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Don Tyson

School of Innovation


  • Thank you. You taught me to believe in myself. You taught me to be brave.

  • This class helped me realize that I am only bringing toxicity into my life and it's only hurting me.

  • This class has impacted me by educating me on topics that are not very talked about in my life.  I now feel more prepared and educated thanks to this week.

  • It made me realize that love is a commitment.

  • I learned how to take care of my body and how to make good decisions for my future.

  • It made me think about my relationships with people more.

  • It allowed me to share with others so that them and myself can protect ourselves.

  • This class has taught me more about the human body.  It has also taught me to think and consider how my actions affect my future and other people.

  • I will be more cautious in the future with relationships.  As well as setting goals that I want to work for and do.  Also keeping only the people I trust in my circle.

  • This class has helped me to realize that it might be better to wait before having sex.

  • It made me understand more about my mind and body, makes me think more cautiously now.

  • It helped me realize the importance of the choices I make. Usually I don’t think about my choices.

  • This impacted my future choices, sexually and emotionally.

  • It has helped me realize that life is more than now.  I have so much going for me that I shouldn’t waste it.

  • This class made me realize that I don’t like a person as much as I thought I did.  I really liked this class.  It taught me that I’m more valuable than what I thought.  Thanks.

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