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Rogers High School 


  • Thank you for this week of class.  I appreciate you educating us and teaching us things that school sometimes fails to teach.  I learned a lot and I’ve never been so invested in a class that I actually want to take notes!  I really enjoyed your teaching.  I’ve always struggled with relationship & emotional education because I grew up with not the best examples.  Thank you again. 

  • It has changed how I should think of myself and to be more positive.

  • This class has made me realize that I still have a chance to change my life.  I learned how to do it and it’s made me realize why I would want to change.

  • I learned a lot this week and now I know who really is in my circle of trust and who isn’t.  Thank you.

  • It has impacted me because now I realize things I’ve been doing are not good and that needs to change!

  • This has given me more insight on how I need to be treated in a relationship and how I should view myself in a positive light.

  • I think what you said about porn affecting our brain hits home.  I sometimes get mad and have anxiety because of it, I believe.  I’m going to quit.

  • It’s helped me get a better understanding of the world and my self-worth.  It’s helped me truly think about my decisions and how it could impact me and others.

  • I have been able to help someone with a toxic relationship that they are in.  I have learned a lot on how to prevent things and how to help others.

  • I’ve really decided on some things that I never want to do.  I know now with evidence that I never want to smoke or do drugs.  I don’t want to drink a lot, and I know for a fact that I’m abstaining from sexual activities until marriage.  I’ve learned that all of my actions have consequences.

  • This class has impacted me by providing information to me that I didn’t know I needed.  I now see things more clearly.  😊

  • The biggest thing is it helped me a problem I’m having and because of this class I’m going to stop.

  • I have learned the self respect of myself and how to keep myself safe and prevent some things from happening.

  • Learned that my present time is short compared to the rest of my life.  It was comforting to know that.

  • I loved how much Mr. Pratt seemed to care about my safety.  I loved this week and I wish more of our classes could be like this.

  • It made me realize that there is actually an adult that can show genuine respect towards teenagers when presenting.  You made it feel like you were one of us and not a higher authority.  Thank you.

  • This week I have learned a lot about what I can do to improve myself and my surroundings.  I learned a lot about how I can keep myself and others safe, and how to have healthy relationships.  Thank you so much!

  • This class has impacted me in a positive way.  That way being how much information was brought up, and answered a lot of questions.  But also in a way how to view women in a good way.  Having a healthy relationship leads to having a healthy mentality.

  • It has impacted me by really coming to terms on how many things I can decide & choose for myself & what the consequences may be.

  • This talk has helped me realize that life is a gift we should enjoy and not throw away.

  • This class has opened my eyes and helped me realize a lot about my life.  Hearing all this information encourages me to be a better person.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life and have lots of regrets.  This week I was in my head thinking about life deeply.

  • This class has made me think more about myself emotionally and about the things I’ve done.  I feel a bit more mature now than before this class.  Thanks for the info!

  • This class has impacted me a lot because before I had many questions that I was scared to ask but this class has answered many and I feel a lot better with myself and the questions I had before are now answered.

  • It’s opened my mind.  I see many things different now.  How many things affect your life, safety, relationships, and other things.

  • It helped me understand my emotions more and how my brain works.  It’ll help me see the truth in people I care about.

  • It didn’t just teach me “school” stuff but rather it taught me thing I will use outside of school.

  • I realized that someone I thought loved me, didn’t at all.  He only wanted my body.  A lot of people live without every realizing they’re being lied to until that temporary feeling of “love” (infatuation) is gone.  Thank you.

  • I’ve learned the difference between my sexual THOUGHTS and DECISIONS.

  • It taught me not to make important decisions whenever you are emotionally or physically strained.

  • I heard things about reality I needed to face.  I learned about how much I missed by focusing only on one thing.

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