • It made realize how to know what feelings I'm feeling.

  • It made me go back and think about how my life is going right now and how i can improve on it in the future.

  • It had a good impact on me, it showed that I'm accepted & just loved.

  • It made realize many things and how to be nice.

  • To know how to set goals for myself, set boundaries, and have healthy friendships and relationships and also my emotional needs.   

  • It helped me see what I can do in difficult situations, and what I can do to get out of them.

  • It reminded me of who I am.

  • The impact the Reality Check had on me was that I should treat everyone with love and acceptance. Even when people are being rude or mean, I should always treat them with kindness and fairness.

  • It made me think about myself and my friends.

  • It helped me realize the characteristics I need for all my relationships and all those things. And now I can tell if a friend is bad or good.

  • The Reality Check program has really made me slow down and think about all of my decisions in life. It helped my think about how my friends treat me and how I treat my friends, and it taught me to believe in myself and reach hard goals.


6th Grade Students:

  • Friends and relationships really helped me I think. I could be a better friend and you helped me.

  • What impacted me the most this week was to be confident when you are standing up for yourself.

  • Setting our goals is what impacted me the most because I have spend all week working on those goals.

  • I learned how to set boundaries without hurting the person. What impacted me the most was how to choose good friends and not the toxic one's. Another thing that impacted me was saying no to something that can hurt your future.

  • These lessons impacted me on making good decisions. It also encourages me to push myself and make more goals. Thank you.

  • I think something that has impacted me was your lesson on boundaries because I don't think I have set my boundaries correctly.

  • Talking about how our actions impact our goals was pretty hard hitting. I knew about most of the things discussed but not all. I am very goal oriented but sometimes I forget that little choices can effect my goals. I am very grateful that you got to come and speak to us.

  • This week I have realized how important your body is and that you should always try to keep it safe.

  • This class impacted me to choose my own choice for my future and it also taught me to speak up for myself and be brave.

  • It build up my self confidence quite a bit.

  • It made me realize I need to think before I say.  And to show indication that I don’t want to do something.  Learning about reality.  Noticing my mistakes.  Appreciating the guest speaker.

  • It showed me that I can stand up for myself and not let people control me.

  • It helped me say no more often.  THANKS.

  • This class has made me feel like I can be strong and bold and stand up to people and tell them NO whenever I don’t want to do what they told me to do.

  • It’s helped me make better decisions for my future like working harder at school.

  • I will never try any type of drug or alcohol.

  • That it changed my life for my health.

  • Not to have sex until marriage and to have a voice.

  • This class impacted me because it made me think before I act like before I do something.

  • The impact this class gave me was I realized that I can always say “no”.  I can make my own choices and stand my own ground.  Thank you!

  • The thing that impacted me most was the 3 ways to stand up to peer now i can stand up to people.

  • An impact I had was to set boundaries and to let people know my values and learning how to say no.

  • My big impact in this class was knowing how to say "Yes No Yes" because some of my friends do drugs even though they're an early age, but i'm gonna try my best to take those advices.

  • This class's impact on me taught me to do things that are healthy. It also taught me to make the choices that would be the best for me.

  • I decided to go back to a 7. I tried drugs and I’m going to stop because I can change.

  • It showed my value because I realized that some of my friends don't know my boundaries. I realized that I need to let go of some of my friends. I learned what type of friends I want.

  • The information I learned that impacted me the most was to start toward a goal. So many times I don't finish the goal because I don't start it.

  • Reality Check helped me set boundaries, use my voice and have good body language. It also helped me know that I am valuable.


7th Grade Students:

  • I have learned things from this class that I believe really opened my eyes to ensuring a safe future.

  • I am going to protect myself from having sex or other things at the wrong time and I am also not going to do alcohol or drugs.

  • I'm glad I got this lesson so I don't do anything stupid in my life.

  • It helped me realize the consequences and dangers that come with sexual activity.

  • I now know how dangerous not being careful can be. And I will be so careful! Thank you!

  • It was a good week learning about this because it lets me know what I need to do better.

  • I feel more confident about saying no.

  • It helped me understand being mature in life and making good choices in life.

  • It Impact me because I never knew all of this and when you were talking about our future it really made me change my mind.

  • It showed that it is okay to wait and that you should wait because then you can share it with someone who you actually love with your heart and soul.

  • It impacted to make better choices in life. To get a goal I want to meet in life.

  • Persuaded me to be safe and wait till I find the right person and only person to have sex with.

  • This week impacted me because now I can make better choices when it comes to sex. I think the STD part helped me make a decision to not have sex until I'm married.

  • The first day when you said that "you are valuble" it hit me. I'm really insecure about myself so that helped me.

  • This week has taught me to not be pressured to do what other want because I get easily pressured. You have also taught me the meaning of love and infatuation and the difference between them.

  • This week has impacted me a lot. When we talked about emotional stuff. Such as, when he said we needed to talk to someone. Someone with anxiety like me needed that.



7th Grade Students:

  • First of all thank you so much for coming.  I have struggled with what is right and what is wrong.  This class helped guide me.

  • This class has made me realize my values and what matters most to me.  It has taught me to be careful with who I’m with and who I share things with.  Thank you so much for this class.  I enjoyed being a part of it and I’ll remember your words for as long as I can.

  • What this class has done for me is like counsel me through some bad moments in my past.  This made me feel better and finally let it go so thank you!!  

  • This class has impacted me because it has shown me the things that can happen mentally and physically and maybe some of us in the class can be a little more mature about everything we learned.

  • It made me look at my sexual intimacy differently and look at how valuable it is.

  • This class has taught me that I need to be aware of what other people want me to do and what I want to do.  I’ve also been taught that I should save myself for when I get married.

  • I always thought I was in love with this boy. But I’m 13, and that rarely happens. I shouldn’t be so quick to say, “I love you” in a 7thgrade relationship.

  • It has taught me how to be responsible with myself, other people, and to know where to set my boundaries if they cross the line for me.

  • Explained unclear things to me.

  • This class made me think about what I say and send on the internet and what the danger is and how much trouble I could get in.

  • I learned not to get pressured to do something I don’t want to do.  Learned about the dangers of sex.  And about how to keep a healthy relationship.

  • This class has affected me by thinking of what exactly I’m doing.  I’ve done some mostly bad things that have affected me and now this class has made me realize that it’s not ok.  Thank you Mr. Pratt.

  • I think this class has really affected my carelessness. I feel like I can go on with life and have a safer perspective of it.  This class showed me how to protect the ones I love most and how to keep them with me.  Now I understand my importance and that I’m worth something.  Thank you.

  • It’s taught me about real life situations and how to act in the real world.  What I think is different in this class is there’s no doubt that we’re going to actually use it in the real world.  I have learned the reasons for love.

  • This class made me think about my future and how my actions affect my life.  Another way this class helped me know that my life is valuable and important.

  • I’m going to not do anything that’s going to put myself in worry or in harm’s way.  And I’m going to talk to my boyfriend about how love really is.

  • It has made me re-thing about some choices, and has made me realize that my sister needs to go to this class.  (Not a joke.)

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