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Rogers High School 


  • I think Reality Check has helped me realize who I should keep in my circle.  It has make me realize a lot of things that I had let slide and help me to put things back in perspective.

  • This course helped me personally by bringing up topics no one really talks about.  I left an abusive relationship and was struggling to know if I did the right thing.  A lot of what was talked about were questions I didn’t know I had.

  • Reality Check has helped me to plan out my future better and to take better care of myself.

  • This class made me learn to be more positive in life.

  • This has made me grow as a person and see everything in a different perspective.

  • This Reality Check has impacted me a bit because it made me realize things that could help me at the moment.  It made me realize that whatever a I had with my 2 year-long boyfriend was not healthy at all.

  • This class has changed my perspective on my health, my brain, and how important it is to take care of ourselves.

  • Helped me make a better decision than the one I was going to make.

  • Taught me more about sex and how to avoid bad actions.  Made me think more about my future because I’ve been thinking about making some bad choices.

  • This class has made me be more aware of what I’m doing and what I need to be doing.  It’s helped me deal with some stuff in my past.

  • It has taught me to process my feelings.  I shouldn’t push away my feelings but learn how to deal with them.

  • This class has impacted me so much because everything you talked about is relatable to what I’ve been through in the past.

  • It has inspired me to quit snorting a drug.

  • It’s prepared me to make a better future and avoid making bad decisions that could hurt me physically, mentally, and sexually.

  • This class has caused me to evaluate the things that have happened/been happening and to see how I could make a better future for myself.  It taught me to look out for lots of risks.

  • Told me things I never knew or thought of and saved my relationship.

  • This class has taught me how crucial each and every decision I make is.  I understand how to deal with physical, emotional, and social conflicts.  Overall, this class has changed me fundamentally!

  • It has impacted me emotionally.  I just got out of a break up.  We were together for a year and I pushed everyone else away.  When we split up I did not know what to do.  This has helped me find my happiness and get my friends back.

  • It affected me in that I should quit smoking.  I’m vaping and there is no point in doing it anymore.

  • This class has greatly impacted me.  I learned so much about friendships.  I have a had a porn addiction since age 10 and I have had guilt since then.  This class changed everything.

  • It helped me a lot.  It taught me that I’m not alone and I need to take time and just think.

  • This class has made me think differently about myself and others around me.  I am definitely gonna try and be different.

  • These past few days listening to information about how our current choices can/will affect us in the future were great.  I’ve kinda been on the edge with some decisions, thinking they may not really matter if I make them.  But this class was the reminder I needed to not do so.  Thank you Mr. Pratt!!!

  • This class has taught me not to let myself be lied to in relationships.  When it gets to the point it should end, end it.

  • This last week has impacted me by how differently I have decided to start thinking and making better choices for my future life.  Now I realize I still have a future to write.

  • It taught me a lot about my body AND brain and how to protect myself against certain things.

  • Helped me realize I need to quite my addiction and how to do that.

  • This week you’ve helped me realize to not live in the moment.  Recently I lost my best friend and my boyfriend and I started having bad thoughts.  But you’ve helped me realize I have so much more to offer this world and more of my life to live.  Thank you.

  • Not letting someone into my circle if the trust isn’t really there.  To take care of myself and those around me and be safe in all areas of life.

  • Wisdom that showed you really care.

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