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Sonora Middle School


  • When we talked about friendship and relationships, I saw that my friends didn’t feel interested or respected my values. My relationship I had, I realized was not good because my friends made me/peer pressured me into hugging or doing stuff like that with him and I realized I didn’t like him and he wasn’t for me so we broke up and now I feel free and I should wait.

  • This class helped me be aware of what a healthy relationship should look like, and how it’s not supposed to look like. It helped me to be aware of stuff that could happen if you get involved in the wrong relationship.

  • This class has impacted me for my future because this class taught me to set bigger boundaries and to be careful.

  • This class helped me to be more respectful and helpful to others.

  • I learned how to stay away from toxic friendships, it helped my emotions and in the future. It corrected my decisions for my future.

  • This class did me well as it offered engagement. I know sex ed and the dangers of drugs and alcohol. I just appreciate that the younger generation are being taught these dangers. Teens need things like this more than ever.

  • This class helped me to have courage.

  • This class impacted me by learning what to do and not to do in the future. Ex: not vaping, drinking, and drugs.

  • Not to do drugs/don’t listen to people that make you do bad stuff. I decided to make good choices.

  • This class impacted me by teaching me a lot about relationships like FRIEND, and to save sex until marriage for it to be the safest, and the qualities of a good friend.

  • This class has affected me by saying every class that I am valuable.

  • This class has helped me by knowing my values.

  • This impacted me because I was going through tuff time with friends and family. This class help me so that i know who are my real friends.

  • This impacted me because I learned about what is important to me and what my boundaries and values are. This class helped me not criticize my friends behind their backs.

  • Made me more confident of myself for the future.

  • This class haves helped me. Sometimes I would get bullied a lot and this has helped me overcome that bullying.

  • I have learned how much value and worth I have. I know what to look for in good relationships and friendships. I also know that sex can affect my life in anyway.

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