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  • This class has changed the way I will look at most things.  The past few weeks have definitely changed my train of thought in a positive way and has me wanting to know more or even let others know.  Thank you!

  • Better perspective and outlook.  This class gives hope for a better future!

  • This class has impacted me by reassuring me that the choices I am making in my life are okay, despite the pressures from my peers who say otherwise and continue to do questionable activities.  It feels good to be told that I am doing the right thing in a world where so many people are not.

  • This class has impacted me on my life choices.  How I can shape up my life and not get sucked in to where I don’t need to be.

  • This class has made me think about what my personal values in life are or going to be.  It’s given me the knowledge and the tools I need to protect myself in certain ways so that I can have the life I want.

  • This class has taught me how to better handle the people in my life.  It’s taught me to take the time to understand their character.

  • It has had a good impact on me.  You helped me to see that I have a choice.  You taught me about the risks and reward about sex.  Thank you so much for all you taught me.

  • Showed me the likelihood of STD’s and the steps of trust.  Made me more prepared than any other class.  Thanks.

  • This class has shown me that high school is only a short time in my life, and the people I know now I may not know later on.  I don’t need to worry myself with doing things that I think will make people like me more.  It has helped me to not give into peer pressure.  Thank you.

  • I had the opportunity to have sex.  I was going to do it but am glad I didn’t now.  I want to wait and give it to my wife who will respect and honor it for life.

  • This class has had a huge impact on me.  It’s taught me that there’s so many choices I can make to help me.  It’s taught me that there’s so much left even when I wanna give up.  Not only that, but I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun.  Thank you so much.  I’m gonna take better steps.


  • I have been passing on parties and saying no to sex.  I wish I could’ve had the class before I made the decision to trust someone I shouldn’t have.  You helped me learn to deal with the mistakes I had already made.

  • This class impacted me to take a step back in my life, look at the relationships I have with some people and decide if they have a positive impact.  It encouraged me to look at my relationship with my girlfriend and set boundaries on certain things and not allow negative things to take place.  Thank you.

  • I want to remember that I can say no to drugs.  It’s only four years of high school.  Before you said that I had said yes to drugs and drinking.  That’s all I did.

  • It made me realize what I can do other than have sex to get a guy to like me.  I also learned that you can choose if you have sex.  It also impacted me to learn from my mistakes.

  • I think this whole topic was perfect for everybody to understand what choice they have to choose in their life.  I’m glad you came and explain to everybody how this affects everyone.  Thanks for coming.

  • Don’t just give away your sex.  You don’t have to do everything that everyone else is doing.  Be YOU!

  • This class had a good impact on me.  Sex has a lot of things to it.  I knew about them all, but you explained to me a better understanding of it.  The one I liked the most was trust.  I never really looked at it that way.  Now I can and it’s actually really cool.  Thanks for coming and helping me understand things better in life.

  • This class really helped me.  You made a lot of things that didn’t make a whole lot of sense made sense.  I learned quite a bit.  I realize now that I have to make correct choices, not just to keep me “happy”, but to keep me healthy as well.

  • It made it clearer how the choices I make right now affect my future, and now I will be more careful about who I let get close to me.

  • Helped me realize that you need to make smarter choices now because the choices you make now will greatly impact your future more than you know.

  • It taught me things that’s going to change my life.  It taught me things that I didn’t know or understand and things I thought I knew but was wrong.  It made me look at life a little different. 

  • It has changed the way I think.  It has liberated my thinking in a sense of knowing.  Of being more careful of whom I consider being friends.  I will forever use these lessons as a guide to my everyday life.

  • This class has really impacted my life on my decision making and I really questioned what I knew.  It helped my relationship grow the direction that was best for me.  I took just about everything you said into consideration.  I will use it in the future.

  • I thank you for coming to teach all of us about relationships and STD’s.  It is actually a good thing and I thank you for that.  I think I will wait to do anything in the relationship I am in right now.  And I think it is good that you take your own time out of your own life so that we can understand not to do a lot of things.

  • This class has made a big difference to my life.  It has helped me look past the bad and look for the good.  It has made me a better person.  Made me make better choices.

  • Made me realize how enjoyable life could be if we lived in the boundaries that are set ourselves or by others.  And how much of life we really have left.

