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Decatur Middle School

  • The days I have been in this class, I learned some things. These things inspired me to set boundaries and talk to my boyfriend. I promised myself not to have sex, and now I have to tell him and make sure he understands. If he doesn’t, then he is not the person for me.

  • I have chosen to be abstance and not have sex until I am married because I know the dangers now.

  • This class made me feel great it changed my decision a lot. It made me feel confident.

  • Reality Check has made a big impact on me because now I know more about STD’s, truth, relationships, friendships, and more it made me feel a little better and makes me want to be safer.

  • What impacted me the most was how much saving my sex till marriage mean to me now. Thank you.

  • Reality Check over the past week has helped me realized that there are many dangerous things that I could do to my body or someone else could do.

  • It made me feel good. Also made me think before I act.

  • It has given me knowledge of things to set goals for.

  • You guys showed me how to be more respectful to teachers and how to set my goals.

  • Reality Check helped me see the real truth and I want my future to follow my dreams go to collage and I choose not to have sex until I am married. Thank you for helping me see the truth and reality.

  • Reality Check has helped and impacted me a lot. To be honest I didn’t really care about all the STD’s that could happen. But since you came to tell us these things I’ve learned that it is serious and I need to be careful. I want to learn to control my sexual feelings and emointal.

  • I learned that I can say “no” in the most difficult times.

  • It help me think about things that I want to do in the future. Helped me think about choices that I don’t want to make in the future.

  • Reality Check impacted my life by teaching me to make the right decisions and not to be sexually active to avoid STD’s.

  • Reality Check will help me choose decisions for my future. It will help me how to say no.

  • This class had a impact on me by thinking before I make a bad choice. And messing up my life.

  • It impact me a lot because it changed my life because I know all the stuff. I know not to have sex till I am married. I will try to make all the right decisions.

  • It made me not want to have sex, until I get married. Cus I don’t want to end up with a child at such a young age. Also, I don’t want to get a disease or anything. Thank you Reality Check! (:

  • Reality Check has really opened my eyes, and showed me reality. Like what thing in this world can do to you, good or bad. I’m thankful Reality Check has came to Decatur.

  • This class did a really big impact in me because now I know a lot of things I did not know and I did not want to ask because I was scared they would make fun of me. I will try my best to be a better kid. I am so glad that reality check came because now I have learned a lot of things.

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