Sonora Middle School


6th Grade:

  • One thing I learned was that if we choose to do something we have to make a decision and make sure that it is your body so nobody can touch it.

  • It really changed the way I thought about my life and about some private things.

  • That I should wait to have sexual activity with a man until marriage and be sure that we both don't have any STD's

  • That if your have sexually abusive u should tell your parents.

  • To not be afraid to say something when people are doing things you don’t want them to.

  • It makes me want to be careful with what I do in my future, and who I hang out with.

  • That it’s okay to say no when you are in a uncomfortable situation.

  • If you feel something is bad don't do it.

  • It made me feel like I could talk to someone and not hold stuff in.

  • Its ok to say No.

  • That you’re in charge of your body.

  • To tell someone when your boyfriend/girlfriend is not respecting you.

  • The impact Reality Check have on me was that it made me feel more secure about myself.  It made me feel valuable!!  And that it is ok to say no.