  • It has taught me to be safe with my life and to not do wrong and make good choices with my life.

  • Reminded me that I have a choice in everything.  It’s okay to say no and how valuable my life truly is.

  • Made me a better person and understand about life better.  I learned a lot from you and how I can change and what I can change in life.  Thank you.

  • It has change my life completely.  The last day was fun!

  • Last week when you encouraged me to do better and not be in ISS.

  • The impact this class has had on me is being able to care for yourself and your choices should act on what is good in the long run in life.  Being able to protect yourself from some of the issues in our family/relationship and overall in the world.

  • It taught me that not all great things have great beginnings and even if you aren’t the best at something at first, you can still get better if you give yourself a chance.​

  • I learned that self-respect is so much greater than what I ever imagined. It’s not just what you see yourself as. It’s also what you want to see yourself as. Thank you for coming.

  • This class encouraged me to define boundaries in a way that help me accomplish my goals. Also to evaluate my goals, how are my decisions in the past few days effecting how my goals will be accomplished, as well as evaluating decisions I’ve been making and will make.

  • It made a good impact on me. I know what to do w/my life now to feel respected and healthy w/my life and others. I know how to reach my goals and what to do to reach them. Thank you so much for coming and teaching me how to be a better me… I promise I will live a happy and healthy life and make you and I both proud.

  • Reality Check taught me tons of new things. But most importantly, it taught me a new deeper meaning of maturity and immaturity. This class gave me a bigger sense of who I want to be, from setting boundary to reaching my goal. I couldn’t ask for much more.

  • I above all people thought this lesson was going to be a waste of my time. Reality Check, in reality, has done the complete opposite for me, preventing me from wasting my time with the wrong boy. Reality Check made me realize how unhealthy my relationship actually is. It is not okay to be treated the way I have been treated and I now know all I have to do is set standards and boundaries, thank you so much!

  • The impact this class had on me was very important – I learned to set my priorities and learn what boundaries I need to keep to be successful in high school.

  • Reality Check impacted me so much. I learned things about myself. I learned how to set boundaries. Not many people have described self-respect like you have. Out of several therapists I’ve never learned respect like this. I never understood how dangerous kissing could be, I never knew anything about birth control. I am a transgen, hormones affect my life. I learned things from you I never would have normally.

  • I’ve made some really bad decisions in the past year regarding friend choices, dishonesty, and other things. This has helped me to realize how much I have and how these decisions, and hanging out with these people can jeopardize my future. It’s not worth it. Over the past week I have changed for the better.

  • From this class I’ve realized that I matter and so my decisions matter to. Before Ms. King came I was considering doing things with a guy and the first day Ms. King was here I realized that I wasn’t ready for that that I wasn’t ready to give a piece of myself to him.

  • This class has had a major impact. I have started hanging out with some bad ppl and this class has showed me that if I continue to hang out with them I will never meet my goal I wrote down.

  • Reality Check has made a big impact on me because during this school year a lot of my friends were skipping school and I went with them and my grades dropped and really messed my life up. Now I know better to respect myself.

  • This class has impacted me a lot. I now have more boundaries for myself than I had before. I have always struggled with friendships, and how I let people treat me I have noticed that I have let people that didn’t treat me very well in my personal circle that shouldn’t be. I appreciate you showing me that they don’t have to be there if I don’t want them to be. I learned so much in this class in general about myself and also just in life.

  • I’ve learned how I need to take more precautions. This impacted me the most because this will affect me my entire life, not just in the time I’m living in now.

  • This class has taught me that I need to set my boundaries where I want them and stay away from them. I have been fortunate enough to avoid bad situations, but this class has taught me how to avoid bad situations through the relationships I have and the people I trust.

  • This program has educated me on sexually transmitted diseases to a point that I am rethinking my future sexual decisions. I will also definitely be cleaning out my phone, and setting media boundaries.

  • This class made me think way more before I act. B/C one situation provides temporary happiness could affect me and that person forever.

  • I’ve always wanted to wait till marriage to lose my virginity and this helped and encouraged me to achieve that goal and not fall into peer pressure.

