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Clarksville Middle School


  • This class showed me respect and helped me learn my value.

  • It has made a good impact and made me a better person.  Thanks for being here.

  • It has impacted me to never do drugs, sex, and all the other stuff.  I hope during my life period I will never do these things.  It also taught me to set boundaries and to fill my emotional tank with the right stuff.

  • It helped me with A LOT of things.  It helps me make better choices at school, home, church.  It’s been great.  You helped me so much, thank you!

  • Some of the things I learn was a true friend will never treat you like an object.  It taught me that everyone has value.

  • This class has taught me a lot of stuff such as life goals.  Before this class I never really thought of life goals, but I started thinking about them more recently because of this class.

  • This class helped improve me overall in my social life.

  • The class made me think about life and how I’m going to go through life.  It affected me a lot about me and the way I’m going to think from now on.  It’s very fun, too, and very understanding.

  • I now feel less stress when making certain decisions.

  • I was thinking about the choices in life and I feel pretty good about my self!

  • This class has changed several things by getting off the phone and other important things that I need to in life, as in forever.

  • This class has impacted me and my life because there will be some time, some place where I’m going to make a choice and I’ll think about this class and what I have learned about in this class.

  • I learned that friends have to respect our boundaries if they’re true friends.  It’s our responsibility to choose our own choices.

  • It has made me realize how important being yourself is.

  • This class helped me because it made me feel more free and made me gain my confidence!

  • A big change on my choices.

  • To not drink bad stuff.  To not vape or smoke.  To be respectful to others.  Not to bully.

  • This class has taught me to say no to things and taught me the things that can happen.

  • It impacted me a lot about my future and how to be safe.  How to get help if anything bad happens to me.  To know I’m not alone.  😊

  • I’ve learned I’m more special than I make myself out to be.  Thank you Mr. Pratt.

  • This class has impacted me because I have a friend who was sexually abused and now I know how to talk to her.

  • A good impact.  It’s helped me realize a lot of things.  When I’m older I am determined to not do bad things such as drugs and alcohol.  This made me think that I have made good choices.

  • It made me feel valuable because sometimes I don’t.

  • It helped me understand the choices I have and that I have the right to make the choice that’s best for me.

  • Made me realize what relationships are about, how they should be supported by both people.  Sex is not just about physical, it’s about love.

  • It taught me to make real friends and that is something that need now.

  • This class has impacted me by making me realize that all the stuff we have learned about is important and not just a joke.

  • I should set more boundaries and say “no” more often.

  • It taught me that I don’t have to be “sorry” for something I didn’t do.  It reminded me of a few things I’ve chosen to forget but that it’s okay to have emotions.

  • To go for someone with love, honesty, respect, and trust.

  • By showing me that I have a choice and don’t HAVE to.

  • It helped me not make bad decisions and to be more confident to myself.

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