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  • This weeks lessons have impacted my life by giving me more information about how important we are and we can’t let someone control our life because it’s our life and we are important.

  • This week affected me because I learned that love really isn’t about feelings. I also learned it’s better to ignore what people think about me and focus more on my future.

  • This week had an impact because this talk opened my eyes and made me think more about my future.

  • This impacted me to keep going and don’t let anyone else tell me who I am.

  • This impacted me by making me think about my decisions.

  • This taught me things about decision making and I’m more informed about everything.

  • This impacted me to be smart about what I do and always have boundaries.

  • I learned about doing good things so that I can have a better future.

  • This helped me understand what could happen when you do these things and the bad things STDs do to your body.

  • You’ve taught everyone in the class how things are and you understand what teenagers are actually going through in their daily life.

  • You being here made me feel like I actually need to start thinking about my life seriously and not take everything as a joke.

  • The impact that it gave me is I learned things that I didn’t know.  I didn’t know how bad weed was for you until now.  Now I know to make better choices.

  • It has put me in a mindset to try not to do bad things and learn to be safe.

  • We have to think before we act.  Think about what consequences is my decision going to lead to.

  • I learned new things that taught me a lot of things I never expected to learn which is good.  Now that I learn a lot I wanna be able to change the way I am .

  • There were more things I have discovered to prevent bad things from happening.

  • An impact this class showed is not doing drugs because it hurts your brain.

  • To keep going through life.

  • This class has taught me a lot and some things I didn’t know I know now.  I grew up/am growing up with two alcoholic parents and I don’t want that for my future.  You’re right, your past doesn’t predict your future.


  • Really showing me the risk in life and that I have a life to look forward to and the best part is it’s my decision.

  • This class taught me about a lot of things I never knew about.  I feel more educated, and they made learning fun/memorable.

  • This class has shown me that some of the feelings I have aren’t what I think they are and that sex has many risk, that I should be protective of myself.

  • It’s taught me that I should respect my sex.

  • It has taught me about safety, confidence, and if I need help to try to get it.

  • This class made a huge impact because not only did it help me out for later on by I was taught to be careful and that people really do care about you.

  • This past week the impact it had for me is not to do drugs.  I used to do it in the weekend now I don’t.

  • This class has taught me a whole lot of things in a great way because I learned things that can absolutely help me for the best.

  • I leaned to care more of people’s feelings.

  • It did impact me because I learned many new things that I could think about throughout my life, helping me go toward the good path and having a good life.

  • I learn a lot from this.  I feel like it can help in the future and that it is preparing me/others to take care of our bodies and ourselves.

  • Because of this class I feel stronger. I now have hope knowing that I can walk away from bad situations. I’m now more hopeful and prepared for the future. I now know more effective ways to keep myself safe and healthy. Thank you.

  • Setting boundaries has impacted me because now I know how to set boundaries and say no to my friends but still keep the friendship and not to break my boundaries.

  • After this class I have decided to become a healthier and stronger person.

  • This class has helped me to find the best choice in any decision based on my values and boundaries.

  • Because we have learned about the risks, it has helped in a way to say no and wait.

  • This class has impacted me by teaching me about choices. This new knowledge has impacted me and has helped me make the choice to never view or participate in fights.

  • I set a boundary to not be around people that could put me in a situation where I might be pressured into doing something that could harm me because there are people who follow me.

  • I learned that abstinence is way more important that I thought! This impacted me by encouraging me to save sex for marriage and to not just “give” myself away! Being in a committed relationship only lasts with actions that are pure.

  • I learned to wait and be patient with my life, don’t rush into anything.

  • This class has impacted me to set boundaries and make good decisions for my life.

  • Learning about all of this has let me learn more about stuff I didn’t know about and it impacted my life by shaping my choices in my future.

  • I’ve learned how to better myself, my relationship, my safety, and my choices. I really liked this, it’s really made me grow mentally.

  • Because of this week I have set new boundaries for myself. I will stay away from people that make trouble and stay away from any type of event that involves drugs/alcohol. I now know how important it is to wait. I will build a relationship that has commitment in it and wait till marriage.

  • I have learned that I need to set boundaries for myself and that I need to think before I act because my choices don’t only affect me it also affects other people’s life as well.


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