  • This class has brought me to a realization to some of the things that I’ve done and some things that I still participate in. I live with my family where things have been corrupt and my parents didn’t build their relationship on good terms, and it obviously showed shortly after their divorce happened. I’ve always known that I want something more for myself, and you’ve shown me how to obtain that.

  • It’s impacted me by showing me what a relationship is and why we have them. It told me that I’m actually doing something right and keeping myself safe.

  • I have come away with the realization that there are risks that I am not willing to take because they could compromise all the things that I want for myself in the future.

  • This class is the very best class I’ve been in. There was not one second in this class where I wasn’t thinking of a way to improve. I am a freshman, 15 years old and I have been in therapy for almost a year now. I have been sexually assaulted and watched my older sister be in an abusive relationship. Today, I learned that I can say something. You gave me courage that I didn’t know I had.

  • I feel like this was probably the best sex-ed I’ve ever had. Most of the time it’s just like “okay use condoms, don’t be stupid.” I felt like this was the best. Basically what I’ve learned is that I should never do anything that would disrespect or dishonor myself, my friends, or family.

  • I’ve always been really conscious about risks, I knew most of what was taught, but it validated all the risks of everything my friends are doing. Life isn’t just right now, its forever. Consequences are forever and I will do everything I can to protect my forever.

  • Although I missed a day or two of class, this program helped me look at things a different way and set boundaries for myself.

  • It impacted my life by reminding me to look at the big picture and see where I want to go in life. And I’m gonna try to make choices to make my life better.

  • It made me realize that some of my friends could be blocking me from what I actually want in life and I might need to not have them in my life.

  • There was a lot that I learned about myself being in this class. Being in this class has made me think about my past decisions about love and infatuation that I often confused those things. Starting today I’ve decided to change that.

  • This made me open my eyes about a lot of things. It made me move blindfolds out of the way.

  • This class has made an impact on me by teaching me the values of loving others and respecting others. This has made me realize that I’m more than what everybody things of me and my own thoughts. I am a loving human being.

  • This class made me realize how much high school effects my future. It made me think about what I want in my future and now I can make that happen now. From now on I want to make myself the best person I can be for me and my future.

  • Everything we knew before this class was pretty much all rumors.  Bias opinions that we have heard from the internet, peers, etc. are what we know.  This class helps solidify facts that we didn’t know were true or false.  This period in our life is the most important, yet we don’t know everything we should need to know.  Adults won’t take us seriously, yet we are still held to different standards.  Thank you so much!

  • When we were talking about love, it taught me so much.  It really explains why my parents got divorced.  It’s like they fell out of love, or maybe they never were actually in love from the start.  These lessons taught me a lot!  Thank you!!

  • I fell reassured about my decisions so far, and it gives me motivation to continue on what I see as the most “stress-free” path in life.

  • I made a decision that I wouldn’t have sex until marriage.  I learned that I made the right decision and that people will make fun of me, but it is only a small time in my life.  In the long run, it will give me a positive consequence in my life.

  • It’s helping me to look farther ahead in life to make sure that I make the right choices about sex, drugs, or other things.  Also that I need to set boundaries to keep me safe from things I don’t want to do.

  • It’s shown me to learn and only take good from what I’ve seen and been through.  To learn from my mistakes.

  • The impact this class had was the true and real dangers.  I also learned that I was not actually in love but allowed someone to have too much power in my life because of sex.  I cut them out and I feel free.  It’s never too late to turn your life around.

  • The impact this class has had on me was, my eyes were open to the fact that sex isn’t just about genitals and such, but it’s about you as a person and the other person, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

  • The impact that this class has showed me that I’m valuable.  That we still have a long way to go.  We still have a story to tell.

  • It helped me with my boyfriend/ex-boyfriend.  Helped me figure out why I’m so attached to him and how to deal with it.  And set boundaries with him.

  • This class impacted me in many ways by showing me what consequences everything has.  When you first showed up I though you would be here to bore us with talk about sex, but everything you’ve said has been useful, the analogies you made were powerful.

  • Made me appreciate my girlfriend more and respect her more.

  • I was dealing with a friendship that I wished was more and I made the right decision of backing off because she wasn’t good for me.  She was just a sexual desire.  Also I was having problems making lasting friends and this gave me the confidence to be assertive in my life.  Thank you.


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