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Rogers Extended Day

  • This class made me realize I’m better than what I think. My body, my self is better than what I thought. I’m much more valuable. I learned so much about my body that I didn’t know. I also learned more about how to keep a healthy relationship specially for now since I’m about to be a dad. Thanks! (:

  • Your conversations have helped me a lot. You have showed me the dangers of an STD. You have showed me that being in the wrong group is a bad thing for my future and you have showed me to do the right choices.

  • This made me think of a lot of things mostly my choices on what I made me, but this whole class made me feel positive.

  • Yes it changed me. First because I’m a “popular” girl, but not the way I want it to be. Ppl think I have sex with every guy and its not true. So I’m going to change that perception of me.

  • The impact on our conversation has helped me realize that it is ok to trust people, just put up boundaries.

  • You really did a good impact in my life. I now have set boundries in my life. I think twice and I’m very glad you were here! Thank you.

  • Everyone’s life is important.

  • The decision I have decided to made about my life now: Go to college and leave the gang bang life.

  • Made me rethink my expectations in life.

  • Talking with us over these 7 days has helped me change my perception on life. Made me change my ways and how I do things from now on.

  • Helping me find myself. Also, helping me make better life choices.

  • Helping me realize what all of these diseases that we joke about are actually. Makes me change my ways.

  • Your talk has made me realize that being sexual active could ruin my life. You showed me that maybe my friends aren’t really my friends. Maybe if I don’t do the same thing as my family I could break the cycle. You have taught me to open my eyes. THANK YOU!

  • What impacted me was all the types of STD’s and diseases you can get if you have sexual relationships with others. It made me want to save myself until marriage because I value & respect myself.

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