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  • Changed my way of thinking.  I feel more safe knowing the information that was shared and to tell the truth, I didn’t know most of it.  It was a good decision for me to actually pay attention to something that could affect me dramatically.

  • These 8 days make me change the way I see life, it makes me understand how important it is to protect myself and my values!

  • Helped me understand exactly what I want; helped me understand that quite a bit of what I hold dear has yet to develop.  Thank you for your time!!!

  • It did help.  I feel like it opened my eyes on a lot of things I over looked.

  • It helped me want to do what I want to do with my life and make good choices.

  • It reminded me of what I am living for the most and try my very best to protect and love my loved ones.

  • I learned a lot about STD’s which I didn’t know anything about.  I feel like I learned more these 8 weeks and grew more than I have all year and feel super responsible now.

  • Change my outlook on some things.  Trying to better the connection with my mom.  I’ve stopped smoking and trying to go clean.

  • This class had impacted me with getting to know my friends values & their boundaries.  Also learning how to protect myself.

  • I loved it.  Helped me get my life straight and set up my boundaries.

  • This whole program really puts out facts about our lives that we are not taught in school, but the information is really useful. I wish I knew about a lot of this freshman and sophomore year rather than senior year. If I knew this stuff a few years back I would have made different choices in my life.

  • Reality Check taught me a lot in a comfortable environment. I was happy to learn and it impacted me by teaching me the real life impact some decisions can have.

  • Reality Check impacted me by reassuring I had value and taught me many lessons about how to handle situations like being safe and acting with respect.

  • This class opened my eyes on the importance of safe sex and bad habits. I already knew they were bad, but once the side effects and examples were shown it creates a much more sense of realization and reality. I know I could really mess my life up with this stuff. So overall, I’d say it had a positive impact.

  • It illustrated and reminded me of how important my circles are.

  • It made me more safe when doing the things I am used to.

  • This class made me think a lot and told me how to make good choices. I honestly think this will help me out in the future.

  • It has assured me of the dangers of some of the things around me and given me maturity on how to deal with them. Amazing program.

  • It showed me how to distance myself from unsafe situations and how to set boundaries. I now understand some dangers from people.


  • This class helped me to realize just how aware I need to be of the things around me.  It also helped me realize how important my decisions are.  Thank you for showing me these things!  I appreciate your time with us and me!  I feel like you impacted and helped many lives.

  • This class made me think about my future and realize what I need to do to reach my goals in life.

  • I feel like I learned a lot about life skills and goals and boundaries and how to grow in maturity.  Overall I enjoyed the class it worked out overall and helped me for the eight weeks.

  • It was a very informational program.  My main take away was all of the facts about the brain.  Very helpful few weeks.

  • This program has taught me the negative effects of doing things that are not good for me. It has taught me to set boundaries and avoid unhealthy relationships so that I can live a healthy life.  Thank you!

  • These past weeks have helped me to better my choices.  I have improved as a person and my knowledge has improved.  I feel like I learned things that I will actually use after I am done with high school and off in the real world.

  • It opened my eyes and to see that not all people are good and to not pull the wrong people into my life.  I liked having you here because you have gone more in depth about a lot of things that other teachers haven’t and I thank you.

  • It helped me about relationships.  About healthy and unhealthy relationships cuz I been in a unhealthy and abusive relationship and I thought I loved the person, but I didn’t.

  • It’s helped me to open my mind more and think about all the things happening in my life. Also allowed me to think about my friends and family and if they’re good impacts on my life.

  • This helped me realize that I should be careful with the people that I’m around.  Today I realized that even though I’m still made at my dad and all he has done, I forgive him.  Thank you for teaching us this.

  • These classes have really helped me.  It has made me really think of the choices I have in life that I would normally overlook. I have learned how to become mature, make good decisions, and be myself.

  • A lot of things I’ve learned have helped me help my friend in a bad relationship.

  • These classes were very good.  Mrs. Bryant was very nice and seems to care a lot about us as students.  These topics helped me with a few things in my life.  Many things I needed to change and now I’m infinitely closer to reaching my goals in school and life in general.


