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Elmwood Middle School


6th Grade:

  • The reality check program gave me sexual words of wisdom and helped me identify the risks and choices that could later effect my life.

  • I learned that I should say no to things that I don't want to do. What a real friend is and how to avoid STD's.

  • One thing that I really thought I needed to learn was how to say no and also how I need to stand up for myself when no one is there to help.

  • It taught me how to be abstinent until marriage. It also taught me the dangers of teen pregnancy and alcohol use.

  • Reality Check taught me to be careful. Always make the appropriate choices and to stay away from sex for awhile. Dangers can occur without you knowing.

  • The Impact reality check had on me was to always make the best choices. When you do the wrong thing it can change your life.

  • The Reality check program impacted me by helping me understand better. Learning how to say no, and that alcohol is bad for you.

  • I am now more aware about choosing the best way. I feel more aware of what is right and wrong.

  • What I learned in the Reality Check program: I learned that if someone peer pressures me and I know it is wrong I should say no. I also learned that if you drink a lot do not drive. Last but no least is to choose having the right friends.

  • The reality check program was gross at times and not at others. It taught me a lot of helpful things I needed to know. It taught me what to do and what not to do. There were some uncomfortable topics to learn about but they were necessary. The reality check program really made and impact on me.

  • A impact that the reality book had on me was what qualities of a friend should have and what I need as well.



  • This class has helped me learn so much, set so many boundaries and realize that my self-confidence is important.  I also learned how to say no kindly.

  • I learned that we can’t let other people manipulate us and also my body is mine and I can say no whenever I want.

  • I’m glad I learned about all of this and what to do in situations where I’m uncomfortable or scared.  Without this class I feel like I would have made some bad decisions which could put me in danger later in life.

  • This class taught me to value myself and to stay smart about serious topics

  • This class has taught me a lot that will help me today and my future.  I will focus on my studies and my future.

  • Reality Check has made a big impact on me because now I know about sexually transmitted diseases by being sexually active before marriage.  Also, it helped me be more confident in myself and say no when I don’t want to do something.

  • This class helped me because I started to realize that it is good to say “no” and to have good core values.

  • Thank you for teaching me this because my 4 older brothers are trying their best for something and then I will teach my little brother.

  • The impact that this class gave me is that I can set my boundaries and make my choices.

  • This class helped me to be more confident.

  • I didn’t know much of any of this but now I know I’m safer!  Thank you.

  • This class helped me so much with social media.  Other things too.  Thanks for teaching me all things.  I’ll remember to say NO!

  • This class taught me to be strong and to choose what’s right over what’s popular.


  • I learned a lot but in a different way that I’ve ever heard it before.  I now know of more consequences from my actions.  After this week I understand more about how to keep myself out of unsafe situations.

  • Being in this class changed the way I look at things.  It really made me think about the decisions I will be forced to make.  It showed me what kind of person I would like to be.  Overall this class has made me want to be a better person and I am thankful for it.

  • It opened my eyes to a world that I hardly understood.

  • This class impacted me a lot.  It changed my mind on doing sexual things with my boyfriend.  I learned to tell him no and mot feel bad about it.  I learned that I have the power to be who I want to be when I am 5.  I have the power to control what apps I have.  Thank you so much for informing with all these facts.

  • This class impacted me because I was struggling with setting boundaries but now I know what I need to do.

  • This class impacted me by making me change my mind how I see things.  I learn things that I didn’t know before and it kinda made me realize of how some people in my life shouldn’t around them, but it also made me see how some of my friends make me make a good choices in my life.

  • This made me change the way I act towards other people and myself.  My bad habits are gone because I started thinking deeper into who I’m going to be when I grow up.  I also want to thank you for the lesson, and I hope you could keep up the good work!

  • This class taught me so many things that I didn’t understand what I’ve learned will definitely help me in getting where  I want to be in the future My parents always give me VERY good advice, but I think I learned things I wouldn’t have heard anywhere else!  Thank you!!

  • It impacted me by showing me the consequences of sex, pressures, etc.  I have chosen to change a little bit.  Not that I have done any thin g sexual (I haven’t) but to change the relationships, goals, and the people I talk to on or off my phone.

  • It showed me how to make better life choices on who to hang out with and who to talk to.  Just overall helped me be a better person and consider to change a couple of things in my life to make it better.  You helped me think straight and helped me see that if I improve my life it will get better.

  • These five days it changed me to set boundaries in life, and to focus on who I want to be when I’m 35.  And to also be a better person and to not do things that make me feel uncomfortable.  Thank you.

  • This class impacted me to realize who I am with can be a problem.  Separate myself from social media and people that I don’t even really trust.  You made me think that if I want a good future I need to look at the decisions I am making today!!

  • Reality Check, Inc. has made me so thankful for the family I have.  I go home knowing I have nothing to worry about.  Now I can explain why I don’t do something to people.  I am freaking awesome!!

  • This class made a HUGE impact on me because I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to me on social media.  Also It changed the way I feel positive about myself.  I now understand you don’t have to be like everybody else because they can make you change without you noticing what is going on.  Thank you.

  • Being in Health isn’t easy nor is it enjoyable all the time.  There are parts of health that can be uncomfortable to us.  However, being in health has taught me something no other class in my life has: Who I am and who I can become  Health gives me a blueprint of who I truly am deep inside and a road map to any choice I make for my future.

  • This class provided me with more information so I can make smarter decisions and in some cases better decisions.

  • This week impacted me in a lot of ways.  First is I don’t know if I want to get snapchat now because of what you said about it.

  • It has impacted me because it has taught me correct ways to be respectful and the correct way to go into life and to live a good life.

  • It has impacted my whole life and how I look at things in life.  It has made me want to do better for myself.  Also has impacted how I look at others and how to respect them.

  • This class impacted me a lot because it helped me want to set more boundaries and make better decisions.  And help me learn and understand that making better decisions will be better so I can make it to 35 doing the things I want.

  • It made me realize what social media can do. 

  • It opened my eyes.  I learned a lot and know more.  It was a great experience for learning while at the same time funny and interesting.  It is good to know these things.

  • I am excited and know I’ve been making the right decisions in my life and I know I need to keep it up. 

  • I finally understood why I have feelings for a boy that treats me very badly (oxytocin) and I think I can finally stand up for myself thank you.

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