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  • It made me think about how much life I have ahead of me and the changes I can make to improve my quality of life for me and others.

  • Help me understand why I feel emotions I feel and how I can help lesson the effects.

  • All I wanted to do is make someone laugh or smile because I feel like that was the only way I could be happy. I finally understand how I can cope with everything

  • I feel kind of better about life.  Some things really opened my eyes.  I am still exhausted mentally but I really hope that gets better soon.  Thank you.

  • It helped me understand relationships better and the effects that it can have on a person especially myself. I hope I can use this information to help me stay on the right path for a bright future.

  • It made me look at the future different. I’ve been doubting my future lately and knowing that I can reach my goal regardless of the situation it may just take more steps encourages me to reach them. Great speaker!!

  • It made me really think about my life decisions so far and made me want to change how my future is going to look.

  • It opened my eyes about my future. I have tried to stay more in the present then I have in the future, because it scares me.  It’s scary growing up, but I feel better about it now.

  • It really taught me a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about life and in becoming a better person right now and in my future.

  • it taught me a lot about how what I do really does affect me throughout life and that I should really think about who I let close in my circles.

  • It taught me many things I didn’t know, it really made me realize there we have so much more life to live and you determine your outcome.

  • Reality Check definitely made me realize how easily things could go wrong when someone bad gets too close to you. I also know the effects of drinking to numb the pain, because I used to do that, but now I really see how bad it truly is, and how you actually have to take care of the problem.

  • It taught me that every decision I make will always affect me, so I should really think before I act.

  • It taught me that my emotions really matter when it comes to my relationships

  • It thought me that my past doesn’t predict my future

  • Knowing how much my value is worth

  • Made me not want to ever so drugs to alcohol even if I wasn’t now because I don’t want my brain to ever have gaps in it

  • Reality check impacted the way I see me and my friend group and the people surrounding me. I understand who I should surround myself with so that I am successful and motivated.

  • The Reality Check program made impacted me to want to do and be better, to not make decisions I will eventually regret, and to stay out of trouble.

  • To always make good choices never look my past, always be positive, and help others if they need help.


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