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Kirksey Middle School


6th Grade Students:

  • Reality Check impacted me by being reminded that I need to keep myself safe and not have any pressure on myself, so I will not have sex until I am married.

  • This helped me understand what is safe and what isn't.

  • From Reality Check I learned how to say no. I also learned the boundaries that I can use throughout my life.

  • I now know that the risks of having sex before marriage are dangerous and I will wait for when I'm married and ready for sex.

  • Good, because I feel safe.

  • Reality Check made me more ready for the future than I already was.

  • Reality Check made me evaluate what is a good friend, and needing to set boundaries.

  • It made me realize that life is a lot harder now, and how things like peer pressure and temptation can mess with us and the future.

  • Reality Check made me prepared for my future! It made me stronger and I believe I will make the right choices when I'm older!

  • It helped me learn that sex can wait and if you're held hostage against sex there are other men/women out there. It's your body and you decide what goes.

  • Made me realize how many people have made mistakes and regretted it. It also made me think about people that give in to peer pressure. I learned that a good friend doesn't ask you to do something you don't want to do.

  • To have a strong commitment to never do that bad stuff. Also to learn to say no to stuff that is not healthy!

  • It made me realize that some things that I thought were "kinda bad" could impact my life forever. It also kinda set me straight. It really helped me.

  • Always make the right decisions because you never know what kind of consequences you  might have.

  • The impact it made on me was that it made me feel better about myself and to know that relationships shouldn't be serious but fun with no danger.

  • I had a talk with my mom about this before but thought nothing of it. This helped so much for me to see how important this truly is.

  • What it helped me learn from reality check is peer pressure will always come and go but you always have to keep your head up.

  • I got to interact with my parents, which I probably wouldn’t have done.  With this interaction I got to get an idea of what I could/can do in some of the situations they were in.

  • This reality check helped me with my surroundings and to be more careful with people, social media, and more.

  • It helped me to know what choices to make and that I am valuable.

  • It told me to be a responsible person and the risks of sex.

  • This class changed me by influencing me to be a better person.  This class taught me what is wrong vs. what is right.

  • It inspired me to have a better future.

  • Makes me want to be a good person.

  • This class changed me by to always wait for sex and to always be confident and make the right choices.

  • This changed me.  I didn’t know about this so now I’m going to wait.

  • I learned to control myself.

  • It taught me that it’s okay to say “NO”.  I also learned how to pick my friends and so much more. 

  • How to set boundaries for myself.


6th Grade Students:

  • I feel like this class has made me more aware of the choices I make and should make in the future. Whether it is health related or relationship related. It's made me understand why I should make those choices as well.

  • This class impacted my life in a really positive way. It helped teach me goal setting. It taught me about healthy relationships. Along with that, it taught me many more helpful things. I really enjoyed this class.

  • This class really taught me something. It made me think of the consequences of early sex, relationships, etc. It makes me want to be sure to think twice on my choices and risks.

  • This class impacted me because now I know to set boundaries before I start dating. I also learned not to do anything at an early age because it can have a big impact on your life.

  • The impact that this class had upon me was that it has changed me in to looking towards my future more often. 

  • This class helped me and impacted me in many ways. One way was talking to my parents about stuff.

  • I think learning about all these things has made me realize how careful I need to be when it comes to my future.

  • This class has impacted me by helping me make better choices in my life and my future.

  • This helped me learn how to be safe.

  • It helped me know the difference between right and wrong to keep from making decisions that will ruin my life.

  • It has pushed my view farther than my little bubble and really let me see the world. It has also helped me with future decisions.

  • This class helped my life by helping me with stuff I may be embarrassed to ask. I have now learned so much to protect myself.

  • It'll help me be a better person for the rest of my life.

  • This class has given me a better understanding of why it's important to save yourself and how it can help you emotionally and physically. It'll help my life and future.

  • This impacted me by learning I am my own person and I can make my own decisions.

  • It has helped me a lot with knowledge about how to live a life of no regrets.

  • I'm glad I took this class because I am now aware of healthy and unhealthy relationships. I can be prepared now and do what is best for me.

  • This class showed me the importance of staying accountable in all areas of your life. It showed me how when people don’t choose right, their life doesn’t go that steady.

  • An impact that this class have on me was that I learned how to live a good and healthy and most importantly, a successful life.

  • It made me realize that life has many choices and that you have to choose carefully.

  • This class showed me that staying abstinent could change my life.

