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Clarksville High School


  • This class has positively impacted me this week.  I’ve realized that I can change my negative self talk, negative mindset, and that I’m still  not completely helpless.  I know that I will still have bad days, but at least I know now that I can change my negativity.

  • It made me realize how important I am and how valuable my life is.

  • This class has made me realize how bad rape is.  I was a victim when I was eight so this program finally helped me to tell my mom.  She was so understanding.  This program made me realize how wrong it is.

  • This week, I’ve learned so many things of what to do and what to not do.  I would focus on the things that is right to do.  I learned to control myself.

  • This class this week has opened my eyes more to understanding that it’s better to look at the bigger picture than to focus on the tiny details of life. 

  • This class has impacted me by making me more careful at what I look at and what I send.

  • Learned that high school isn’t that important when it comes to popularity standards and that I should respect myself.

  • It made me think about life in a different way.  Made me want to change my habits.

  • It has affected me by letting me understand how to protect my body and understand my body.  It also has helped me learn about my brain and why addiction is so easy, but that addiction is so hard to overcome.

  • It has helped me have a positive attitude and to be careful with the choices I do because it can affect my life and the people that care about me.  It taught me that you shouldn’t be giving your body to everyone you see.

  • This class has taught me things I didn’t know about like drugs and STD’s.  The hands-on activities have made the environment more relaxed.  This one week helped me realize how I’ve been training my brain to say negative thoughts and taught me how to rewire it.

  • This class taught me a lot and showed me what I was doing wrong.  I’ve learned a lot from it and it somehow made me feel better about everything that was happening and some of my worries went away.

  • It impacted me by explaining about most of the things I’ve done in my past that weren’t good.  This helps me see what I can do or change to make my future better.

  • This class has kinda opened my eyes to a point I didn’t know was possible.  I want to do so much better with my life and have a good impact on others.  Thank you.

  • This class has showed me that regardless of my past, I can still have a good future.  It has also taught me to keep coping in healthy ways and never turn to alcohol or drugs.

  • This class helped me understand how much cause and effect we have and other people have on me.

  • It has impacted me because I have had a lot that has happened in my past.  And a lot is going on right now.  It has affected school for me but I’m going to get over it and move on stronger.

  • This class has impacted me by telling me to know my worth.  To not just let anyone in my circle who doesn’t deserve to be there.  To not let anyone take advantage of me.

  • It has helped prepare me to make better decisions in the future and not dwell on the past or present emotions.

  • How to protect my heart in the right way.  Not to allow toxic people in when they don’t deserve my trust.  To be careful with my mind, body, and soul.  Thank you for opening my eyes.

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