Hellstern Middle School


6th Grade Students:

  • An impact that the Reality Check Program had on me was that it made me realize I am important, I am special, I should do what I believe and what my heart says to be true. Each slide taught me something different, like to be careful with feelings and that I have to do what my heart tells me to do. Not what other people say to do.

  • Made me feel a little better about myself.

  • I felt smarter and more self-confident.

  • It helped me by conducting me on how to walk away from things.

  • It made me feel like there is only one of me and I should try and make that more of an impact and try new things.

  • A pretty good impact. It helped me notice a few things I need to change, but most of it good.

  • It reminded me that if I'm sad or mad or stressed that I can do a lot of things to help me like talking to my parents or teacher and doing something you like to do might help me get my mind off things and calm me down.

  • Made me think about things

  • It should me that you have to be careful about how you are around.

  • It made me understand the Importance of Mental and Physical Awareness, confidence, self-acceptance, Heart / core values Mind locational situational and personal boundaries, and other things like mouth body language and feet.  It also impacted me by showing me to be Determined and Respectful to others Respectful to myself and also have Courage.

  • This has made an impact on me because I learned that I need to set boundaries for myself.

  • It help me learn what emotions we have and how to control them.

  • That love, friendship, confidence are always temporary and I need to set boundaries.

  • Taught me that setting a good goal and having determination can help you work even harder towards that goal. It teaches me how to know the differences in thoughts and feelings. It taught me how to know if I'm in a toxic relationship or not, and how to tell the difference. It teaches me how to know my self worth.

  • It had a pretty good impact because you realize that you only have a limited time with your loved ones and your friends.

  • Taught me my boundaries and to stay in my boundaries.

  • It impacted me on friendships.


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