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Eureka Springs High School


  • This class taught me that we write our own stories and not to let other people try to write it for us.  And what we do now will determine what our future holds for us.  It also taught me that my past doesn’t determine my future and I can get past my past.

  • This class for me was very clarifying and makes me more certain about the decisions I’m about to make and possibly will make.

  • The impact of this class is to not avoid my problems and be honest.  Be a better friend, sister, daughter.  I hope that one day I can be the light for someone.

  • I learned that self worth is where I need to start my journey.

  • It taught me things about my emotions and setting goals.  It’s a good class and teaches about mental health.

  • I learned so many things about the reality of life, how it isn’t too late for people to change.

  • It impacted me a lot and I hope it has a positive impact on the rest of my colleagues in school.

  • Made me feel valuable.

  • This class was very cool and fun to learn from, especially due to some of the things you taught for my future and some of the class activities to participate in.

  • Showing me truth.

  • Made me think about some people that I know and made me realize a lot about myself and maybe can help me reprogram my brain.  I’m getting help now for my craving of the feeling of pain.

  • While I did know a lot of what we learned about, I did start to realize that I’m even more unhealthy than I thought.  I have a lot of work to do.

  • Protection is not all that matters.

  • It has helped me to understand that I and everyone is worthy of compassion and acceptance and to follow their dreams no matter the circumstances of life or any hardships.  Thank you so much for the class, it impacted me a lot!

  • This class has helped me realize that I need to value my own self worth.  I also learned the difference between love and infatuation which has helped me.

  • I learned that in life, not everything will go my way, but that’s ok.  It’s okay not to be ok.  Thank you.

  • It reflected the other side of the point.  Every angle has their own view.  It also helped me understand negative thought and to focus on the positive side.

  • This class has shown me to take my time and truly think about everything I do.  You showed us giving up ISN’T the option.

  • This class helped me by the way I’ve viewed my problems and how to express myself without feeling ashamed.

  • The time in this class has been fun and I’ve had some time to really think about what I want to do with my life and how to express myself to others.  And to get help and talk to someone.

  • This class has had an impact on my moral standing.  It has also had an impact on my mental health.

  • Showed me to be more forgiving/kind/confident in choices.  Showed me to feel good about the small things.  Showed me how to handle different environments.

  • I have learned to be honest when nobody is watching.  I also learned that I shouldn’t change my picture based off what others think about it.

  • You have showed me to look at things through other points of view.

  • Opened my eyes and shown me I should be grateful for more than I am.

  • Shown me that the negatives aren’t always as big as I think they are.

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