  • I learned what love could actually be.  I’ve had a past and that is what makes me choose the guys I date today.  This class made me realize what you need in a relationship and if he love me, or even likes me, for who I am instead of how I look, who I hang out with, or how and where I was raised.  Thank you!

  • This class has had a great impact on my life because I will start setting boundaries from now on.  I have personally gone through many bad situations where I was scared.  I’m not scared any more.

  • This class has really taught me a lot about things I need to know.  I have learned how to handle my emotions better and I know it’s not the end of the world when something happens.  I have learned to forgive my ex boyfriend.  It was toxic and bad but I didn’t know better.

  • I’m going through a relationship that’s really new to me and has changed me a lot.  This class made me more aware how to handle this situation.

  • Leave a controlling, unhealthy relationship.  Fix family issues.  Find my inner circle.  Surround myself with positive people.

  • That I needed to stop some of my activities with an ex.  He doesn’t really love me and I might not really love him.  We just did what we thought was love.

  • It has made me think about all of the bad stuff in life that has happened that I thought I could never overcome.  But now I know I can learn to trust and love someone again.  Thank you.

  • This class has opened my eyes to the things to expect in life, good and bad.  Taking this class has shown me that even though there may be something in my way, I can still make it to the person I want to be.

  • You helped me put my life in perspective to help me realize it’s not too late.  I’m currently dealing with bad addictions and trying to make it through life.

  • This class has impacted me in ways to help keep myself safe online and that sex is not all of what it is portrayed to be.

  • I was impacted by this class because he explained the importance of my life even after what decisions I made in the past.




  • While you were here, even outside of the booklet lessons, you kept reminding us to respect ourselves, and that we can do it.  With all the encouragement, which isn’t something I often get, I felt almost like I was worth something.  With those little speeches I had to keep myself from crying because I felt like someone genuinely believed in me.  People always say this generation of teens aren’t going anywhere.  So to hear from someone that the assumption is wrong affected me a lot.  So thank you for making me believe in myself.

  • This class has shown me what I need to change about myself, to watch who I associate with, and to keep myself out of trouble.  I’ve learned that some people who I was hanging around with were not people I needed in my close circle.  How even if someone gives me attention, it’s not always good.  I’ve learned to be happy with myself.  J

  • It’s helped with my depression.  Just seeing you up there talking shows me that there is hope for what’s to come.  I feel like you’ve helped so many people.

  • This class helped me get through some struggles with my dad.  We live in the same house but we have a horrible relationship and I think that this class has helped me get through it day by day.

  • To be more careful in relationships.  Thank you for everything, Mr. Pratt.  Marijuana use to affect my life but it made me irresponsible but I’m done with my old lifestyle. 

  • I feel more knowledgeable.  I appreciate it.  I think I’m more prepared for life ahead and I wish I had taken this class earlier.

  • The impact this class had on me was amazing.  I’ve had a boyfriend about 2 years now.  We’ve never been sexually active and I got made fun of a lot.  This class has taught me about risks so I can now defend myself more.  Thank you Mr. Pratt for teaching me how to value my relationship.

  • Had made me respect myself more than I did before by a long way.

  • It has changed my view on life really.  Most of the conversations we had were really interesting & I think I’ve really learned more about life in this class than any other.  This class makes me feel better about myself really.

  • This class has majorly affected me over the past weeks in terms of how I view my relationships that I have in my life.  Something that really impacted me was that I was told that I wasn’t an accident.  I was always told I was an “oops” baby.  Being told I’m not an accident made me feel better.  This has pointed out a lot of things wrong in my romantic relationship and how I should attempt to mend the mistake he and I have made. 

  • This class has taught me that I am the one who decides what I want for myself.  This class has also showed me that it is important to have respect for myself and others.  I actually really enjoyed this class and looked forward to every Tuesday.  Thank you very much for coming and teaching me all of these useful skills and knowledge.

