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  • The impact the Reality Check program had me was interesting. I learned a lot about the many things in my life that I wanted to know, but didn't know how to learn. It really helped me understand many issues me and some of my peers have in our daily lives. It was good to learn more things about the human body, how it works, and how it reacts.

  • It's taught me to take care of myself a lot better now.

  • It helped me see what I need to change and do differently in my life so I can have a better future ahead of me.

  • That I still have a lot of time to reach my goal.

  • The type of impact I got on Reality Check was great. I really learned a lot and will certainly take account on information that I learned in my own personal life.

  • It showed me how I need to learn everything and for my future on what I need to focus on.

  • The Reality Check was what the name intended and gave me a reality check and showed me the reality of the world and what to avoid and what to look out for in our adolescence.

  • This impacted me to not do drugs and to not follow other people’s decisions.

  • It showed me to be more aware of things around me and how to better myself and what to lookout for.

  • Showed me facts that taught me to protect myself

  • It taught me to make good choices right now for the future.

  • It has made me more educated.  I did not know a lot of what he talked about beforehand so learning more in depth about this, since it will have more relevancy later in life, was nice.

  • Reality Check has impacted me because it has helped me become more self aware about myself, I feel like hearing someone talk about all of these things that can impact me negatively has helped me as a person to become more cautious and better at taking care of myself.

  • I have a better understanding on the control I have on myself including my body and my choices.

  • It made me have a second look in life and the way I love others.

  • It really opened my mind to things about like effects on the brain when it comes to emotions and sexual activities. Especially the last day when we were told that we have so much of our lives left to change our past and make a better path for ourselves really touched me.


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