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Green Forest High School


  • I realize ways to change the negative thoughts I have.  Everything that has happened to me in the past no longer affects me.

  • It made me understand all the dangers of life that I choose to stay away from.

  • This week has impacted me because I learned the value of my actions and how my actions have some sort of consequence for either the present or the future.

  • This week has impacted me by making me realize how many decisions we make in life.  Also opened my thoughts on sexual activities I didn’t know about.  I have a better viewing in making decisions.  Thank you!

  • It made me a better person.

  • It makes me want to stop doing things that I shouldn’t do.  It makes me want to try and do other things.  Change how I think and do.

  • This week impacted my life by making better choices in life and tells me what I need to know.

  • Don’t get into things that I shouldn’t do.  Be happy with what I got and leave the past behind.

  • This week helped me see right from wrong and good from bad.  Helped me make decisions for my future.

  • Life is longer than I think so I can’t give up just because I think it’s short.

  • This week impacted my thoughts of relationships.  The differences of love and infatuation.  I am living through infatuation right now.  I thank you for this amazing talk.  God bless you!

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