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Sonora Middle School


  • It changed the way I think and look at things in my daily life and how I can grow in the future.

  • This class helped me know who my real friends are and who are not.

  • This class made me realize my worth and that I matter.

  • It impacted me by showing me it is my body and that I can say no.

  • I've realized that it's okay to say how I feel and to speak up when I'm uncomfortable .

  • It made me realize that I don't have to do something to be cool and I can be more safe.

  • This class shows me that I should think about things and start doing the right thing.

  • Kind of made me feel worth something. I would get texts asking for pics and I would say no, but felt like it was my fault, but now I know it's not.

  • This class impacted me by talking more, being kind, and learning to speak up.

  • Helped keep myself safe.

  • Made me think about the people I hang out with and what I want to do him the future. And thinking about how much choices I should really reflect on.

  • It impacted me to start to make better choices.

  • This experience impacted me to try and become a better friend with  my friends.

  • This helped me to know when it’s the right time and place and person.

  • This program impacted how I feel about sex and to do it safely and at the right time.

  • This week impacted me because I learned stuff that I will use when I’m older.

  • It helped me understand more.


6th Grade:

  • One thing I learned was that if we choose to do something we have to make a decision and make sure that it is your body so nobody can touch it.

  • It really changed the way I thought about my life and about some private things.

  • That I should wait to have sexual activity with a man until marriage and be sure that we both don't have any STD's

  • That if your have sexually abusive u should tell your parents.

  • To not be afraid to say something when people are doing things you don’t want them to.

  • It makes me want to be careful with what I do in my future, and who I hang out with.

  • That it’s okay to say no when you are in a uncomfortable situation.

  • If you feel something is bad don't do it.

  • It made me feel like I could talk to someone and not hold stuff in.

  • Its ok to say No.

  • That you’re in charge of your body.

  • To tell someone when your boyfriend/girlfriend is not respecting you.

  • The impact Reality Check have on me was that it made me feel more secure about myself.  It made me feel valuable!!  And that it is ok to say no.


  • The impact this week for me was if we see doing bad things like drinking alcohol or doing drugs is to help them out and try to let them know that it's bad. And if they are having a bad day let them know they are not alone.

  • Be more careful with pressures. You don't always have to listen. And set boundaries. 

  • The conversation this week made me think more about my actions on drugs. I think it'll make my life worse if I keep going.

  • How much I matter, my worth, and how much my choices could affect what happens in my future.

  • It made me feel like I need to take care of myself.

  • The impact of these lessons helped me realize how important my body is.

  • My impact was to never do drugs and that nobody can tell me what to do.

  • This week helped me realize my self worth. That I'm more than what people say/think about me. I have never felt so amazing. Thank you.

  • This week helped me realize that I am valuable. It made me realize that I should not always tell everyone everything. I have also really been thinking about my future.

  • It helped me set boundaries for myself.

  • An Impact I decided was to make sure I have good friends.

  • It made us learn about how to say no to stuff that we don't want to do and if you make a mistake then learn from it and never do it again.

  • The thing that impacted me was the confidence trick. One of my goals was to be more confident thank you so much.

  • I learned I have the right to say no and that I have a voice.

  • All of the things you talked about really helped me, and I needed to hear.  Now I know that I can make lots of good decisions.

  • It is okay to say no, how to say no with courage.

  • This week has taught me/helped me by getting people to respect me and to respect my self.

  • I now know that I should have sex after marriage and only with 1 person.

  • This class made me think more about my actions before just doing them and getting more bad things than good things.

  • I will stop doing adult things like drinking.

  • It showed me that I can still make better choices and how to show others how to make better choices.

  • They made me think about my actions in the future and even right now and to think and choose wisely on what I'm going to do in my life and what my choices are going to be.

  • It impacted me because it taught me to take it slowly in a relationship. Also, it helped me by not using social media and not trusting people you don't know. Last but not least, it helped me learn about STD's and other bad things about sex. This is why it impacted me.

  • This impacted me by helping me realize how important my choices are and the effects on myself and others.

  • I don't have to do what other people do and I make my decisions to do good things. Treat people with respect.

  • It made me think about my future more and made me realize how important my decisions are.

  • This will make an impact in my life because if I plan to do something that's not right, I'll remember that there are gonna be some hard things I'm gonna go through. And be smart. Doing something wrong and and being sexually active can cause bad things in my body.

  • It helped me by making me think about stuff. Making me think about relationships and how I need to show body language when I don't want to do something.

  • This made me think that I do matter and I need to make smart choices.

  • This affected me by letting me know I have a say in what I do and I don't have to listen to what others say about my choices.

  • Reality Check makes me think TWICE about my decisions, and reminds me how much I am worth and makes me know I didn't lose any value even after I make mistakes! Thank you

  • It impacted me by showing how my future is important and how I am also really important in other ways. Also to have discipline and responsibility for making right choices. To take care of the important people in my life.


6th Grade Students: 

  • It made me realize life isn't going to be perfect, but we have to choose for it to be the best we can.

  • It's not easy making choices but you can always choose your choices and if you've done a bad choice you can anytime change.

  • One impact was when you told us to choose our paths I Changed myself from skipping classes and now I just go to class.

  • One thing that impacted me this week was to protect my core values no matter what.

  • Reality Check helped me realize what was the good and what was the bad. Helped me realize that I can forget about the past and focus on the future.

  • I learned how to make better friends who respect me and I learned how to be a better friend myself. I learned how to respect my friends and they respect me.

  • Something that helped me was to look more confident because I get bullied a lot and it is probably because I don't look confident.

  • The impact that I learned in this class was to be confident and to not make choices for my friends.

  • This class helped me become confident even though I am scared.

  • It helped me realize how many bad decisions I could have done. It showed me I should always make the right decisions and set my boundaries.

  • Reality Check has helped me think of what good I can do and I learned what can help me think of doing in the future.

  • It let me know who to avoid and who I shouldn't hang out with.

7th Grade Students:

  • This was important because this will help me make smarter choices.

  • This talk made me think better of my decisions, and I will think before I act. My future will be good and safe. Thank you so much!

  • This affected me because it taught me to stand up to pressure and make the right decision.

  • This will help me in the future because I am now more aware and cautious. I also plan to make good/better choices for myself.

  • The impact this class had on me is to think more about the cause and effect in life and my future.

  • I think the impact this class has given me is to be more careful on social media.

  • It showed me that I can stand up for myself and how I should never drink or drugs because of the possibilities.

  • This helped me know things I didn't know. It can help me be aware of things I will do in the future. It also helped answer questions I had.

  • These lessons have taught me many things on how to be safe with my body and how to be safe around people.

  • The impact of this lessons shows me that my body is mine and I can have the courage to say no. And let my actions show that I mean it.

  • These lessons taught me what not to do and what I really should do. This whole week helped me with many things! Thank you!

  • I am going to listen to everything because I thought it was important.

  • It helped me to take good care of myself.

  • It affected me because I had lost self respect but now I know I can control myself.

  • This made me feel more confident about my decisions.

  • This will help me make better choices in the future.

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