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Faith - Based Curriculum

Reality Check is a community-based organization that has provided training and/or programming for faith-based organizations that have served around the world.


Building Your Life for the Future (Spanish)
This is a ten (10) hour program for Spanish speaking students. It’s taught in five (5) day, two (2) hour segments. It is followed up by a weekly mentoring program that meets weekly for one (1) hour for a 15 week period.


Parent Night
This gives the parents information regarding Reality Check, Inc. programs, helpful parenting tips, and how to talk to their kids about sensitive subjects.


2-Hour Seminars
A seminar for businesses, churches, and communities containing 2-hours of the most medically accurate and up-to-date information available. Also available is a version for teens & parents, Power of Purity, that consists of age-appropriate information.


Faith Based X-Factor
A five (5) lesson program that provides “Games with a Purpose” based on Scriptural principles. It focuses on five (5) key areas: Boundary Setting, Self-Control and Respect, Risk Avoidance, Self-Discipline, and Power of Sexual Integrity.



Paddling Up Stream (Faith Based)
Available for purchase, training, and curriculum.


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