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Scranton High School


7th Grade:

  • I learned a lot.  It’s really helpful because it taught me about life and how to make decisions.  Now I know that I CAN SAY NO.

  • It has taught me more about how to make good choices in the future and how to protect my friends and family.  It helped me understand who my friends are.  Thank you!!

  • Now I want to wait until marriage.

  • It impacted me by having good choices.  It makes me feel like I have a choice in life.  I will really miss this class.

  • I learned about the impacts of sex and drugs and I think more cautiously now.

  • I learned to not take a chance and have sex.  That impacted me because I only want to do it when I’m with the love of my life and when I’m ready for that responsibility.

  • It has made me think about how I want to live my life later on.


9th Grade:

  • It’s impacted me in a way that made me smarter.  I know what to do in situations that I didn’t know before.  I learned about what’s easy and what’s the “right decision”.  I should be able to use this now and make life better.

  • It helped me learn how to not do something just because some tries to pressure me into doing it.

  • I can now set boundaries in my life and make it better.

  • It’s made me think about risk and it showed me that I have a lot of choices I can make and not feel guilt tripped.

  • This week will help me make better choices.

  • It has helped me realize what to expect as I am growing up and how to have a healthy relationship.

  • Some things that I’ve felt in the past – I’m realizing why I felt what I did.  It started to make more sense.

  • It taught me what values are important and that I have value.


 11th Grade:

  • It’s made me think about al the bad things in my life.  I have made some choices I’m not proud of, but I can change that.

  • This class has taught me how to view myself and others.  It also taught me how to view sex as more than just a good time and realize the emotional impact.

  • I learned that I should be around the people I want to grow with and grow into those relationships.  I should be more focused on building myself.

  • The choices I make now are up to me and affect my future and those around me.

  • The way this class impacted me was realizing how much I really didn’t know.  Before this class I didn’t think that porn was bad.  Now I know that if I don’t stop, it may happen to me.  Thank you for opening my eyes.

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