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  • I know what self worth is now. I know what it means to me. I also feel more educated in how life really is.

  • The lesson I was given this week was good! I have to say that Friday was the best because of the lesson she gave us. She said to never stop or stop at the spot you are now because you are valuable!

  • This made me feel good about myself.

  • What impacted me this week was a good lesson about making good decisions and what can happen when you make bad decisions.

  • I feel like I learned a lot and I’m very grateful to have new information.

  • I am going to make better choices in my high school life.

  • You taught me to respect myself more.

  • It was really informative and made me more aware of my options that I have in life.

  • I knew a lot of this information but having this is a helpful reminder that there are people who care about us and that we can always do the right thing.

  • This whole week of Reality Check has been giving me ideas about my future and getting to my goal.


  • I’ve been going through some thins lately, and it’s been pretty hard.  You’ve helped me open my eyes to see things I should have seen a whole lot earlier.  I thank you so, so, so much.  I know what to do know, and I can make my decision now.

  • I thought Reality Check would be like “sex ed” teaching us how to be safe with sexual relationships, but it actually taught me how to value/care for myself and the life I live more.  It was informative and very helpful.  Thank you for coming.

  • When I first came here, I didn’t know taking this class would change the way I think or act around others.  I used to act right away without thinking and I sometimes hurt others feelings.

  • I have realized that I am worth it, and I need to set boundaries.

  • This class has impacted me a lot because it has shown where my future can end up and not be in a bad place.  These lessons mean a lot to me because I know if I don’t care right now it’s going to affect my future.  

  • I’ve learned that there’s a meaning to everything I do.  Love isn’t just about sex it’s about communication and many other things.

  • I liked talking about things that I can’t talk about with my friends because they don’t understand.

  • It has taught me that I’m valuable.

  • This class has impacted me by learning things I never knew and I’m glad I know now.  This class has prepared me better than anything else could have.

  • It has been helpful because now I will know how to look for friends and I will know what choices to make in a relationship. I will also know what choices are best for me in life and how to get through hard times.

  • It’s helped me know how to set better boundaries for my life and learn more about substance abuse and how to help.  Thank you.

  • It made me feel normal.  It made me feel accepted.  Thank you for answering my questions.

  • This class made me think more about me now.  What is better for me and choices should I make; will the choices I’m making affect my future or make it better. Also made me stronger that I can now control who is in my circles.

  • This 4 weeks have been a great impact.  For you coming here and talking to us really shows that you care about us and our future.  You made it feel like I could change how my life has been so far.  I am thankful and grateful for you coming here. 



  • 2017 has been really rough on me. I’ve lost a lot and the “easy-way” hasn’t been an option for the lessons I’ve learned. Usually, when reality check comes I take away the same thing: make good decisions, make goals etc. This year has been different. I have hope that the next 12 months will be better than the past 12 month. So thank you. You gave someone hope today.

  •  This made me think that I can make it through life. That I can do great things. It did show me some of my risks but it also showed me that there is things I can do to dodge those risks and I thank you guys for that.

  • What I have learned is that it don’t matter who we are or what we have done. We are all special people. And that we need to know who we let in to our close circle before we let them in.

  •  It taught me that your actions have consequences that could be good or bad.

  •  I learned that I need to set boundaries for my life.

  •  I am going to set new boundaries.

  •  I have learned a little more than I already knew. I know what’s wrong and right. This just helped me verify if what I’m doing is right.

  •  I learned to respect myself as well as others. Have a sense of pride and don’t let others persuade you to take it away. Always focus on your goals.

  •  What I learned from the 8 days are what goals and barriers I’ve set and how one mistake can affect your boundaries and relationships.

  •  I’ve learned to respect myself.

  •  I learned to respect my own boundaries and to recheck who I let in my circle.

  • In such a cruel, technological, media based society it is hard to be a responsible teen. But it is important to know your boundaries and the consequences that come along with the choices that you make in life. It is important to know your worth and to know your value in order to make the decisions that are best for your goals and your society.

  • I think that for having to go through reality check three times, what’s being taught is really great. I have learned more things about life and protecting yourself every single time. Thank you.


  • Thanks to this class and the lessons you have taught me, and the support you gave me, I’ve spoken up about my past and now I can start to heal.  These lessons in this particular part of my life have taught me that I am worth so much more than I previously believed.  That I am a person whose goals matter and that though my steps are seemingly an impossible distance away, I can get there.  I can be the man I have always wanted to be.  Thank you, Mr. Pratt.  You have helped save me from myself.

  • This class has made me think about many parts of my life.  Also the way I used to be as a person.  It’s made me think of my big mistakes and how I can use those mistakes to become a stronger girl who can stand up better for herself.  It’s also made me think of how I want my future to look like.  Who I want in and out of it and who I want to be.  Especially has made me think of my sexual, emotional life and how I treat myself and others.

