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Green Forest High School


  • Yes, I feel more confident in my decisions by thinking of the consequences beforehand. I also feel like the class steered me away from bad decisions I had been thinking about.

  • Yes, I learned so much, thanks to you I really had a fun time and I hope you never stop teaching people about what really affects our health. Thank you!

  • This week has taught me a lot about sex. We should wait.

  • It made me think more about my future and who I would like to be. It really made me think about my future.

  • It gave me ideas for the future and setting my goals.

  • I learned a lot this week and I view things differently now.

  • This week has really helped me reflect on a few things in my life.

  • Made me realize that there are a lot of things about the human body that I was not completely aware. Loved this program and hope it to see you again next year.

  • This program helped me with setting my boundaries. It makes me think about my choices

  • I loved it !! I learned so much about my body and brain. Thank you for coming!!

  • I will learn to continue to listen to my gut when it tells me that I might be unsafe.

  • This program made a positive impact on me because we’re able to see reality.

  • This program impacted me by helping me learn more things that I never knew about and I’m glad because I have a lot of problems.

  • This week has taught me to value myself, to do what you’re scared of, and be smart about your choices.

  • This helped me mature in different things I need to know about relationships.

  • It made me realize many things about life that I need to recognize.

  • I liked it very much. I understand new ways that will help me in my future.

  • I learned about who to trust and while you were talking I was thinking about how life is different from what I was expecting.

  • I realized a lot and learned some things I will keep for the future.

  • It taught me a lot about how to better myself.

  • It helped seeing the brains after (drug/alcohol) abuse and everything and learning how to mature your brain and how it helps your attitudes.

  • It helps me learn more about the consequences of actions I take and about STD diseases.

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