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  • The impact on me was to not give away my body.

  • When talking about teen pregnancy….I made a mistake and did what I shouldn’t have done.  But listening to you changed my life.  Thank you!

  • It impacted me to know my worth towards myself and taught me I can have limits.

  • What impacted me was self-directed choices to keep me safe and good outside of school.

  • It helped me see the impact of making bad choices that used to seem not so bad.

  • It made me realize that not everything is fun and games and that there are many risks that come with making big decisions.

  • A reminder that everyone has value and people need to respect it.

  • Opened my perspective on how to deal with peer pressure and how to think and feel on certain things.

  • You really opened my eye about how everything I’m working for now affects my future!

  • You have helped me so much by telling me about life.


  • It has made me realize that what I do now as a teenager will affect not only my future but other peoples future.

  • Now I know that what I do right now affects my Future.

  • What impacted me was that we don’t have to feel pressured on things like having sex if we don’t want to and can plan it until marriage.

  • The thing that impacted me the most is todays lesson about love and infatuation. Also the risk and consequences that can occur with sex.

  • The thing that impacted me the most was the risks and physical consequences that can actually happen to people who are sexually active.

  • Something that impacted me the most is being careful who you have sex with and how many people you have it with because not everything is always safe.

  • Because of this class I’ve learned how to be more safe. This has influenced my decisions in the future by a lot.

  • The topic that impacted me most was the STDs because it makes me think about being safe when I get married and start having sex.

  • To be more cautious and stay safe. I am glad I came to this class and to know more about this.

  • This class has impacted me in such a great way. Like the logo, it really did give me a reality check. I feel like this has and will better prepare me for my future. This has taught me to make better decisions in life.

  • This class has impacted me by knowing who to give my trust to and who deserves to be trusted. Being able to know what to be aware of STD’s. About my friendships and about boundaries.

  • This class has informed me of a lot this week. I have learned about my emotions and how they can impact my decisions and consequences. I also have a better grasp of sex and pressures in my life.

  • This class has affected me to see how the things learned here can help you in real life. It has also helped me learn the differences between true love and false love. This class has also helped me by showing me how to protect myself. Thank you.

  • This class has impacted me by teaching me about being a better person while staying true to myself and my values.

  • It made me stop and think like is what I’m doing really what I want?

  • This class has made me be more cautious in the way I act. I haven’t done anything yet, but I haven’t set boundaries which are important in any relationship.

  • It’s changed my mind about who to trust and let in to my life, and how to evaluate relationships.

  • This class has taught me to look deeper into my relationship, and what I need to do within that relationship to keep my life on the right track.

  • This class has made me think for more of myself and change my ways. Its helped me make boundaries for myself.

  • It taught me life choices and decisions for the future. It taught me to never give up and don’t let people bring me down.

  • This class teached me how to be responsible. It taught me A LOT of new things, and explained the reasons and consequences I asked to myself. Now I know that a lot of teens think that sex isn’t a big deal but it is.

  • This class helped me to understand that one has to consider their priorities before becoming sexually active. One has to stay true to their values in order to live a fulfilling life.

  • It made me realize that I need to start being more mature.

  • It’s helped me learn more about speaking up for myself.

  • Taught me lessons and how my choices will effect me. Made me think wiser and smarter about my future and how I control my life.

  • This class made me realize that taking care of your body is very important and it also taught me so many causes that can happen when doing something with sexual activities.


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