Springdale High School


  • What impacted me was the talk about teen pregnancy. The talk about STD made me realize how dangerous it is to fool around with anyone just because.

  • I loved all the lessons you taught. Especially the sex talk and to think a lot of ahead of yourself before making a decision. Marijuana / drug use because I have close people who I love who are doing weed.

  • I just want to say thank you for being honest no matter what we were talking about.

  • I think the alcohol and drugs have helped me the most because right now my two closest friends are just drinking and doing drugs all the time now. So this helps to keep me away more.

  • The information about relationships has helped me the most because I know now that if I feel forced to do something then I should leave.

  • What impacted me is when you talked about weed because my brother would act the exact way you said and it made me think.

  • This class impacted me in a big way I am not going to do drugs because its hurts your brain connections and I am goin two think more about what kind of people I want in my life.

  • Learning about your feelings showed me that you control your own.

  • I learned to take it easy when you are dating.

  • What impacted me the most was how bad alcohol and drug influence can affect the commutation in the brain.

  • Goals/barriers was the most impactful to me because it showed me to stay focused on my goals. It showed me that many things may get in the way.

  • The thing got me is the love part you said don't rush love really got me.

  • The information that hit me the most was the STD's, condoms section because I didn't know all of that stuff until now. Thank you for the information.


  • I wish I would have had this class since junior high. As a senior it has allowed me to understand mistakes and given me the tools to fix in the future.  It was awesome, and very informative.  Thankful for the time you spent with us.

  • It really opened my mind a bit.  Seeing how many things you’ve said I have seen in my life, with others or myself.  I’ve learned many more things this week than I would in most classes.

  • I tend to be an angry person, but this class has helped me step back and realize that I could do better with myself.  I’ve realized that I don’t need to treat people like I was treated in my early years.

  • It has shown me that there are groups (and adults) that care about me and other teens.  It has convinced me to continue through with the academic programs I am in.

  • Great things that will be enough for me to not make stupid decisions.  Especially the part about relationships and how to take care of myself and how to take each step toward the future where I can have my own family.  Thank you for visiting/teaching us!

  • It made me feel like my life was more valuable. It made me realize that I can live on from the past.  It made me realize I have hope for my future.  I am so thankful for you coming here to talk to us.  Thank you!!

  • I’ve decided to take life more seriously and stop doing stupid things and making stupid decisions.

  • It made me think about how I should respond to certain things.  Not stay silent, speak up.  Shows me examples how to take care of my thoughts.

  • I learned about how sexual activity is far less important than what I thought.  All my relationships with the opposite gender relied on sex.  It was a blindfold to what was most important.

  • Honestly, it has had a huge impact.  You taught me that it is easy to make mistakes, but you shouldn’t dwell on it cause we have a long future ahead of us to learn from it. I haven’t had the brightest past. I went from trusting my bio family (parents) to trusting no one.   My dad did drugs.  It hurt me. But I learned that it’s not my fault and it doesn’t have to get in the way of my happiness.  Thank you!!

  • I’ve been struggling with the past and with relationships and just hearing the motivational words and what to do and not do has cleared up some of my confusion.  I needed to know my choices are up to me.

  • It’s certainly made me think of situations, people, and other things in different ways.  Really an eye-opener.  Most of the things you said really got to me and is what I’m still trying to communicate to other people today.

  • This class made me learn everything I didn’t know about so it was worth not missing a day of school because you learn everything new!

  • Taught me the importance of letting people in my circle that didn’t deserve a spot.  This world is cruel and full of hate and now everything you’ve explained to me this week gave me a much better understanding and I thank you.

  • It has opened my mind A LOT and shown me what I’ve been doing wrong.  I am very grateful for you coming here and sharing this with us this past week, you are changing lives.

  • It’s made me cry and realize there’s plenty to live for and how I should learn to continue with life.  It’s given me a new look at life and I’m very thankful.

  • It informed me on how things like sex or drugs can affect me and how important it is to look at the future and plan the life I truly want and look forward to. Thank you for coming and teaching us!

  • These lessons did impact me. It showed me that I should be careful of the choices I make because it can affect those around me and myself.

  • I have taken in to consideration more about the social choices I make. I am also more cautious about the sexual decisions I make. and their impact. I also learned the impact that can follow acting without thinking.

  • I want to go ahead and begin by thanking Reality Check! I suffer from certain issues that just keep me feeling worthless... Just to hear that I matter and that I have a purpose had me fighting back tears. Nobody has talked to me like this besides my mom! Thank you for all you do. I won't ever give up on my dreams.

  • You've definitely helped me figure some things out. I realized I haven't really been setting boundaries for myself. I'm gonna try to work harder because when you said "it's never too late to start making good choices" I felt that. And I loved you teaching us. I'm gonna miss you!!! Thank you for making me see some stuff.

  • This week I have learned so much about the hard topics of being a teenager and I really enjoyed the way you taught me about it. You impacted me and made me realize that there is so much better for me than what I have so far and I can do better.

  • This week has informed me very much about STD's. I have always wanted to wait until marriage to have sex but this really made me re-establish that personal choice within myself. Also, I can inform people I am friends with that weed is very damaging to the brain, because sometimes they say it's not bad since it's "non-addicting". I also know I will be able to safely educate my children or nephews/nieces in the future.