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Springdale High School


  • It changed my perspective on a lot of “activities” that I personally do.  It was a good experience.

  • This class has taught me to think before I act.  People say that a lot, but this class showed me why it is important.

  • This class has impacted me by showing me how to protect myself and to not be blinded by the people who surround me.  To have more self respect.

  • It has helped me make better decisions.  It made me more mature and realize that what others think about me is not most important.

  • It helped me to think about my mental health and to remember it gets better.

  • This class made me realize how many things I’m doing wrong and opened my eyes to what I can do to have a better future.

  • Made me more aware and content with who I am and the choices that I make.

  • This class has made me want to change how I view myself and others.  You’ve given me a different perspective on life.

  • It’s had me thinking more about things I could improve on that I lack in.  For example, I don’t have the strongest relationships with people because I have a hard time trusting.

  • Taught me to respect myself and how to be better to others and myself.

  • This class impacted me in being intentional in the first few minutes of everyday.  I have a goal in life to show up every day with a positive attitude.

  • To stop drinking and smoking.

  • This class has impacted me by making me realize I haven’t been the best person to people and to the person that I loved.  This has made me become a wiser and better person.

  • This help me a lot to know about why I do things sometimes that I know are not correct.  I learned how to be healthy physically and how to have my brain healthy too.  Thank you.  😊

  • This class this week has impacted me a lot because I’ve realized that having traps in a relationship isn’t good for you.  Also, it has taught me that we have a long future ahead of us and don’t waste time being so negative.  Stop having those relationships that make you feel down. 

  • This class has impacted me because it has gotten me to think more about what I need to do than what I want to do.

  • I know now that I need to be more aware of certain situations, and that there’s always opportunities to fix things even when they may seem unfixable.

  • It changes the way I look at a physical relationship with someone.

  • This class impacted me because it made me open my eyes to so many things, especially about sex.  I know so many of my friends that don’t care and now I can help them and their future.

  • It changed the way I live my life.  More cautious and aware.

  • It has impacted me a lot.  Showed me the good in life that can come based on MY actions.  And that even on the darkest days, there will always be light to look at if you choose to. 

  • I see myself as helpless at times.  Years and years of my life have been blocked by what has/could happen.  This class has opened my eyes.  I still need a lot of help, but I hope one day to get there.  Thank you, Mr. Pratt, for trying your hardest to help people.

  • This has impacted me in many ways.  It definitely opened my eyes to reality and has motivated me to quit drinking and putting toxic things in my body.  And it helped me realize I need to let some people go in order to find myself.

  • It helped me reflect on past decisions and take better choices for my health.  It also helped me see a different perspective on may subjects that will be helpful for my well-being (emotional, mental, physical).  Thank you!

  • This class has impacted me in a positive way.  I think I have learned so much, many things I didn’t know about.  Being healthy and safe was something that stood out too during this week.  Healthy relationships is a huge impact on people.

  • This class impacted me by being a good boyfriend towards my girl.

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