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Woodland Junior High

  • This class has impacted me by helping me understand choices and decision making to a further extent. It has also been a safe place of discussion for things that need to be talked about but are often never mentioned. I now have a new understanding of sex and that will help me in the future.

  • This lesson has shown me how much time I have left in my life. In my past 15 years some bad choices were made, however, now that I realize how much time I have to forget and move on I can stop worrying.

  • The time I’ve spent in this class over the course of the week has really caused me to think about both my plans for the future and current relationships. Reality Check made realizing what is good for me easier.

  • This lesson really exemplified how everything is connected to the choices you made and how to make good choices in your life. I now better understand some of the choices that I have and how I should go about making those choices.

  • This week has made me realize how important and valuable my life is. A poor decision can lead me down a path I don’t want to take. This class has helped me keep my mind straight and focused. I’ve also learned a lot of new information that can be helpful in the future.

  • That my life has value and life has a lot to offer.

  • This week has shown me a good way of evaluating how good is a friend. This will help me because I have had issues with this subject in the past and now I feel confident with the knowledge I have.

  • This class has had a positive impact on me. It showed me many things about relationships I did not know. It made me re-think some of my thoughts and reconsider some new thoughts. All in all I would say this class has been 100% positive and has really persuaded me to think more in depth about relationships and personal actions.

  • This helped a ton! I’ve been offered sex many many times and considered it but I was still kinda really afraid…my friends tell me it’s awesome and fun and all this other stuff but knowing the risks on top of me having self-respect. Now….I’m going to save it for that one special guy. I’m happy with that! I don’t care if someone else is not.

  • This class has taught me to put the troubles and bad mistakes I’ve made in my past behind me. I learned to not just look at the fun and exciting parts but also take in consideration the consequences and how they affect me and others. I’ve learned life isn’t all fun and games but it’s also not all bad. I’ve learned that my choices choose if my life is full of mistakes.

  • This class made me want to set boundaries in my relationship.

  • Changing my lifestyle. The way I was feeling about myself. I am valuable.

  • The time I’ve spent during this lesson has made me realize some of my feelings and learn other things I might need later on in my life. I am very glad I was able to have this kind of experience.

  • I’m Catholic, so I’ve always been told not to have sex before marriage, but until this class, I’ve never heard an actual reason why besides it being immoral.

  • Put myself first and respect myself enough to walk away.

  • This class has impacted my life in a good way. It has really made me realize what’s important to me and to understand more in depth what love is and what it means to me.

  • I have been in relationships and I have gone too far because I didn’t know this stuff. Now I know my goals and what I want.

  • This class showed me that I am valuable and worth more than I think and that it’s ok to say no and not give into pressure.

  • You changed the way I see my life. You changed the way I want to live my life. You changed my thoughts on sex. You made me want to plan my life ahead of time and you made me look differently on my body and other people’s bodies.

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