  • It made me think of my decisions and I got to talk to my parents.

  • It made me realize that I need to look before I act and I need to wait to grow.

  • This impacted me these days. It made me think about life differently.

  • It changed my life and future.  It changed me.

  • It’s helped me think more about my future and life decisions.

  • It showed me how what you do at a young age can affect you at an older age.

  • That I will make good decisions.

  • I learned about choice making in relationships.  This class taught me to not rush relationships.  I liked this class and hope that I’ll be in this class again.

  • I have learned how to set my boundaries for sex, and other similar things.  It also made me understand the risks of sex before marriage.

  • I learned how to pick the best choices.

  • The impact this class had on me was that I have the right to say no to what I don’t want to do sexually.  And it also taught me that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • The class taught me about healthy relationships and the types of relationships and now I know to make the right choices in my life.

  • I learned about what boundaries I could set and some examples that tell me why I should set boundaries.  I like the class.



6th Grade Students:

  • It impacted because now I can tell my friend not to do anything bad she is not in this school.  She is 16 years old so I will tell her to think about her decisions.

  • It has impacted me because it made me realize the consequences of my decision that I make in the future.  Also it helped because I know what I should and should not do.

  • I learned what an infatuation is and the definition of friends and what I can do to be a better friend, also what safe sex is and to save my sex for marriage..

  • I am glad that I learned that condoms are not 100% safe.  That sex is good and can be bad.  That setting boundaries are a good thing that STD’s and aids are bad.

  • What I learned many things but a healthy relationship impacted me the most.

  • This class has impacted me by showing me how to make the right decisions and help others make the right decisions as well.

  • This class impacted me not to have sex as a teenager and a young adult unless I am married.  Thank you.

  • I didn’t know how serious STD’s were until I learned the side affects and that I could ruin your life.

  • I learned to set goals and make good decisions to achieve those goals.

  • This class had and impact on me to set boundaries in my life.

  • This class helped me know that you should show your parents anything, especially if someone is sextexting you.


6th Grade Students:

  • This class has impacted me because it has showed me the good and bad things in life, and also showed me how to be respectful of my body and how to take care of myself; emotionally, physically, and socially.

  • I have learned to take a stand and not give into peer pressure.

  • I want to keep my future bright and healthy.

  • It has impacted my life in helping me understand the risks. It also helped me realize that I can have a bright future.

  • I learned that having sex is something important.

  • This helped me because now I know what to do when I grow up.

  • I would not of known half of the things that I learned. I could of chose the wrong way to go in life, but now I know how wrong that could be.

  • This lesson helped me by not being worried about having sex at this age.

  • I finally have more reasons to say “no” to sex before marriage.

  • I have learned that in situations like having sex that even though the other person might want to do it that I have the right to say NO!!

  • It is so much better to have sex when you are married then to have sex when you are not. You have values you have to respect about you!

  • I learned how to set boundaries, how to say no, and the effects of having sex if you are not married.

  • This lesson impacted me by showing me the dangers of having sex before a marriage. This showed me that being abstinent is better so you can make your spouse feel good.

  • Reality Check to me is like a guide through life that will help me make good choices.

  • I learn that you should be confident and set boundaries for your body.

  • Abstinence protects you from pregnancy, diseases, and not being able to tell the person you marry, “You’re my first.” I chose to stay abstinent.

  • I learned that I don’t want to have sex until I’m married because if I were to have sex as a teen I wouldn’t want the lady to suffer.

  • Sex isn’t as great as the movies make it seem.

  • I have learned people are going to try to make you do things you don’t want to do. But you have to stand strong.

7th Grade Students:

  • This class taught me that saving your virginity till marriage is serious and important. It helped me understand that my body’s something to take seriously. I realize that guys or at least some of them actually care about the inside.

  • This class taught me about the informational part of sex (STDs, condoms, etc.). It also taught me the premarital sex can cause emotional damage, therefore I will save sex till marriage. I have also learned about setting boundaries.

  • This class taught me to not take my body for granted. I need to save me and my body until I’m married so I don’t have to worry about STDs.

  • It showed me that I need to respect my values/others too. I also learned what wise choices to make in the future/now.

  • It taught me to set boundaries that I could use for certain situations, and that boundaries aren’t an annoyance, but a necessity. They taught us consequences, differences, in love and how relationships are. This has affected me and I might do what he taught later in life.

