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  • I honestly learned some about virtue, if that’s the word to care about yourself. And I heard about valuing your sex not just doing it because you want to at the moment.

  • It made a big impact because I’ve learned tings I would have ignored.

  • I learned that every choice really does have a consequence. You definitely always have an impact on me of some sort.

  • The last 5 days has REALLY helped me. A lot that you talked about has opened my eyes to a lot of things I NEEDED to know and wanted to know. I’m going through and went through some things that I needed to know more about. Thank you so much! Please come back!

  • Yes, come back! I love and miss seeing you at Crossroads. This made me not want to be sexually active.

  • These last 5 days have helped me realize the consequences of being sexually active.

  • This really gave me a huge wake-up call because I’ve been engaged in oral sex daily with my boyfriend and I’m going to stop! Thanks!

  • I learned a lot! I learned no matter what I can still have dreams!

  • It made me realize that sex is not a joke.

  • Helped me make a choice on sex.

  • It helped me with lots of things I didn’t know.

  • It got me thinking, and I’m sure this information will be helpful in my future.

  • This has taught me my sex is not casual; therefore don’t give it out freely. Also don’t have sex until your checked and the girl is checked.

  • Life as me has never been ok.  All my life has been pressure.  I got myself into alcohol and it was cause I thought it would help me cope with the abuse, the pain.  I hated myself, I harmed myself.  I took the blame for not having a dad for my adoptive dad leaving and I will 4 ever be in shock, but this class showed me self worth, when I was 12 a man came out of no where and held my best friend and me at gun point.  I am the reason she is alive  I told her to run with everything she had after I realized I was stronger today I realized that I have worth and I can do anything.  Thank you for showing me that.

  • I could relate on so many topics you talked about this week.  I did have an STD, and no longer have it I got pregnant with twins and lost them due to the STD.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through, I wish I’d would have had this class a long time ago.  Your body is valuable.

  • Thank you coming.  This helped me by teaching me how to set boundaries and have value you for myself.  I’m 14 and have had sex with 14 different people and I regret it so much because now I have respect for myself and know I’m better than this.

  • I was almost going to send a nude to my boyfriend but after hearing what would have happened if I dif.  But I am glad I didn’t. One thing that really helped me during this week was boundaries and personal thing that I need to keep so no one will take it the wrong way. I need to keep my things safe and I need to be safe. 

  • This class has taught me that I have value.  Thank you for teaching me that I need to set boundaries and for teaching me that I’m not a sexual object and that sex is serious.

  • During this past week I learned how big of an impact your peers are, and how you have a choice in every decision you make.

  • Today I learned that I wasn’t the only one with a mom who was and still is addicted to drugs.  My mom gave up on herself  I was 3 years old when I was taken away into foster homes.  I thought I was alone so I looked into drugs and drinking but now this taught me respect and things I need to do better.

  • This week you came, I learned a lot about my core values, saying no to immature people, learning about my boundaries and how some of my boundaries are messed up and need to be moved. I let people rearrange them for me and they shouldn’t… Thank you so much for coming.  You really helped me a lot.  I wish you could reach out to more people, more schools more places besides schools, people need you so much but don’t realize it. I’ve done some pretty stupid things in my life but I realize now that I really need to stop and assess my situation before I act.

  • I have learned to self respect and set boundaries and not keep making the mistakes that hurt me and my family.

  • You’ve shown me how my body works.  I was abused at a young, young age and I hated my body and everything about it because of my past, you made me realized how precious my body is and how special my body should be to me, thank you so much.

  • I’ve learned a lot since you guys came here.  I’ve learned that I need to set boundaries in my life.  I need to become a better person and love myself, I don’t need to let others boss me around.  I also want to help others so they can know how valuable they are and that they do mean a lot.

  • It taught me how to be careful and really taught me what value should be in a relationship.  I learned what not to do and how to stay safe.

  • It had a positive impact.  I learned a lot and I will think twice before I do anything now.  It helped me realize my decisions now affect my future more than I thought from health to my position.  Thank you.

  • This class put a big impact on me because not only did you guys educate, but you inspired.

  • Mrs. Wood has made my decisions change in a great way and has taught me so much about reality  I really wish I could learn more next year.

  • It opened my eyes to things that have been going on emotionally that I now know how and why  and now I know how to fix/work on them in myself and others.  YOU ALL ROCK AND ROLL!

  • Mrs. Wood has helped me realize how IMPORTANT life is and she also educated us and it wasn’t boring it was fun and exhilarating learning experience.  She taught us about emotional bonding, Risks of being sexually active, STD’s, all kinds of pressures and personal boundaries.  I hope every child that comes to REAP has a chance to meet this wonderful woman.

  • This class impacted me by helping me understand how important good smart decisions are.  And how life decisions can affect your near future.  This class made me realize my potential.  Thank you!

  • It taught me a lot of new things.

  • This project should I say was probably the most non-boringest project.; meaning the best time spent.  I learned so many things, from diseases to love.

  • This impacted me in a good way.  Thanks for coming.

  • IT was really cool.  It was awesome having you come.

  • I learned a lot.  I appreciate the fact that you stayed so calm during the misbehavior of my classmates.

  • I learned a lot of new things that I knew nothing about.  


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