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  • This week I have learned how to not only respect myself, but respect others. I know that it's okay to be who I am without the feeling of judgement or regret. I know that I can change for the better and it's not too late.

  • The impact was on my own value. Listening to you throughout the week constantly talking about worth and telling us how it's never too late to turn around and make better choices, gave me hope.

  • It inspired me to better myself and to continue making choices which will better my future.

  • The impact is that I'm now more comfortable with growing up. I didn't want to move on from school and this comfort, but now I know I'll be fine.

  • Opened my eyes to my fullest potential. I have been stuck in a procrastination rut, and I'm excited to work hard and be my best self in life.

  • You instilled the confidence and knowledge I have lost from hurt so long ago. You have impacted me to keep going and know and love who I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • It makes me desire good decisions and makes me less likely to do the unsmart decisions we talked about now that I know the full risks.

  • I feel like it made me realize how other people should treat me. I feel like things need to change with my relationships.

  • This impacted me by being more aware of my life decisions and how I should consider my life important and that I matter.

  • This program has reinforced self-image, positivity, sticking to your morals, and think before you act. I've appreciated hearing all of this information. It's educated, inspired, and motivated me. Thank you.

  • I appreciate the reassurance of self love and not comparing yourself to others. Thank you for the wonderful talk. My father struggles with alcohol and cigarette addiction. Maybe I can help him someday.

  • I got to understand better and realize so many things. It's made me focus more on my future and setting goals and plans.

  • I really wish I would have taken this class sooner. 2 or 3 years ago I would have needed this but I've learned my lessons now. I'm glad it's not too late and this gave me reassurance.

  • This has been an eye opener! Loved the activities. And I will definitely stay 100% safe! I'm in a good place and this week you inspired me to keep it up!

  • You helped me realize the many dangers in certain things I've never really thought about and helped me learn about myself. I want to change in a good way. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed having you here. I'll miss you.

  • It helped me a lot in understanding about these things more. I've made pretty poor decisions regarding some of these things and I've thought about these things a lot and I think it will help me in making smarter decisions.

  • This week impacted me very positively. It's made me want to be a better person and make better choices. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.

  • This week has taught me a lot I probably would have never known. Huge thanks to you for teaching us these things. It has changed some ways I think.

  • Don't allow people now, who don't care about your future, affect your future! You are worth the love and care.

  • The impact was giving me information about choices and how they affect you. And how being you and not going with the crowd is more beneficial then you may realize. And knowing your self worth and value will push you farther than you ever thought possible.

  • This helped me realize that it is not too late for change and that I can choose my own path. It also taught me about STDs, which is not a topic I was open to talking about with anyone. But it is an important topic to talk about.

  • Thank you. I haven't been making the best choices in life lately. I've been making decisions that I didn't realize could affect me like they do. I have been needing to figure myself out and you helped me with that.

  • I think the impact this week has had on me is its opened my eyes. It helped me realize there is a lot more in front of me than just high school and what I"m going through now. I found it very helpful and informative.

  • Day 4 (relationships) really helped me realize the type of people I have been around. I really need to start focusing on how they affect my goals. Thank you.

  • This made me realize the consequences of bad life decisions and made me realize that this time in my life is only a small part of a big life.

  • I am the only person who can truly control my life and influences. I make my own decisions and am my own person.

  • Made me realize that I have a lot of self work to work on and I need to respect myself.

  • It's not ok right now to do stuff that is not good for you. My body is still developing and I need to stay away from sex, drugs and stuff that causes bodily harm. Respect myself for who and what I am.

  • This gives me more of a reason to stick to my morals and to make smart decisions.

  • It made me look at myself better and my life better.

  • I've learned that even little things that you think won't impact you can make a big effect on your life. You should think before you do something.

  • This week was truly a week where I learned lots of new information and it gave me a new perspective and is going to make me reevaluate my life.

  • I have underage drank and smoked before. This made me stay away from it for good.

  • It made me realize that what I'm doing now can affect me later on and that high school is a sliver of my life and I should make good decisions.

  • It made me realize how important being kind to myself is. It's just as important as being kind to others.


  • This class has made me take a look at some choices I’ve made and how I act in some situations.

  • You taught me what love really meant and you have taught me how to be focused on my goals and achievements.

  • Every person should hear about these lessons because they make you think about how you’ve been living your life.

  • It made me realize that fitting in is not about other people. Fitting in is staying in your own boundaries.

  • We talked about how to appreciate yourself, have an opinion and stick with it even though another person might want you to change it.

  • Thursday’s lesson on unhealthy relationships with the people around me had an impact. This would’ve been information better told to me 2 years ago, but it’s good knowledge to pass on to others around me.