  • Learned not to give up, tough times come to pass, not to sway and some people succeed faster or slower than others and not to give up even in tough times.  Thanks for helping me understand and helping me learn how to get through hard times.

  • I can look at relationships differently and I know a lot more about relationships, drugs, alcohol, and more about sex than before I heard of reality check.  I think it helped me a lot in everything and makes me look at life differently.

  • This class made me more confident in my choices.  It made me stronger in my relationships and my own relationship with myself.  I was able to tell my parents some things that I wouldn’t dared tell them before.  I was able to get out of a bad friendship, and an emotional stressing romantic relationship.  This class boosted my self-esteem quite a bit, knowing that people don’t think I’m useless.   A lot of the topics we covered got me educated, in some things, that I probably would of done without thinking twice.  Thank you.

  • This class has shown me that I am not the only one going through some stuff.  It has shown me that other people have the same questions that I do.  It taught me that it is ok to put what I want to accomplish above what other people want.  It taught me that my past was only a small part of my life.

  • I’ve learned even more about the severity of my actions.  I feel more confident now in just being me.

  • This class has made me think more about the choices I will make in my future.  One of the main impacts it has made in my life is reassuring me to save my sex for the right time and place.  It has made me look more forward to my future and want to do the best I can to not mess it up.

  • Taught me about how I should take on life.  And also how I should handle things and be able to stay more respectful and grateful in life to get to where I want to be with my life goals I have set.

  • It made me realize how much I didn’t need this person who walked out of my life or circle.

  • It really made me open my eyes about serious things in life.  Like relationships and to be careful of the choices I make.  Set boundaries.

  • This class helped me to choose from right and wrong.  I’ve learned that sex is a special thing and should be saved for a special person that I’ll spend the rest of my life with.  I’ve also learned that certain things and people can affect my life in many ways, positive or negative.  I’ve learned a lot so that in the future I’ll be an independent person and woman that will know how to take care and respect my body physically and emotionally.

  • I just wanted to say thank you very much for coming out to Pea Ridge and giving us your time teaching us new things.  People from 30 years ago don’t get to witness any of these; it comes down to the people in our classroom and people that are coming up.  Thanks again, sir.

  • This class has shown me to make my own choices and don’t let others control my life.  And to not fear of what’s to come.  Don’t hold back, just make good actions!

  • This class has showed me many different things I wasn’t aware of before.  How to be safer, looking out for friends and myself, who to keep around and just so much.  Mr. Pratt has also made me feel confident.  That’s weird to say for the class being about different things, but I have had an amazing 8 weeks.

  • This class impacted me by helping me know the better choices and decisions to make in my life.  It showed me and helped me be more confident in myself.  I am now more social and tell the things I need to tell people.  I can better trust, respect, and care for people.

  • It reminded me to stay strong no matter all I’ve been through these past couple of years and that I need to better myself!

  • It made me want to set boundaries and not want to do the partying anymore and not want to drink and do drugs.

  • I think this class was very helpful.  It taught me things I didn’t know that I probably needed to know in the long run.  I thought it was beneficial and informative.  I’m happy I was able to have this experience to learn.

  • Over the past 8 weeks I have had a guy friend and he’s older and I have learned how to say no and we have grown from the respect and trust that I have learned to handle.

  • Take control of my life and stop letting people push me around.  And learn to say no.

  • Showed me that I can overcome past things that have happened.  And how to ensure that my life plan can go smoothly.  Shown me that now in my life that I need to have good choices.  High school is temporary, I can get through.

  • This class has really improved my outlook on life.  I have been setting goals and respecting them since we started this class.  Thank you.

  • This class had an impact on me to where I don’t really care about doing drugs or having sex because I know that high school is short and we have the rest of our lives and we shouldn’t mess it up now.

  • This class has honestly made me think a lot, about my relationship with my boyfriend.  If it was healthy and if it was right.  I sat and talked with him about it all and the things I wanted.  The things like college and to manage business.  He understood it all and me.  So I thank you and this class for helping me.


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