  • It makes me think a lot harder about peer pressure, saying no, because a week or two before this my boyfriend broke up with me because he wanted to have sex.  I told him no.  I am glad I didn’t even though I thought he was the one for me.

  • The impact that has been on me in this class is to never give up on my dreams and always strive to reach my goals no matter what!!

  • To think before you do something.  To not let someone you don’t know very close in your circle.  To never do things that will affect the rest of your life.

  • In the last eight days I have learn quite a few new things, such as alcohol hurts others and not just you.  Drugs affect your brain.  Also, that there are many different disease that you can catch from sexual activity.  Some can be cured and some cannot.  And that you shouldn’t be ashamed for being a virgin or if you already lost it.


  • This class has taught me how to look past all the blindfolds, depression, and bad feelings about bad situations in my life.  For many years I didn’t know what to do, but now, I think I know.

  • This class has impacted me by showing me to be careful and to make sure that I can really trust the people in my circle.  I learned to never give myself to anyone who does not deserve it, and know that my actions DO have consequences.

  • I have learn to always be around good people.  I’ve also learned to have a good life and be someone that you wanna be in life.  I wanna set goals in my life.

  • This class has made me see that everything I worry about can be fixed or changed.

  • This has really had a impact on me.  In this class I have learned a lot of things in the past 8 days but the most was when we talked about relationships and trusting one another.  I want to thank you for teaching me things that I will never forget about and will help me for the rest of my journey through life.

  • This program has made me set boundaries…and find more respect for myself.  This class has put me closer to finding myself.  I appreciate you Mrs. Bryant.  Thank You.

  • After this week, my life has definitely been impacted.  This week helped so much with what my future holds.

  • WOW!!  Absolutely love this class.  Mrs. Bryant did such a great job with us.  I am extremely touched  I needed this really bad and I am going to thank God for you.  My eyes have been opened  Everything you said was amazing  Much love  Thank you so much.

  • This class has made me realize who I am, and what I can do in the right way.

  • I learned that my personality is very different from everyone else.  This will help me in the future by showing me how I should do things the right way towards every other personalities other than me.  Thank you so much.

  • This week was amazing.  I have always known I have great plans set for me in the future but this week has truly opened my eyes  I can now understand my personality and now I am able to see just how amazing my future is going to be.  Thank you for all of information I greatly appreciate it.

  • Yes it has been beneficial  It’s made me realize things I didn’t necessarily know about myself.  Like how I function because of my personality It has also made me want to be the best I can be.

  • This 4 days has changed me in so many different ways  It has showed me the many different things life shows.

  • This class helped me the most because it’s taught me not to do bad choices.

  • Yes, this helped me dealing with the pressures of hormones and what it can turn into.

  • This helped me and made me think my life in a better value.  This class was great.

  • It helped me a lot.  Thank you so much Mrs. Bryant  You’ve an amazing person  You are the beginning to my healthy life.  You’ve changed me in just 4 days.

  • This week has impacted more than I thought it would  It has opened my eyes about my personality and how I should work to improve myself.

  • It has helped me start knowing myself better and how I could better myself with others and help more communication.

  • I managed to learn my personality.  I’ve learned that I’ve got to set boundaries in order to reach the dream that I want. Thank you for taking your time and teaching us boundaries.  I learned how to create strong friendships and value myself.

  • It’s been really great having you here.  It’s made me understand and think about things I didn’t before.  This class has helped me to choose carefully and responsibly.

  • I’d have to say an impact this class has had for me was that I have the wrong people in my circle.  Didn’t really notice then I learned about it and I took all that in.  I had to change my circle.  So thank you for that.

  • Helped me see what goals I need to have and determine the steps necessary to take them.  Showed me what path I am on and how to make it better.

  • The impact that has happen to me is the true stories.  They had me sad because I had a few family members like them.  And it was amazing to have you here.  You’re a great teacher to learn from.  Now I can make sure I’m not blindfolded in the future.

  • Having Reality Check here has helped me to realize how much time that I have left to live.  Also, that my goals and life are both important and achievable.

  • You have change some people’s life by telling the right things and to make good choose because when they get older their mom and dad won’t be there to tell them what to do.

  • This class gave me a different perspective on how I need to live my life.  Also, who I need to let into my inner circle, because I have let people to the inner circle when they should be in the outer circle.

  • It helped me think more of consequences.  It has helped me think about my goals and dreams giving me more confidence to accomplish them.  It gave me a positive view of the future.

  • This class has helped me with making the right choices in life.  And that it must take time to know someone before I am able to trust them.

  • It was a very great experience.  I had a wonderful time.  It helped me a lot.  You are a wonderful teacher because you’re not fake.

  • This class has impacted me by giving a better outlook on life and how to be a better person.  Also how to avoid irresponsible choices and to make the right ones.  Thank you!!


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