  • The most helpful information to me would be that I shouldn’t care about people’s opinions in a way that it could steer me away from what I want.

  • What impacted me the most is when she was talking about what we want and that it doesn’t matter if people make fun of you. And she made me see that we are all important and worth it.

  • All the information this week was really helpful, but the last little bit where you talked about how we are worth more than other people’s opinions of us was really impactful because I struggle with depression.

  • I learned a lot. Thank you for caring about us enough to inform us of these things. It definitely influences my decisions.

  • I really took a lot out of this week. I liked how we talked about relationships because it cleared up a lot of things for me.

  • I learned a lot about being more self- aware and more cautious.

  • The most important thing I learned is how big my inner circle is and I should be cautious of who I let in my inner circle.

  • Knowing the effects of drugs on my brain and life. I will not and have not ever done drugs.

  • I think the information was helpful. This week long seminar may have turned people’s lives around.

  • This week this class has taught me a lot of new information I didn’t even know, or bother to think about. This has been helpful.

  • I learned about how my choices affect my future.

  • Goals and barriers was a good way to start because it kept me interested and made me start thinking about my own goals and barriers.

  • I learned a lot about STD’s, the brain, and also social media. I know the right choices to make and I know how to avoid negativity.

  • It helped me realize I am worth something.

  • Something that impacted me was about making decisions. Because it’s going to help me in the future by making the right decisions in life.

  • The lessons on making decisions made me think more on my own decisions.

  • A lot of the relationship stuff you said about being controlling and stuff made me realize a lot of things. You were amazing!

  • I learned I need to be more careful on how close I let some people get to me.

  • Thank you for coming and talking to us. I’ve learned a lot. The thing that impacted me the most is how you explained everything. You made me open my eyes and realize all this stuff is really important.

  • I learned a lot about relationships and how to keep a healthy one.

  • It helped me knowing how important the brain is.

  • It helped me a lot to know the difference between love and infatuation. This will help me the rest of my life.

  • It taught me to open up my eyes to my surroundings and be careful who you surround yourself with.

  • I definitely feel more informed on all kinds of topics. She spoke well and I wasn’t ever really bored. Thank you!

  • Everything you talked about was important. I was not aware of anything we talked about. So thank you!!!

  • Everything that was said helped me realize things that will help me now and in my future and I am thankful for this.

  • Listening to you I realized that I wasn’t being the best boyfriend and I realized that I need to grow up.

  • The thing that really impacted me the most was how you discussed how relationships affect you as a person. I went through many relationships like that and you helped me comprehend that.

  • We learned that we are worth more than what people say.

  • Talking about my goals and what my future might look like impacted me the most.

  • Setting goals and knowing that it is good to set boundaries. It was good to find out good things to go by in life.



  • I got out of a relationship where a guy just wanted sex and I’ve been having family problems. This has opened up my eyes and helped me feel so much better about myself. I’ve learned so much and I plan on using my knowledge to avoid another bad relationship. Thank you for making me feel more like a person and feel more stronger.

  • This week I have learned so much. I feel like I’m going to make way better decisions now because of the teachings. It has made me change my mind some ways in not doing drugs and sexual activity. I feel blessed.

  • Being in this class has made me realize how much my decisions affect my future. It’s helped me decide the certain boundaries I need to make to help me reach my goals in my life.

  • I learned about how people need to gain my trust so they can be closer to me and it’s not an automatic thing.

  • It has showed/giving me a new way to look at life like I’m able to be who I want and to still keep myself safe and confident.

  • This class showed me many ways to keep myself safe and that people make you think they are cause they just want to use you/get what they want out of you.

  • I learned how to be safe and still have fun and because of this I know that I will go far in life and become successful. You don’t need certain people in your life that are pressuring you to do bad choices and I leaned this as well.

  • Going through this program has revitalized me greatly in a manner in which I have never felt, gaining power through this knowledge and learning not only how to protect myself but I have acquired the knowledge to be able to help and assist others in a way I could not before.

  • This class has impacted me by learning about social media. What I put out there isn’t gone forever just because I deleted it. This Reality Check has helped me realize that I need to think more before sending. Thank you.

  • This class has hemmed up any little skip of doubt I had about drugs and alcohol. I know I will not use them. I pledge to be a healthier human being and strive for my goals. I will wait to have sex until I am married. I feel it is the safest way to go. No matter who doesn’t like it.

  • Because I have learned about the intimate circle, I will regard and be more careful about who I let in my circles.

  • This class has impacted my life because it’s taught that it’s okay to say “no” and it’s also okay to make mistakes but never too late to change or better my life.

  • I learned about things that are valuable to know, but aren’t necessarily taught in school or by parents. I think every teenager needs to learn about choices and boundaries and the consequences you can face.


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