Green Forest High School


  • This helped me to not give up. Honestly, I don't love myself but this week I learned that I'm important and I believe that.

  • This made me realize my own self worth and that just because people try to tear me down doesn't mean I have to let them.

  • Made me realize I am worth more than I thought. All the struggles I've went through have helped me become a stronger person.

  • This week helped me realize the unhealthy relationships I'm in and how the way that a person treats me is toxic.

  • I need to realize that my actions have consequences.

  • It made me think about how all of my decisions will affect all my goals.

  • Reality check impacted me because now I have a different perspective about drinking and drugs. I didn't know how it messed up your brain really bad.

  • Before talking about this I felt like giving up but while we were talking about it it made me feel like I should wait before giving up.

  • It made me realize that there is more to look forward to in life and the consequences of bad decisions.

  • It really made me realize a lot and I definitely will remember this for my future.

  • These lessons helped me a lot and I would like to learn more.