  • This class had a big impact on my life. It helped show me some things that can happen if you don’t set boundaries. It also help me think about what boundaries I want to make. This will be great help for my life in the future.

  • The impact that this class had on me was that your life is your life and choices come with consequences. Do not have sex until marriage. What is “safe” is not “safe!” Have self-respect. Learn before you do.

  • An impact that this class had on me was to set boundaries and to stay away from diseases, and to go for my future, to be more mature and responsible about what I do.

  • This class taught me that I should value my sex life. I also learned that I should set boundaries. I think you should keep doing it.

  • This class made me think more of my sexual life. It made me think more of the reality having sexual activities can do in my physical and mental life. It also made me think of the risk that could happen. This is very important to discuss with teenagers so they can realize the importance of life.

  • It caused me to think about my values and understand the true value of sex. I also learned about STDs.

  • This class has impacted me by teaching that being mature is the best choice.

  • This class impacted me by telling me what would happen to me if I did stuff like sex. Also, it has taught me to keep boundaries.

  • It taught me how to be more responsible, learn my boundaries, and how to be truly protected.

8th Grade Students:

  • This program has had a good impact on my life because I realize that I want to be something or someone one day and I don’t want to ruin that by making bad choices now.

  • It has helped me paint a picture for my life, and helped me clear up my values in life.

  • It impacted my personal decisions and even though I already highly respect myself, it made me grow even more respect. It also impacted how I see my future being and has encouraged me to try my best to become who I truly want to be in life, along with my behavior/life decisions.

  • Don’t change who you are even if it may be different than everyone else. Hang out with people who have the same life goals as you. When you’re looking at your life look at your future like at the top of the stick not the bottom or you won’t be able to balance your life.

  • This has made a good impact on my life because now I realize how important my values are.

  • That there will be obstacles and you should just conquer them and not change what you want to do because of it.

  • Throughout this short course I have learned to show respect for not only myself but for others. I have learned to use integrity throughout my life.

  • It helped me think about who I am, and what I want to do with my life. It helped me to know the true person I am, and what I should be like in the future. My life is very important and I need to love it.

  • This program has made me realize that who I am is important and I should not change just for other people.

  • I learned how to honor myself as a person. Not just mentally, but physically.

  • It made me realize that I have the power to make my future happen. Just because somebody else does something doesn’t mean you have to do it.

  • I feel like it impacted me by changing my point of view of life and how delicate it is.

  • This program has teached my about not being a follower but being a good leader.

  • Honestly, I really enjoyed the games I learned that everyone looks at things differently and want different things in life. I would use the information of STDs and of self-worth because it seems worth knowing and experiencing well. I have self-worth and I am important just like everyone else.

  • I know the obstacles and you have given me a way to avoid some of them.

  • The games we played were inspiring.

  • Showed me how to have integrity.

  • The games taught me many things like each person is their own individual. Think more about my dream and save my sex for marriage. That you are your own and don’t let people step on you.

  • It made me realize a few things I want for my future.

  • It showed me that I can say no to anyone who tries to take my picture. That not to let anyone to ruin my dream for couple minutes of pleasure. That nothing is 100% protective only in abstinence.

  • It made me view things differently to always make the right choice.

  • Abstinence is VERY important.

  • It made me realize visually what obstacles can do and to avoid them. I will save sex until I get married.

  • Made me realize things I already knew, but wasn’t doing. The importance of saving my sex.

  • It taught me what to look out for. Abstinence and be my own person. Choose my own picture for myself.

  • Staying virgin and staying focused on my goals and ambitions is the best thing I can do.

  • They were very significant to me like they had a lot of meaning. I want to take away all the inspirational speeches. To stay true to myself.

  • The most important thing I learned was to be my own leader, not follower.

  • The games taught me about having a good character and having integrity. I will save myself until marriage by being abstinent. I learned that in order to live my dream, I need to make good choices by who my friends are and by staying abstinent.

  • The games gave me a better idea of respect and how to make better choices. STDs are scary, and this helped my decisions to save my sex.

  • They showed me to have respect for myself and others. To save myself for someone and that it will be hard, but I just need to push on through. To picture the image you want your future to look like.

  • Helped realize many important aspects of life using real examples.

  • They opened my eyes for life. Prepared me for what obstacles I have ahead. I will always work harder than what people set me as. Go beyond and never let anyone take away my dreams and success/hard work. Its better to be abstinent rather than be there and possibly contract or get STDs or sickly. It could effect me and my future.​

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