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Crossroads Middle School

  • It impacted me because it made me change from bad choices to good and I realized that things will change.

  • It made me change my point of view on what I wanted to be.  It helped me understand that not all things in life are a piece of pie.  Also you don’t need to change your picture for someone.

  • It got me to start thinking about it a lot and start to think about my future.  And even though there are things to stop you, you still have to keep going.

  • I learned that to make my own choices, not to always listen to other people, and put goals and make a picture for myself.

  • It impacted me by looking at life differently.

  • It taught me more about my future and how to think when we pursue it.

  • Made me realize there are many things I can do to reach my goal.

  • It helped me realize if I keep going on the same path it’s not going to get me anywhere.

  • To think a lot more about life and don’t just follow the bad friends with bad influence.

  • I learned to not trust everyone.  It influenced me to watch my back.  It also showed me ways to get through obstacles.

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