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  • A lot of the emotion dealing with sex and relationships. It made me think about how I am in my relationships current and past. Understanding the differences between the good and the bad of relationships. Understanding just how important every aspect is.

  • It made me think a lot harder about my choices with sex & STD's. I definately think I will be a lot more worried about the consequences of sex with people I don't know or am not with mainly because the idea of getting an STD scares me.

  • To wait for the right time for sex and a relationship because I didn't realize how bad those things can physically/emotionally effect a person and thank you for talking about the relationship stuff.

  • What impacted me the most was talking about love and infatuation it really showed me I’m not really in love with this one person. This week taught me a lot about my relationship

  • The information about the difference between infatuation and love really impacted me along with the talk about sex and STD's and unplanned pregnancy. This opened my eyes up to how close I was in a past relationship for a risk of sex and made me realize how glad I am that I didn't do something just for a intense feeling not love.

  • Greatly, You made me feel like you looked into my soul and changed my brain. You taught me how and what I should do with the rest of my life about sex, relationships and emotions so I thank you Mr. Prine

  • Everyday there was something new that made me realize that I've been looking at my upcoming teenage years wrong and helped me to make the decision to not do a lot of things.

  • Made me realize that if I'm not comfortable telling my doctor or parents about what I'm doing, then I probably shouldn't be doing it. I wish I would've had someone to tell me the emotional toll it takes on you for losing your virginity to the wrong person before.

  • The most impactful information you gave for me was the lesson about boundaries and sharing emotions in order to let go.

  • Love and letter go with your problems that you are dealing with.

  • Thank you for coming this week you have taught me a lot about saving sex until marriage. Thank you for this decision for coming. You are awesome.

  • This week, as you have been talking about boundaries and protecting yourself and saving yourself from sex. I wish I would've heard it awhile ago.

  • Through out this whole week I have learned new things. I will use all of these through out my life. Thanks for coming.

  • This class impacted me because I learned to think about the consequences if you do something dumb.

  • The talk about infatuation and Love, yea I felt that!

  • This week has been very eye opening on the risks of any kind of sexual activity. I have never thought about that side of sex. I'm glad I did. Thank you.

  • This class lets me think about the real world and how to start a healthy life to make sure I do not go down the wrong turn.

  • This class impacted me by setting boundaries for my future so that my life is not crazy.


  • Everything really, this week was informational and fun. I learned a lot, and I know more about the stuff we talked about. Now I know what to do and great stuff of bad stuff that comes out of it.

  • The “you are valued” part. I already knew that, but I love to hear it and to let other people hear it because I/they forget. 

  • The Information that impacted me the most was how not to cross my boundaries using body language. 

  • Today’s lesson about love and boundaries. I’m focusing more on my priorities and set my boundaries with a lot of different stuff.

  • The Information about pregnancy and how condoms don’t always work so to be more safe and set boundaries to not only keep myself safe but people around me. 

  • How to walk away from something I don’t want to do and how to make a situation better. 

  • Intense feeling (infatuation) & love, also the yes, no, yes technique because I’m really bad at saying no without being disrespectful. I also learned helpful things about love, that can help me with dating in the future and with my choices. Everything was very helpful.

  • I’m glad you told us about all the stuff that you talked about because it opened my eyes about dating because I didn’t really know about how dating and how it worked. 

  • That the popular choice is sometimes the wrong choice, and the boundaries lesson really helped me. 

  • Something that impacted me about this lesson was learning about the statistics about all the types of bacteria’s there are that we can get. 

  • I set a boundary of not having sex until I’m married, not when I want to.

  • How to set boundaries with people and for people and how to really keep a value close to me.


  • Showed me, and opened my eyes and made me realize that I am my own person, I am important, that there is going to be rough times in life but I still have a long way to go.  Also that I don’t have to give myself out to someone just to make them happy.  I learned that my feeling & health is more important than showing myself and giving myself out to make someone else happy.

  • This class made me realize that I need to think about and evaluate more of my decisions not only about myself, but about others too.  It made me realize that self-respect is real and others should respect you as well.

  • The impact was that now I know that it is a whole lot better to save your sex and to also not think bad about people you don’t know because you don’t know what they’ve gone through.

  • I’ve learned to value myself and there’s more to your life.

  • This class has changed my life!  I look at the world so much differently!  Thank you so much for everything!  I will never forget this!

  • Showed me how valuable I am and how valuable others are.

  • It changed my mindset/thinking on quite a few things.  It opened my eyes to a lot of things.  Also, it taught me a lot of safety things I didn’t know.  Thank you for everything!


  • It’s taught me that I deserve to be respected in relationships and it’s shown me how many bad relationships I’ve had and that my friends have.  I learned to be careful and smart with my choices.  It’s taught me to respect myself and others and that I’m important.  It’s taught me about how relationships truly are and how they should be.

  • I feel that this class has showed me that the way I value myself and virginity is appropriate and that my future is not defined by my past.  I can write my own story.

  • In this class I’ve learned a lot about commitment and how its needed in a sexual relationship.  I’ve learned mostly how important, special, and complicated sex is.  It’s become clearer why it needs to be saved.

  • It’s made me rethink a lot of my past choices in life, and will effect my life later on.  I used to think having sex was only for desire, nothing more, this class has changed my view.

  • It impacted me by understanding how much life really means.  And that you cannot just ruin your life by having sex.  You have to speak up and be honest when your in a relationship.

  • This class has shown me that I need to value myself enough to be happy, save my love, and save my sex.  Its taught me what love is and that it can be confused with lots of others things.

  • This class has given me more knowledge that I am truly grateful for and will carry with me towards the future.  It has enlightened me on the topic of love vs. infatuation and what keeps people together.  It has taught me many things and I am thankful.

  • When you were visiting here, it made a big impact on me and my relationship with my boyfriend.  I do need to not get too excited in this relationship.  I need to calm down about and need to tell myself to keep it cool when I’m around him.  These past weeks with you was really cool and it’s like taking advice about stuff.

  • This class impact me by showing I don’t have to let my boundaries go for people and don’t have to give into peer pressure about sex and should wait till marriage.  This class also impact me about how there will be problems, but I will get through them.  It told me about relationships and also trust and life in general and made me realize good things.

  • I learned signs of bad people that I shouldn’t be around and thought to start being more positive towards others. 

  • What you’ve shown me is how to have a good relationship with others, control how I act, how I should act around people.  You taught me to stay loyal to myself and keep doing you no matter what.  And I wanna thank you for that.

  • I wasn’t going down the right path.  I thought I was invincible.  This class stopped me before I went too far and took a step in that direction.  Thank you.

  • This class showed me to respect myself and helped me learn more about the consequences, benefits, and effect sex has.  I’ve always been scared for the “sex talk” in health classes but this gave me a more clear outlook on things.  Sex is special.  Love is not infatuation.  There are good and bad consequences for everything.

  • This class has shown me how important it is to make your own decisions.  Whether it’s with sex, drugs, or just boundaries.  Because bad decisions will have consequences if not for you, for others.  There is a physical and emotional risk for everything you do.

  • This class made me realize that I need to respect myself and my values by surrounding myself with people who truly love and appreciate me.  Before I was always an outcast and people didn’t really care about me but now that I have new friends and my family to love me.  I will always value them and myself.

  • Each Thursday has taught me something new and really opened my eyes.  I’ve seen how much I know and don’t know.  Somethings have been put into perspective and really makes me think before I make a decision.  These Thursdays have really helped me and made me feel a lot safer and smarter; ready to take on future events.

  • It had made me realize how important my values are and should be.  I have learned so much about what my valued future could look like if I live full to what they are.  I learned how important relationships are and what the difference is between what people think a relationship is and what it really is.

  • It has made me realize how important sex is and that it is a very good idea to save it until marriage.  I have also been able to pass on information I’ve learned from this class to other people which helps them.

  • Mostly everything, honestly you have made me realize a lot of things but you have also made an amazing impact in and on my life…I’ve gotten used, I guess, but a guy I truly cared for and I realize all he wanted was sex, he had just told me lies.  Thank you for everything; means a lot.

  • This class showed me that I get to choose what I do based on my boundaries and values.  My life is valuable.

  • This class with Mr. Pratt has impacted me in a sense that now I understand even more the psychological effects that could happen with pre-marital sex.  I have always planned on saving my sex for marriage, and now I have another reason to.  Also, I learned even more about the bodily changes of sex.  I can honestly admit that I have learned so much in the last 5 Thursdays.  I will keep this information with me for the rest of my life.

  • This class has kept me from making stupid decisions.  I have had the chance to have sex with my girlfriend so many times but everything you have told us in this class stays with me.  I have thought about risks for me and her.  I am not a virgin whatsoever.  But she is, and I am going to help her and make sure she saves it so she don’t have to deal with the risks or anything.  Thank you for helping me and her.

  • Huge!  It has helped me understand it’s not cool to do something you will regret later just for a moment’s satisfaction or to fit in or to be cool and that maybe I  should save my sex for marriage and not just blow it off where I regret it.  It’s not just physical attraction, it’s everything else as well.

  • My sister has really bad anxiety and I’m not allowed to talk about it.  This class has taught me not to keep it in and that I need to talk to somebody, so I talked to my mom and I feel like a weight has lifted.

  • This class has had a positive impact on me.  It opened my eyes a lot and helped me learn the reasoning and consequence of decisions and will help me make much better decisions.  It helped me realize that I am not alone dealing with emotional baggage, that it does happen and it will get better.

  • You helped me to realize that it’s okay to go towards my goals during high school and not party and stuff all the time.  Mainly because that just ends up hurting you more than the way it feels good.  Made me realize that I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks during high school.

  • It’s had a huge impact on me.  It’s helped me realize who my real friends are and to make decision for me and not to please others.  It has also helped me regain my focus on stuff that matters like sports, grades, and family.  I also have not been messing around with other girls and continue not to.

  • This class has taught me a lot about every subject you talked about.  Yes, I already knew some things but no near as much.   I think this class needs to be taught to every kid in this school so maybe they can rethink some decisions they would make because I know it helped and made me change some decisions.

  • It has had impacted me by teaching me to save my sex until marriage.  That was the best thing that I could have learned.

  • It has impacted the way I see things, and it has made me understand things more clearly.  I’m glad I got this experience to learn more about life and love.  Everything I have learned in the past few weeks will help me in the future.  I personally thank you for sharing this information with me.

  • This class has changed my view on sex and relationships.  I haven’t had a perfect life and I haven’t made the best decisions and I want to change.

  • This class has showed me how valuable I am.  I now know that my life, choices, and special aspects need to be kept until I am ready to share them.  Honestly without your educating I wouldn’t have known about everything.  I wouldn’t have valued myself, my choices, and my sex life as important as I do now.  I now know the qualities good and bad of people who are and are not perfect to share stuff with.  Thank you so much!


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